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Found 5 results

  1. URL: https://SpaceDock.info FAQ What we are working on now: We decided to split Spacedocks Frontend and backend. VITAS is working on the frontend (including UI rewrite) Darklight is working on the backend. VITAS is working on an improved cdn setup
  2. Level: Intermediate/Advanced Craft used to illustrate this tutorial: BAK-52NS Version history: 1.2 - Updated with a note on 1.7.3 built-in rotor and propeller blades 1.1 - Updated with better rotors, thanks to a tip from @Hotel26 1.0 - Original version About this tutorial This tutorial is a basic primer on stock helicopters made with parts from the Breaking Ground DLC. It does not discuss pre-Breaking Ground stock rotary motors, nor helicopters made with mod parts. I have limited experience with both and it would expand the scope of the tutorial rather too much. I also do n
  3. (WIP image) Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit Today, being Yuri's Night and the anniversary of the first orbital mission of the Space Shuttle program, STS-1, felt like a good time to reveal what I've been working on lately: a pack of parts designed to replicate the US Space Shuttle Orbiter in a stockalike style. The stock mk3 parts, while excellent, are off in a number of ways in terms of proportions and performance when compared to the real space shuttle orbiters, and building a working space shuttle can be quite a challenge due to aerodynamics, thrust balance and a host of different
  4. I've been watching a lot of Isaac Arthur's videos recently, and the man is absolutely obsessed with mega structures. O'neil cylinders, Launch Loops, Orbital Rings, Orbital Mirrors, the list goes on and on, and I wondered, what would it take to build these kinds of structures in KSP? Using both Extraplanetary Launchpads and USI Kolinization, there's practically no limit to the sort of stuff you can build, since you're not limited to having to launch stuff into orbit. However, constructing things in orbit takes Material Kits and Specialized Parts, both resources added by USI, and to build a mega
  5. I think I finally got this working reasonably well. There are some odd bugs. If you timewarp, the program rearranges his eyeballs, and for some reason the mouth is positioned properly in the SPH but a bit off when loading. Oh, well.. minor stuff. Despite the fact I actually am not at all a fan of Twitter, it was still quite cool to have the KSP folk post both this and my Milo plane. Thanks for the support you all! The frog is up on KerbalX here: https://kerbalx.com/Klapaucius/Aristophanes-the-Frog
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