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Found 6 results

  1. Tldr: I just saw a movie called Snowpiercer about a really big, long, frost covered train. I must now make that train. As it is too late to add it before the game releases, please consider it for a future update/dlc.
  2. Howdy y’all! This thread is similar to @Ben J. Kermans what’s your favourite plane/ helicopter thread but just for rail fans. Ill start: I have always liked the sd70. It’s pretty large and makes a very nice growling noise. It’s always fun watching them pass through my town in CN and CP colours. (photo by me) I also like the SD90 which is just a really long sd70. I also like the AEM-7 And last but not least: the ET-41 operated by PKP (polish state railways). And favourite railway/ railroad is the Canadian Pacific Railway.
  3. Any model railroaders here in the forums? I know that there are some train lovers here So I'm thinking in coming back to this hobby, more like starting at it actually, since I was a kid/teen and it was more like a toy at that time . Anyway, I'm design my track layout and my ideia is to have a big city with a big yard and station in one side and a smaller city on the other, some farms in the middle. I like the idea of geting cargo/passengers at one place and delivering it/them at another. But this is just the main concept, I don't know if it will be possible to do it all or, if it's possible, if the result would be good. I will adapt it as I go. Size is not a problem, so I'm not concerned about it. Is started with the yard and the station of the mais city, I was going for a square design, but I changed my mind to make it around the room so the tracks will change a bit. The problem is that I'm not happy with it, and I don't know much about real life train operations to make a better design. I doing my search but I thought that you guys could help me out or point me in the right direction BTW I'm design in HO scale. Thanks! (Sorry if this is a bit confusing, I'm at working so I'm writing intermittently)
  4. Not sure about you, but lately I've been thinking about trains. More specificity: Space trains. Although, to my astonishment, despite all the hype trains, there aren't really any train mods out there (perhaps something to do with the lack of tracks and so on...). Therefore, just get the idea out there, as a sort of suggestion/request: How fitting wouldn't it be with an MK3 cockpit modelled after one of the Japanese bullet trains?! They already look amazingly "futuristic". Some pictures for reference. 500 series (some add-on cockpits already look similar...) 300 series (this just screams "authority") 700 series (looks like a shoe...) 0 Series (looks very plane-ish) Maglev (With the Kerbal Founderies pack this would be perfect) Galaxy Railways.... (for inspiration...)
  5. Im interested to know whats everyones most..emotionally deep and or epic moment in KSP? I know theres threads about worst deaths..best moments, but as a player of KSP that sometimes gets entirely engulfed within its own lore..along with my craft and her crews welfare.. itd be nice to see if others shared a similar thing such as the end of a terribly dangerous landing after a long draining journey that brought a realworld sense of relief once it was over..maybe even shed a tear in pride or sadness for whats transpired that moment where time stands still after a beloved craft is lost despite all your best efforts..knowing full well she was unique and even a rebuild wouldnt feel the same or that moment never relived.. one of a kind emotionally invested immersion the likes of very few games ever have..for me its disturbingly common sometimes.. even simple moments like the unplanned video of 4016s return home that mixed so well with a then recently discovered coldplay tune "gravity" that both fit KSP like a glove and made a simple return home of a locomotive and her crew such a profound moment.. my baby was home safe..not scattered horribly in bits on kerbins green unforgiving landscape.. coming into the yard at near idle.. but most of all.. driving over the very ground that in all reality very few kerbals and thier train ever see again once they depart KSC for the first time.. i admit it grabbed me unexpectedly and the whole thing seemed like a perfect moment..unexpected as it was so! yes ive got the courage to admit such things in the name of science anyone else? Edit: posted 4016s video..for the song mostly
  6. So my fellow Kerbalists! It comes to my attention of late that there is to be a rash that once in a while appears on these forums.. Perhaps a kraken inspired.. in the form of question without answer, form or substance of any kind.. IS IT CHEATING TO?...X Regretably even while possibly started in honest wonder and innocence.. soon resorts in fires starting, that should only have a place in general proximity to a rocket engine, one does hope anyway.. Threads get locked and good people become hurt Sadly this tarnishes our great community and generates conflict.. in a place otherwise enjoyed and loved by many.. Given that KSP itself is about to be released onto other platforms and waves of new people new to the forums and indeed the game.. perhaps even the game style.. eg.. most games have goals.. and one would naturally wonder if X is cheating if they were such conditioned to in previous gaming adventures I put it to you all, that it is time we answered what IS cheating to the respective person.. so that we may direct the poor soul without direction to this or similar threads. where they may have their fill of what IS cheating.. how to avoid it.. its result in summoning the kracken or all seeing blue-orb and indeed hopefully maintain the spirit of happyness.. while educating those perhaps.. a little new to our beautiful community This may be a hybrid screenshot thread much like the What did you do today thread.. its my greatest hope though that a great many people might contribute to create a long lasting resource of humor, education and fun rather than the initial unfortunate events detailed perhaps screenshots, explainations.. stories.. anything that'd blend in and help the cause.. to define once and for all.. what IS cheating So! WHAT IS CHEATING IN MY KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM? Is it: Driving trains.. rather than rockets.. ignoring every single thing regarding space and the beautiful creations squad has made, never touching the orbital dynamics, the gravity whats-its,having delta V being nothing more than a prospective station name or track junction.. admiring kerbol from the surface of a planet and thinking the stars are just painted dots in the sky.. trying to work out if the mun is infact real or made of cheese and the whole thing about the train depot looks disturbingly like a space center like the one NASA has.. yet im never really sure why that is.. especially with the next station being an ungodly distance almost half way across the planet NO .. is it not cheating.. indeed this is the very nature of Kerbal Space Program for me.. Trains, exotic transmissions.. railway practises and other train inspired madness.. for this player.. Kerbal Space Program has become the ultimate land train simulator.. a beautiful planet to drive on full of vast distances, perfect unexpected beauty and a physics engine that while ment for more adventerous things, definately doesnt disapoint... So what IS cheating for me? Simply ignoring 3/4 of the above statement I just made.. ignoring 200km long drives that I enjoy and what have become lore, legend and what is expected within my Kerbal Space Program duties.. driving long distances for a variety of reasons.. And replacing it with the likes of strapping aircraft parts on a locomotive.. in a very un-railway like fashion.. and simply flying a spare locomotive to where shes needed.. for this.. I suffer terribly from guilt, a feeling of weakness.. and the constant threat of an angered kraken.. THIS IS CHEATING!!!.. It is very bad indeed, and to be avoided.. bringing with it bad luck, a feeling of being defeated.. perhaps conned out of glory.. it never comes with any degree of happyness and instead leaves me...dead inside.. a shell of a former kerbalist, bringing great shame to my mission, my craft and their crew.. A terrible experience for all Infact.. it leads to a great sadness So!, share fellow kerbalists, let us all see what indeed cheating is to you.. simple.. complex.. quirky.. funny. shameful.. all within the beautiful context of KSP and G rated for all to enjoy
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