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Found 6 results

  1. Starship Launch Expansion About Starship Launch Expansion is a mod that collects Starbase real life launch pads, towers, stands and all the stuff necessary to support your Starship launches in KSP. All the parts are designed to withstand the power of every launch without exploding (hopefully). The mod is in Beta right now so any bugs or suggestions you can contact me through discord. Note: Orbital Launch Pad model is old, revamp is in progress See my roadmap to know what is coming!: SLE Trello Download: Spacedock (Available on CKAN) Github (Source Code) Features Mod Parts: - Orbital Launch Integration Tower - Orbital Launch Pad (revamp in progress) - Mechazilla Catching System - Test and Display Stands - GSE Tanks - Starbase Sign Required Mods Mods required for SLE to work correctly: - Module Manager - B9PartSwitch Recommended Mods Recommended mods to install with SLE: - Starship Expansion Project for Updated Starship and Super Heavy (Compatible with SLE) - Modular Launch Pads for more real life Launch Pads. - Hangar Extender for a bigger VAB for bigger crafts. - Kerbal Konstructs for static objects for KSC. In game Pics: Changelog:
  2. Guest

    Build the tallest tower!

    simple: get your ksp and try to build a tower taller then the last person that posted.* *WARNING, no liability if game crashes.
  3. I recently did this: Inspired by something Scott Manley did in KSP interstellar quest Ep. 5. Now I want you to fly through the island tower too. (Note: through means that you are on one side of the tower, then inside the tower, then on the other side of the tower with the kerbal alive. See above for an example) Rules: Kerbal must be in a seat/(if really brave/foolish) in a cockpit. At least the kerbal, or if brave/foolish the cockpit make it through, that's a pass, with a bronze medal +1 points for every part of the plane that makes it through. (Tip: try a carrier aircraft, kind of like this, ) 5 points: silver medal 12 points: gold medal Entire plane/whaterver-veichle-you-are-using survives: Platinum medal. Note: actual signature badges coming soon (or not)
  4. Does anyone know a mod that has good looking launch towers (that is not FASA)? If not, can anyone make one? Thanks!
  5. Hi. I was wondering if anyone knew any mods (besides FASA) that added launch towers/clamps. Thanks!
  6. Is there any mod which adds lightning proctection towers around the launch pad as present in the French Guiana Launch pad. I am talking about the four towers surrounding the launch pad. Please help me I need those towers as they look nice. If there is any mod available please comment below or if possible somebody please make this mod. Thanks in advance.
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