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Found 2 results

  1. Hey kerbonaut! Kerbal Kommander is a new way to play KSP based on a savefile, two parts, and a plugin. Instead of managing a space center, you play as Jebediah Kerman. You are a ship pilot who wants to create his own space company. This adventure takes place a long time after the normal game. All of the Kerbol system has been colonized so there are space stations around every planet. You will have to fly between the stations to earn kredits. You can use the kredits buy bigger ships or hire some crews. There are a few jobs you can do to earn money: Tr
  2. Welcome to the Kerbal Space Station Showroom and Market or the KSSSM. Post your Space Stations in the Showroom (add #Showroom to your post) or to the market for download (add #Market to your post). The KSSSM suggests that you post in the Showroom before you post in the Market so it is double the looks. Happy Posting ☺.
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