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Found 8 results

  1. With the help of many RO content creators, and members of the RO community, I present a RSS/RO edition of the classic Build, Fly, Dream trailer! I hope you enjoy.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSVkmSeyJWk&lc=z223tbdr0rr2cfxol04t1aokgqrylte0y5m5tc04tmupbk0h00410 People on Reddit seemed to like it so I decided to post it here at the urging of one of the Reddit Discord users.
  3. And when i saw i always thing about Challenger and Soyuz 1 tragedy, i think it was little bit offensive if you ask me But the other things feel is Disasters don't just happen the're a chain of critical events unravel the faitful desicions in the final sceonds from disaster
  4. Safari Jeep Set When traveling down the road one day I saw a Jeep pulling a Utility Trailer and thought it looked really cool, with KSP on the brain once again I got to work on the Trailer. I already had a Jeep built and I didn't want to only add a Trailer Hitch so I decided to upgrade it to this Safari Jeep. I am using Air brakes for the Trailer Door and Kelus-LV Mobility Bay Enhancers for Captain Seats in the Jeep, I think Kerbals should always be riding first class. Top Speeds when pulling the Trailer are not too impressive, the Trailer wants to fishtail, but hey we are looking good at cruising speeds. You may want to tweak it but I'm ok with it as is. I would also like to add another shout out thanks to @Majorjim! and his Tiny Hinge, it makes a great Trailer Hitch! Safari Jeep Craft File: Safari Jeep Parts: 129 Mass: 3.250t Height: 2.4m Width: 4.7m Length: 2.6m Action Groups 1- Toggle Lights 2- Toggle Lights 3- Antennas Jeep Trailer Craft File: Jeep Trailer Parts: 41 Mass: 2.115t Height: 1.8m Width: 5.6m Length: 3.4m Action Groups 1- Toggle Gear Jeep Utility Trailer Craft File: Jeep Utility Trailer Parts: 54 Mass: 3.011t Height: 3.6m Width: 6.5m Length: 3.6m Action Groups 1- Toggle Gear 2- Toggle Light
  5. Interstellar + Martian = Approaching the Unknown What do you guys think?
  6. Ground Vehicle Transport With a new wheel model upcoming I wanted to try building a vehicle that could transport equipment over land, sea, air and space. Seems the land part has given me the most problems so far. The vehicle pulling the trailer will start to sway then rotate and eventually lose control. During a test run it some how made it to 28 m/s and now after tweaking a few things the design cannot manage to go over 10 m/s until it twists upon itself and rolls over. The jet engines are used to pull the trailer and if the motorized wheels are used the results are much worse. I have rechecked all the wheels using the rotate gizmo in absolute mode and certain they are aligned. The interesting observation is that if I push the trailer in reverse using the drive wheels the speed sustained is 18 m/s and everything stays straight. Looking for some advice on improving this design. The centre of mass is what I am suspecting is causing the issues and am about to try altering the position. Should the engine have more or less mass since the weight of trailer is 21 tonne?
  7. Hello, I'm giving a sneak peek at my upcoming cinematic EMANCIPATION - Coming Soon! Please tell me your opinion on it in the comments section and enjoy https://youtu.be/h5nDg5CYbv0
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