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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I'm a Vietnamese KSP player/fan/rocket exploder who is translating the game to Vietnamese since the game is relatively unknown in my country. I've been browsing some threads in the forum about localization but almost (if not, all) of them are from KSP version 1.3. It is now 1.11.1 so I am wondering if anything has changed at all in the process. Are the fonts and the way to change them still the same? Do I have to watch out for anything? Are there any new tools I should use? I've translated roughly 20% of the game and I really want to test it for issues. Every help is appreciated!
  2. Addon Localization Home This topic will serve as a database of mods that support localization, a place where people who can provide translation help can connect with mods that need said help, and as place to discuss how to implement localization in your mod and how to work with stock localization. To facilitate translation help, anyone who needs translations for their mods should do the following: Respond in this thread with a link to the primary resources in need of localization (preferably a GitHub link to the text files or folder with files) If possible provide an esti
  3. 因为插件很多,但是支持本地化的,汉化的优秀插件都很少,所以打算对一些优秀的插件进行本地化处理+翻译. 很多插件作者其实不太注意本地化工作,与其等待作者本地化之后进行翻译,不如主动进行本地化,并翻译.也算为大家造福啦. 如果大家有喜欢的插件尚未支持本地化可以留言,我会注意并回复,工作频率为每2周 1~2 款插件的本地化+汉化翻译,视插件大小,词条数量,还有平时工作的繁忙程度变动. 因为跟 @linuxgurugamer (下文简称 LGG) 大神比较投缘 , 加上 ToolBar 本身吸引了大量插件使用 , 所以第一款插件联系了当时的作者 LGG 询问翻译的事情, 大神告诉我还没有本地化,所以无法翻译. 与其等待作者们本地化后去翻译,不如主动对优秀插件进行本地化后再翻译. 所以我就这样,开始了本地化+翻译的路. 这周跟 LGG 闲聊,希望他推荐一款插件进行本地化, 就这样走上了不归路啊. 以后肯定不止一款插件啦. 所以决定还是开个贴写进度.当然还有个原因决定主动开贴,就是咱们中文社区实在有些太冷淡了. 很多人,本身英语是很好的,也有开发的功底,所以能看到一些优秀的插件也有咱中国玩家的身影,但是主动本地化的,我暂时没发现. 不能因为本地化限制了广大玩家的翻译热情,不瞎BB
  4. TO ANYONE THAT IS WILLING TO TRANSLATE TO HIS/HER NATIVE LANGUAGE: Go to this spreadsheet (yes, a spreadsheet) and begin translating into your language. Download: Plugin: Download | GitHub Languages: At the moment I haven't released any supported languages as I'm just translating on my own. But the plugin is available for download. Planned languages: Français Deutsch Nederlands Italiano Polski Credits: Plugin: @Olympic1 French translation: @Olympic1 @yrou @valens @bart
  5. Salut à tous, Je me présente, iceolator88, nouveau French Patch Manager, désigné par simon56modder. Ce patch non officiel permet de traduire une grosse partie du jeu en français. Il est lié au projet international LanguagePatches et est la continuation du projet de traduction de @simon56modder Pour le moment, il permet de traduire: Les descriptions de toutes les parts des versions 1.2.2 Le menu Principal, l'écran de chargement du jeu et le menu "Start Game" Les résultats d'analyses scientifiques Les descriptions des stratégies Les descriptions des sc
  6. Hello all! Me and bunch of folks are preparing Polish localization of Kerbal Space Program, as it is quite easy with the recent 1.3.0 update and I'm sure that many Polish folks will appreciate this kind of endeavour. Translation is currently in early alpha stage, however most of the game is localized in Polish. There are still few things missing, but I think that it is a good time to present our work and maybe ask for small feedback. There are still "few" things untranslated, but we are hard working to finish the translation: Parts names and descriptions Many trainin
  7. Dedicated to the devs : @[email protected] Hello, I'm Simon, the guy who first created the LanguagePatches project for KSP and the French translation mod. First of all, let me tell you the story : Three years ago I first asked the devs about their plans about translating the game, I asked them if they were interested in making a collaboration with me for the translation, but their answer was "we are not focused in localisation efforts as the game is not yet officially published, but we'll contact you in the future once we are ready to start translating the game". So I waited
  8. There are a few questions i asked myself about the translation which should probably be figured out/determined before the localization update is released. Maybe @UomoCapra or @Badie can clarify this? When the update for the localization is released, there will probably be a wave of mod updates with translations. For obvious reasons one modder can't do the translation into all supported languages on their own so they need help from other members of the community (or outside) who are fluent in the missing language. The problem is, it will be very hard for the modder to verify that the trans
  9. When using docking mode, you can set RCS thrusters on rotation or translation modes. This doesn't make the spacecraft rotate in full translation or rotation. Rotating on rotation mode will induce a small translation. The only way to fix this is to place all thrusters at exactly the same distance from the center of mass. For example, if I am using two thrusters pointing perpendicularly to the turning axis and one of them is at the centre of mass, that thruster wont fire. What I want is for both to fire with the same thrust. That will get rid of the induced translation. It would be ni
  10. Hello! I´ve been playing KSP for a couple of mopnths already...I´ve managed to land on quite a few planets and moons, but now almost all my contracts are focused on the Jool system. So, I´ve built a quite heavy rocket, which gives me some near 12.000Dv to reach Jool and its moons and be able to land and return form there. The problem is that while in LKO, the rocket translates way too slowly, and it gets frustrating. Which is the best way to make it more maneuverable? Should I place some RCS thrusters, and in this case, do they need some propellant tanks? Which would be the best pla
  11. Using RCS on rotation mode sometimes induces translation, which makes docking really hard. It seems the thrust of each RCS thruster depends only on their position with respect to the center of gravity. The problem with this is you have to place thrusters exactly the at same distance from the centre of gravity for them not to give you unwanted translations. I think it would be nice if the thrust of each thruster was balanced to give you full translation or rotation instead. This way you could just place your rcs thrusters as far apart from each other as possible for maximum moment.
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