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  1. -is it alive? -yeah -well, that's a pity, i hoped he died by now -- I have been playing this game for a long time. By now, i probably tried hundred of mods, flew a billion rockets and crashed a billion more. There are two questions arising from that statement: -what is the point? -did it get boring after a while? Those questions are, however can't be answered simply. Probably because it's just difficult to understand yourself sometimes. But let's try to see a pattern here, shall we?- I'll show you a dozen of pics where i launch a rocket and yo
  2. Depending on where you live, today could be the 9th of Mehr, the 21st of Tishrei, August 23 or many other possibilities. My gregorian calendar, though, says it's the first of the month of October and time to highlight some of the best threads our community has to offer. Joining me in selecting October's Threads of the Month are @Noobton, @FleshJeb, @Servo and @Vanamonde. Who could fail to admire the patience @Triop shows as he drives from pole to pole with no quicksaves? Enjoy his record of endurance, bravery and Monty Python references: I think someth
  3. Welcome to June, everybody! If you can't stand the heat, get away from the launchpad! First off, we have @GusTurbo's collection of partially-finished spacecraft. They're not just his, though- everyone is welcome to share their works-in-progress! You've heard of Vertical TakeOff and Landing, and you've heard of Short TakeOff and Landing, but have you ever tried Absolutely Insane TakeOff and Landing? @Klapaucius challenges you to land in a tiny lake- and take off if you dare! While we might never get another solar system, @TheProtagonists' mod is the next be
  4. Traveling long distances, visiting multiple biomes or anomalies on atmospheric worlds can be problematic. Covering large distances by rover takes excessively long time, and rocket powered vehicles are inconvenient for many reasons. Therefore I believe that atmospheric flight is the best option. I would like to see your crafts that are made for fling in atmospheric world other than Kerbin. I'm interested in any designs, be it stock or modded, new or old KSP version. They can be planes, helicopters, airships or any other crafts that are made to operate in non-kerbin atmospheres. Especially I wou
  5. Is it December already? It is? I guess that means it's time to round up some new threads of the month! And a big thanks to @Geschosskopf for joining the moderators in nominating December's threads. First on the list, follow the continuing adventures of the Ussari Union as @CatastrophicFailure chronicles their exploration of @Galileo's Planet Pack! Chock full of spectacular vistas, increasingly "daring" contraptions and gut busting humor, this one's sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Just don't read it with a mouthful of coffee. . .you have been warned.
  6. Welcome to November, everybody! I hope you're not too stuffed on candy, because it's time to talk turkey! Joining the moderators in nominating the Threads Of The Month, we have @Tyko and @Murdabenne! As everyone who plays with mods knows, Module Manager is an invaluable tool for making changes to the game. But what if you just want a small thing in the vanilla game tweaked? Well, chances are that someone else has thought of that, too, and @Alshain has been keeping track of these minimods since 2016! I know that we've featured similar things in the past, but this i
  7. I recently decided to play ksp again. First time in about 5 months, had some issues with visual mod installation (I can't stand vanilla ksp's lack of clouds) but eventually got it all ready. I wanted to make a new mig-15 because I recalled the one i made about 2 years ago was amazingly fun to build. Here's some screenshots of the new one. The plane is missing stall fences/strakes on the wings because I couldn't find anything to use for them that I liked. I know, send me to the gulag and all. The gear is made with infernal robotics, I hate the look of every other gear in the game. Onl
  8. The cold, dreary days of October are upon us. The evenings are getting darker, and the rain batters against the window as the wind picks up outside. You have many reasons to rest indoors in front of your screen, feasting your weary eyes on a beautiful sea of photons. I hereby present to you some of the finest electronic radiation available to tickle your retinas and brighten your autumn: October’s Threads of the Month! KSP can provide some beautiful scenes sometimes, especially with some visual enhancements installed. But what if you would like to make your own custom visual mod? One good
  9. Welcome to the Add-on Development Mod Library Its been over a year since I've updated this library. I'm still looking for anyone who would like to take it over. I still would like to update it one more time to Gaarst Spreadsheet format before handing it over. It is my intention to finish that project by the end of 2018. *I ask that the community mod users do not deliberately necro old mods listed here for update requests. If we can use this thread for those purposes, it will help the community as a whole avoid unnecessary cluttering of the main Development pages. This libr
  10. Hello! Welcome to Through Hardships to the Stars (previously known as KSP Megastructures)! This is a fan-fiction illustrated story, played in sandbox mode, with many, many mods. Contents: Chapter 1 - StarDust (This Post) Chapter 2 - SpacePlane-1 Chapter 3 - Comm Fleet Chapter 4 - Station Science Chapter 5 - The End Chapter 6 - New Beginnings Chapter 7 - Further Than Any Kerbal Has Gone Before Chapter 8 - Merkury-Appaloosa Chapter 9 - Moving Forward Chapter 10 - The Mun and Brumby Chapter 11 - Interstellar Hazard Chapter 12 -
  11. I've read that the way to build this aircraft is with Infernal Robotics, but there's nothing infernal about this one. It's pure stock. After building the Moller Skycar I had a notion how to make the wings work. I started with the Skycar’s butterfly hinges, added wings, and removed the pistons which were so prone to breaking. The wings swing fore-and-aft reacting to speed changes like a real Tomcat. I had trouble with the wings twisting until I remembered that Tomcats have "wing gloves" that fit around the base of the rotating sections, so I built those, along with the "wi
  12. Stock VTOL Joint Strike Fighter As promised, I created a craft showcase video for my stock JSF. Here it is in all its glory. This project started after I had the inspiration to adapt @Majorjim!'s wonderful thermometer hinge to an aircraft. I quickly made a working hinge, using landing gear to actuate the engine, building on my experience from my Vought F8U Crusader. After I got the mechanism to work, I spent just as long working on the exterior of the plane, matching it as closely as I could to the real JSF. The result was a mechanically complex aircra
  13. Welcome back Kerbals! Lets take a look back over some cool threads you might have missed Picking his nose the TOTM's this month is @Vanamonde! And helping him is @Mikki! (with the TOTM, not his nose) Colonel Cbplayer puts my craft designs to shame with his awesome Macross VF-1! We're all fans of going fast, but how fast can you get round Azimech's racing track? Take a look at Luch's tips on the best aerodynamics in 1.2.1, you might learn something. Join ex_ on his mission to Duna, SpaceX style! todofwar asks what ou
  14. Link for craf in YouTube in DESCRIPTION!!!
  15. I wanted just a little more exposure than kerbalx alone, so I'm posting here for your viewing pleasure. Lots of things going on here - full steering rack with steering wheel, a rear axle with coupler, 2x gear stepdown. Even found a spot to put a fuel tank. No mods. The worst thing? Steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car. video piston car
  16. John Stapp and his experiments with rocket sleds, human deceleration and ejection seats. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Stapp
  17. Happy Thursday everyone, and welcome back to the KSP forums threads of the month. I have a throng of thrilling threads for you, and helping me choose this month are: @Spaceception @Maverick_aus @Deddly @Dman979 And... @Red Iron Crown KSP Discussion already has a lot of stickies but this one is too good to pass up. In our increasingly environmentally concious age electric power is replacing internal combustion, even in KSP. I get dizzy just thinking of this one... Something a little different from fanworks, a
  18. Welcome back to the Kerbal Space Program forums threads of the month! Joining me this month in selecting top threads from around the forums is @Mad Rocket Scientist! Remember, if you see something you believe should be in here next month drop me a PM Starting in Suggestions this time we have a very simple change that could have an enormous effect on multi-mission planning, with Snarks idea to add manoeuvre nodes to the Tracking Station. From Fanworks comes an interactive story by Tw1, Bill verses Bill, where the path of the story depen
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