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Found 5 results

  1. KSP 1.11.x Far Future Technologies [1.1.4] Last Updated April 16, 2021 Full Screenshot Gallery Welcome to Far Future Technologies, a mod to extend your space program into THE FUTURE. This mod provides pretty optimistic but generally viable spacecraft technologies. These might not be possible today, but the physics works out, and might be feasible within the next 100 years. Key features: Exotic Fission Engines: running the full gamut from low-thrust fission fragment engines to the notorious nuclear salt water rocket Fusion Engines: a w
  2. Rules: 1. Don't violate forum rules 2. No user should compliment himself Just compliment the user above you if the person has done something great, IS great, will do something great,... Always refer to something and don't just say "you are nice!" but rather say "I like your fan fictions!" ore similar stuff. Here is the beginning
  3. Here it is! "Mirror"! After 6 months of work, I finally finished it. Mirror is a Interstellar fiction adventure involving the four legendary Kerbals we all know. This video has been by far, my most ambitious project! 63 minutes, 826 cut, hundreds lines of diaglogues, 15 musics, +30 crafts (Ship and Interiors) and so on... Please, feel free to give your thoughts, good or bad
  4. The KSP forum moderator's team presents the Threads of the Month March 2021 edition Greetings to all our Kerbalnauts, inventors of strange and wonderful flying machines, and those who develop new methods of tormenting Kerbals: This is the second month in a row I've volunteered to do the Thread of the Month! I have learned that it's not so bad in doing them and it gives the other forum moderators a break from having to think of pithy things to say. As you are aware, February caused us to witness continued COVID-19 restrictions, additional remote/virtual learning, telecommuting, a
  5. lemon cup's Illustrated Guide to Interplanetary Transfers IN THREE EASY STEPS PREFACE Are you new to KSP and eager to visit other planets? Are you an accomplished pilot, but just never quite had the time or attention to devote to learning interplanetary transfers? A seasoned veteran returning from hiatus only to discover unfamiliar changes to gameplay? Or do you mostly have the hang of it but still run into a few bumps in the road from time to time? You may be surprised to know that many KSP players have never visited another planet other than Kerbin. There are probably seve
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