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Found 7 results

  1. Trim Indicator version A minimalistic add-on displaying trim values (if they are non-zero) inside the control gauges. By default, shows pitch, yaw, and roll trim. In order to show wheel motor trim and wheel steer trim, change the ShowWheelTrim setting to True in the .settings file. Available via CKAN. Download from github: https://github.com/formicant/TrimIndicator/releases Source: https://github.com/formicant/TrimIndicator License: GNU GPL v3 Version history:
  2. Basically as the title reads. I spawned multiple vessels with vessel mover, flew out of, then back into load range of said grounded vessel and doing so caused the vessel I was flying plus one ground vessel to set the trim settings to maximum downward pitch/right roll/right yaw. (pressing alt-x still resets the trim, partial workaround, but my ground vessel still takes damage) Also maybe worth a mention, I had reloaded/saved multiples times prior to this bug. At one point I ejected a Kerbal, landed with vessel mover, moved the Kerbal with vessel mover back to board my vessel, saved and reloaded. The Kerbal also despawned upon load. I included this as, in doing some research I found multiple players suggesting that the control bindings for Kerbals sometimes cause conflicts resulting in the control of multiple vessels and that this may interfere with trim. I have however rebound said Kerbal binds and tried reloading the save and have still replicated the bug, whether this would still occur on a fresh save without a reload IDK. I had another vessel following my own in-flight which left load range and despawned, however the bug still occurs with the following vessel loaded without having first despawned. So I think it's possible to discount these variables. Will provide logs if needed. I suspect that one or more of the following mods may be the cause: BDAc wing commander, Vessel mover, Physics range extender (set to 10,000), and Plane mode. Did a fair bit of research before posting, and I found some clues but nothing definitive. I'm hoping forum users can provide me with something more to go on, to discover the exact cause and perhaps a uncompromising workaround or at-least be able to inform the relevant mod developer/maintainers. Mod list:
  3. Hey guys, I think the trim function when flying planes is very confusing! (I am talking about jet planes in atmosphere, < 10,000 m). (I am talking about KSP 1.6.0, I think this behavior exists until the TRIM function exists...) Let me explain the "strange" behavior in KSP: A pilot assumes that if you trim pitch elevator DOWN (with ALT + W) that the nose will go DOWN immediately a bit, and vice versa, if you trim pitch elevator UP (with ALT + S) that the nose will go UP a bit. Instead, KSP will keep pitching UP when you tip or hold ALT + W (instead of going DOWN immediately) until you reach the "upper reversal point", then it will pitch DOWN, regardless if you press (tip or hold) ALT+W or ALT+S. After reaching the "bottom reversal point" it will keep pitching UP, regardless if you press (tip or hold) ALT+W or ALT+S. This behaviour is absolutely unrealistic and very confusing while flying planes! This should be fixed very soon... Where can I report such a "bug"? Sorry for my English (I am German), I hope you understand what I mean... Answers are welcome, maybe you can check and confirm this behavior...
  4. Guys, please, I'll ask and suggest changes again about the controls, but getting into a bit more details now. As this hasn't even been touched or mentioned with the last fixes, and not even in the youtube video about control presets (where nothing was talked) it made me not sure if devs are so unware of this or if they just don't see this as a problem. But I do hope you call their/your attention with this question/topic, where I'll be trying to clarify the annoying problems that I'm having here (problems which can be very stressing when one is trying to play career mode with a hard preset and the controls seem to want to kill your kerbals every second). Firstly. Can we please, please, toggle an option for fine throttle control without modifiers in the Radial preset? Radial is much more intuitive than Cursor in many aspects, but not being able to properly land a ship, to fly a plane or even to drive/taxi planes (as I don't have the science for building proper rovers yet) around the KSC with precise throttle controls because every time you press LB/L1 to move the throttle the craft also trims automatically if you happen to be moving a control surface is a seriously huge bummer! I wonder why nobody talks about this. Secondly, can we have some proper functional trimming? There are two problems with the current trim system: Unlike in the pc version where you can move each movement axis (yaw, roll, pitch) trims separately if I'm not mistaken, in the console version you can only lazely set all trim tabs at once. So I can't fix my plane which is pitching up by it's own first, and then later try to fix it's slow roll to the right since I'll mess with the first pitch trim by trying to trim it again for the roll..... This is really annoying when you're doing long distance atmospheric flights while trying to use time acceleration because you can never trim the aircraft properly and every small correction you try doing while at 4x accelartion will cause a huge flight path change, overstressing and possible death of kerbals. This then opens up to the 2nd problem: If I try setting half a pitch up trim (the 4th horizontal line in the pitch indicator, right beside the H from pitch) starting from a no trim situation, I can simply push the joystick halfway forwards while using the orange arrow as a reference, and press the trim button once this arrow is over the line. But then let's say I still need a little bit more trim for the craft to stop pitching up on it's own, about a single line up in the indicator, I won't be able to use the orange pitch arrow indicator as a reference for the trim anymore! If I push up enough so my orange pitch arrow indicator is one line over the current trim pink arrow (right where I want my new trim to be) and then I press the trim button, it won't set the trim where the orange arrow was, but way above it, because the game still seems to take in account how much I'm pulling the physical joystick stick instead of the position of the orange arrow. I mostly end up having to reset trim and then watching my Dihedral high wing plane pitching up wildly at over 200m/s. We also have the rather annoying trim button conflicting with multiple other functions. You can't fine tune throttle while turning because you'll end up trimming the craft. You can't time accelerate while turning because you'll end up trimming the craft. You cannot quickly open the map while flying and maintaining a slight pressure on the craft because you'll end up trimming the craft - or then you can try opening the map through the radial and it will end up cancelling your stick pressure because the radial also happens to use the same left stick you use for controlling the craft to select the options, instead of using the right camera controlling stick. Lovely! Thinking about, what I'd suggest was having the LB + View/Select (Xbox/PS4) combination for getting into trim mode. Now in trim mode (with a green message on top of the screen telling you are in this mode) every "camera movement" you do with the right stick would actually create a cumulative effect on trimming. For example, pulling the right stick a tiny bit out of it's deadzone would cause the craft to slowly start trimming up until letting go of the stick. The more you'd pull it, the faster it would trim down, until it gets to -100% of trim or you let go of the stick. This way, I would not have to stop actually flying the craft to trim it, since I'd would have fingers on both sticks at the same time. With proper coordination, one could notice that for the longer he pulls the right stick, the more he'd release the pressure on the left stick, until the craft is slowly and accurately trimmed - not to mention that this would also fix the unintentional trimming, as you'd only get into trimming mode if you really wanted. As for the yaw/roll, both would be done with the right stick X-axis. You could switch between the two by pressing RB + Y, similarly to how you switch Roll <-> Yaw when flying with the cursor preset by pressing LB + Y (L1 + △ on PS4) . If you read it to the end, thanks! I'd really like to know what other people think of this, checking if more people are also being annoyed by the same problems, and I'd also like really to see what Devs think of it. Cheers.
  5. I have read that there is a trim function in KSP with Alt + W, S, A, D key combos. I am currently using an Xbox controller in my PC for KSP and I would like to map at least pitch trim somewhere (e.g. in the D-pad), but I cannot find it in the Input settings area. Also, in KSP somehow the D-pad is identified as two axes instead of four buttons, which is a limitation. Can this be changed? Any help would be welcome!
  6. I know the answer to this is already on the forum, but I just can't seem to find it. Could someone please clarify how you both set and remove trim whilst using the Radial Control preset on PS4 please? I've managed to accidentally set the trim on one axis or another (usually roll) and I've also managed to clear it, but however I managed it, I don't seem to be able to repeat the procedure. Another more general question - does anyone have a link to the full set of controls when using the Radial preset? I haven't been able to find a full list and have stumbled across quite a number of useful controls whilst experimenting. I'm actually finding the radio menu's to be almost as easy and quick to select as the mouse keyboard combination on the PC, but it would be nice to have a complete crib sheet. Cheers Clipper
  7. I read someone mentioning "trim". What is it? When/Why do I need it?
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