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Found 3 results

  1. So, a little while ago in the "What I Did In KSP Today" thread I threatened to make a mission report thread. And, since I'm not one to make idle threats, here it is. A little bit about the save. It's a sandbox save, no fund or science restrictions. I'm just setting my own restrictions and goals, doing my own thing. I kind of view it as my own little virtual model train set, but in space. With little green aliens running it. Additionally, I'm autopiloting almost everything with MechJeb and Kramax. It's not that I can't do this stuff. It's that I've been doing it all for over eight years now, and it's not my favorite part of the game. So, if any of this makes the scenario uninteresting to you I apologize in advance. As far as mods, here's the mod list: Mostly parts and visual mods. Oh, and OPM. Let's try to get out to Sarnus this time, shall we? As far as the name of the save, I was sort of thinking of a bit of this, combined with a bit of this. So, with the "truth in advertising" part out of the way, let's get on to the actual stuff: ========================= After the success of the Kerpollo Mun landings, the leadership of the Kerbal Space Agency began to plan the future of their space program. After many executive retreats, consultant-facilitated mission statement exercises, and constituent focus groups, they settled on the following goals for their long-term operations in space: 1. Create a transportation system that will facilitate regular, low-cost access to space, in order to, 2. Construct and maintain permanent stations and bases in low Kerbin orbit and at other locations in the Kerbin system, in order to, 3. Foster exploration of the Kerbin system, and the other planets, to expand scientific knowledge and the frontiers of Kerbal civilization. So, in support of their first goal, they submitted an ambitious proposal to Kongress. They wished to create a single-stage-to-orbit spaceplane to carry Kerbonauts and cargo into orbit in order to support their future plans for space exploration. Their proposal was for the Independence-Class spaceplane. Independence-Class Spaceplane Specifications Crew: Three to Seven: Commander, pilot, flight engineer, up to four mission specialists Passengers: Twelve Length: 41.6 m Wingspan: 20.3 m Height: 8.5 m Empty Weight: 91.148 tons Gross Weight: 240.197 tons Maximum Payload to LKO (100 km): 59.5 tons The response was...mixed. The good news: Kongress granted full funding for the spaceplane program, and for the follow-on space station and base programs. The program managers were overjoyed, and immediately set to work translating their marketing brochures and digital presentations into actual engineering documents. The bad news: Well, actually there was quite a bit of bad news. For starters, Kongress made it plain that, as far as launch vehicles went, they were only going to provide budget for the spaceplane. All other previous launch vehicle programs would be retired, and there would be no other launch vehicles forthcoming. So, in the immortal words of trainee engineer Araceli Krebs, "If it don't fit..." "...it don't ship." Everything that would be lifted into space would be limited in size and weight to the payload capacity of the spaceplane. This was to give the engineering managers of the space station and Munar base programs no end of consternation. Additionally, Kongress reasoned that since the spaceplane program had entailed such an unreasonably high research and development cost, and that such cost had resulted in the vehicle's reusuability and return payload capacity, they decided that one of the ongoing goals of the program should be to reduce ongoing costs by maximizing the reusability of the other components in the space infrastructure. Therefore, Kongress has ordained that component waste should be minimized to the greatest extent possible, and that all components that would otherwise be discarded, such as fuel tanks, structural adapters, etc, should be returned to Kerbin on the spaceplane, to the greatest extent possible. (Whether or not this requirement actually saved the program funds was a matter of eternal debate. But the mandate stood nonetheless.) In any case, after weeks of development, the first spaceplane, christened Independence, rolled out of the production plant and onto the runway, ready for it's first flight. Because of the radical, untried nature of the vehicle, the upper management decided that the first flight should be a minimally kerballed test flight. A shakedown cruise, of sorts, to work out any bugs in the various systems and ensure that the extensive engineering behind the craft was sound. And so the intrepid first crew of the Independence taxied their vessel out to the runway for its maiden flight...
  2. What is this? This is a continuation / adaptation / expansion of previous work I undertook for the mod KerbPaint many moons ago. It now uses shaders made available via Textures Unlimited to bring user control over the colour of many stock parts. Can we see it? The following pics show the colour mapping for stock parts. Here's something a bit more...tasteful......maybe. Known issues: Fairings...it's always the fairings. Installation and Dependencies: Ensure both Textures Unlimited (specific version currently supplied in download) and Module Manager are installed. Download the Stock Recolour pack below and place it appropriately within your game directory. Extra packs can then be installed if you have the mods they cover. Correct installation will result in all packs being placed within a dedicated Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot folder so your GameData isn't taken over by them. NOTE: The config files specify paths to textures. If you alter the path of a pack or it's parent mod, the universe will collapse. Important: In order for these packs to display as intended, it is important that the Reflection Refresh Mode in the games graphics options is set to anything other than OFF. Choose a refresh rate that suits you and your hardware but reflections need to be enabled for correct rendering. It is also currently critical for the included version of Textures Unlimited to be used over the public release. Downloads Stock Recolour This is the core pack. It applies the TU texture switch module and enables switching between default stock shaders and the PBR recolour shader of TU for stock parts. MK2 Expansion This pack applies the stock colour maps to parts in the MK2 Expansion mod by SuicidalInsanity. The Stock Recolour pack above is required. MK2 Expansion mod thread here. MK3 Expansion This pack applies the stock colour maps to parts in the MK3 Expansion mod by SuicidalInsanity. The Stock Recolour pack above is required. MK3 Expansion mod thread here. MKIV Spaceplane Systems Adds TU Texture switch and recolour functionality to the MKIV Spaceplane Systems mod by Nertea. Currently requires the core Stock Recolour pack, this may change. The MKIV Spaceplane Systems mod can be found here. Special note: Texture files remain under All Rights Reserved license. OPT Spaceplane This pack applies the TU texture Switch module to OPT Spaceplane parts to enable switching between the stock and recolour shaders. Currently requires the core Stock Recolour pack, this may change. OPT Spaceplane mod thread here. Airplane Plus Adds TU texture switch module to Airplane Plus parts and allows switching between stock and recolour shaders. Requires the core Stock Recolour pack above. Airplane Plus mod thread can be found here. Procedural Wings "Original" Paint wings, procedurally with this pack. Currently requires the core Stock Recolour pack, this may change. "Original" pWings mod thread found here. B9 Paint wings, procedurally with this pack. Currently requires the core Stock Recolour pack, this may change. B9 pWings mod thread found here. Licensing Unless otherwise stated. DLC Making History and Breaking Ground Thanks to the hard work and dedication of @OnlyLightMatters you can supplement your stock recolour experience with packs for the parts in the Two DLCs available on their GitHub page. Credits: @Texel If they had not created KerbPaint, I would never have made masks for Porkjets MK2 parts (yes, before they were stock). @Shadowmage for Textures Unlimited (and other great stuff too) without which this wouldn't exist. @Electrocutor for endless tinkering and posting in the forum which helped me understand TU better. @SuicidalInsanity for stock themed part expansions. @K.Yeon for OPT. @Nertea F.A.B @blackheart612 for aviation goodness. @OnlyLightMatters for DLC coverage. @SQUAD I guess...dunno why...let me think about that. Other peeps no doubt. Old Releases:
  3. The KSP forum moderator's team presents the Threads of the Month June 2022 Edition The extremely late edition Before I get into this threads of the month, I want to apologize for it being six days late. No doubt, many of you have noticed that the June Thread of the Month (which has now earned the subtitle "the extremely late edition") is now six days late. I am sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment that my inattention to the calendar may have caused any of you who look forward to the thread of the month posting. All I can say is I will endeavor to make sure it isn't this late again in the future. For those out there who like the nerdy parts of the TOTM: To continue a thing I started in May (2021) about the forum and new members as a way to answer the fears some folks had about the forum dying. There were 392 new forum accounts created in May (a decrease of 22 from April). Of those, we have 28 new forum members (defined as no longer having their comments queued) within the community. This means that roughly 7.14% of the new user accounts are actively participating on the forum (that is an increase of 1.1% in the conversion. In April, this number was 6.04%). If you're interested in seeing the new members of our forum, you can click here! Now, without further delay, I present to you the threads of the month for June: General community threads of the month: This category features a thread that adds to the community and doesn't fit in the game support/game mod categories. This month, there were no threads nominated for this category. Game Support/Game Mod of the Month: This category features either help with the game (stock or modded), or mods that add quality-of-life gameplay improvements to Kerbal Space Program. Who doesn't get tired of all-white craft from time to time and yearn to have their vehicles in other colors? Well, if I've described how you feel, then maybe this mod by @Manwith Noname is just what you've been looking for. This month's game mod of the month is described as: It's always exciting to see such QOL (quality of life) mods created and maintained by contributors such as @Manwith Noname and the many other modders within our community. As I have often said in other posts, it is the forum members like you who keep our community growing, active, and hungry for even more Kerbal Space Program adventures! If you're looking for a way to add something new to your various devices of explosions Kerbal space exploration, then why not give this mod a try! Forum Member Created Challenges and Missions: For the past few years, we have seen a lot of really good missions and challenges threads created that expand our fun with the game and presses our skills, creativity, and sometimes, luck, beyond what we get accustomed to. Let's face it, we all have our go-to design basics, our go-to Kermen, and even our go-to vehicles we like to use. So sometimes a good challenge can cause us to think of another way to achieve our goals. This month, there were no threads nominated for this category. Fan-fiction, Mission Reports, and Kerbal Space Program-inspired Creative Thread of the Month: This category features a thread (or threads) which while not directly Kerbal Space Program related, may be a creative work, fan-fiction, or other presentation which is related to the game. For many of you who began playing Kerbal Space Program in the days before there was anything other than sandbox mode, it's always interesting to see how others play in sandbox mode. In this mission report, by @TheSaint, not only do we get a really good story line but some really neat looking spacecraft. @TheSaint has been a long-time contributor to the KSP forum community. It's funny because I remember when the threat was made and was hoping to see something would come of the threat. Apparently, a number of you also enjoyed the fruits of TheSaint's labor! If you're not sure what to do next in the game, pay this thread a visit for some inspiration - if it's for new designs for your craft, space stations, or even some mission ideas. Please note: The thread is image heavy and may cause some issues if you are attempting to view it over a slower Internet connection. Video-based Fan-fiction, Mission Reports, and Kerbal Space Program-inspired Creative Thread of the Month: This category features a video or other form of cinematography of a Kerbal mission report using in-game video recorded game play. This month, there were no threads nominated for this category. Honorable mentions: Each month we get so many good nominations to choose from. Sometimes it's a challenge to choose which threads are going to receive the honor of being the Thread of the Month. But because not every thread nominated each month can be selected, there are always those that become honorable mentions. The honorable mentions for this month are: SOL: High Fidelity Graphics for KSRSS- Never gon' have the same cloud pattern twice - See the Update! by @G'th The Integrated Program Plan | A reconstruction of NASA's follow up to the Apollo program from 1969 by @Beccab What did you do in KSP today? by @Xeldrak The honorable mentions for this month may not have made the Thread of The Month, but if you think they might be worthy of another opportunity, please renominate it! Congratulations to all the winners of the Thread of the Month! We'd like to thank @Austin_Kerman, @HebaruSan, @Hyperspace Industries, @Kuiper_Belt, @LHACK4142, and the members of the moderation team and staff who nominated this month's contenders. Thank you so much for helping us identify noteworthy threads for this month. We'd appreciate your continued help in the future. And this month, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the community managers, @Ghostii_Space, and to the moderator-in-chief, @Vanamonde for allowing me to be a member of the moderation team. And especially for their trust in allowing me to be the one who volunteers to take on the responsibility of the Thread of the Month. It's an honor to be able to give back to the KSP community in such a manner! Thank you. TO NOMINATE A THREAD FOR CONSIDERATION: If you find a thread you feel should be considered for next month's thread of the month, then use the "report comment" feature (the three dots on the upper right corner of the comment box) to report the comment. Please put in the text field of the report post "Nomination for thread of the month" and we will do the rest! You can always nominate more than one thread, too. In case you missed last month's threads of the month, you can click here.
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