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Found 2 results

  1. based on freedom space stationand the lunar getaway stationi will use a space craft called orionis
  2. Behold the long lost sketches of Lenardo Kerman, dating back to -200 years!!! They are the first ever proof that a Kerbal can fit inside round rockets, which was revolutionary at the time! The sacred sketches, along with other precious artifacts like a prototype of the external command seat, some early liquid fuel formulas and a buttfor, were found during the third expedition to the Tut-Um-Jeb-Ahn, when Professor Tutzebalbo Kerman, being frustrated with the faliure of the expedition and the popping of two of his fellow scientists (one also being spagettified), kicked a wall which in fact covered a secret tunnel that led deep into the anomaly and into a secret laboratory, which was only mentioned in one of the famous tales of Jules-Verne Kerman " Voyage to the Mun and the attack of The Kraken) Now, these precious artifacts are stored in a museum section of the R&D facility. More expeditions are to be sent with instructions to kick all the walls in the anomaly in search of more secret passages.
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