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Found 3 results

  1. Hi. I've been thinking about this configuration of a nuclear reactor, a set of nozzles and a turbine generator. The Expansion-Condensation Closed-Cycle Nuclear Turbine Generator. A nuclear reactor heats a coolant such as nitrogen to high temperatures and pressures, like a nuclear thermal rocket. Efficiency 90%. The coolant is expanded through a nozzle to moderate temperatures, low pressures and high velocity, like a propulsive nozzle. A multi-stage turbine converts the gas's energy into mechanical energy. This slows down the gas. Efficiency over 80%. Electric generator converts turbine motion into electricity, efficiency 90%. Second expansion nozzle condenses and liquefies the gas. This creates near-vacuum pressures, reducing back-pressure at the first nozzle. The liquid coolant is collected and pumped back into the reactor. Overall efficiency is 65% to 80%. Nuclear reactor can have GW/ton specific power. Turbine can have several dozen MW per ton specific power, coupled with electric generator. Can this work? Will it compare favourably to Stirling engines and thermocouples? Is the concept sound? Is there something I am missing as to why direct-cycle nuclear turbines have not been used for power generation? In space, specific power is very important, especially when several MW of power is needed for electric rockets, such as VASIMR. So far, concepts have described thermocouples or Stirling engines for electric power. Can this concept compete with current designs? After discussion: -Expanding the gas to hypersonic velocities is not desireable. Using a very-high-pressure, sub-Mach flow is much more efficient. -A radiator will be needed at the end of the Brayton cycle to remove the residual waste heat. At low temperatures, this radiator will be huge. Therefore a much lower temperature difference is needed between the reactor and the second nozzle, to be compensated for with a large pressure difference... much like actual nuclear reactor. -A similar concept has been tested. -Overall, this concept will be more effective due to the direct-cycle involving the nuclear reactor shooting directly into the turbine, rather than because of the possible temperature difference.
  2. I have made working, stock Wind Turbine and I think this is the first Wind Turbine posted on here! I hope you guys will enjoy this! I made two versions non-moveable and movable. Major credit to @JZ6 For the stock bearing, this would never happen if not for him. It is 213 parts. EDIT! I have now made one of those Old Fashioned Windmills they use on farms and stuff to pump out water. It has the same controls as the other Wind Turbine. Do NOT worry about the vehicle on the Moveable Old Fashioned Windmill as you can just recover the vehicle. Controls 1. press space to undock 2. then press '[' or ']' to cycle to the bearing, 3. Control rotation by pressing the keys 'e' or 'q' to spin the bearing! 4. Press space again to engage the SUPER SPEED ENGINES!!! (Not available on the old fashioned Windmill) Downloads Non-movable craft file here Moveable craft file here Old Fashioned Windmill craft file here Old Fashioned Windmill Moveable craft file here Pictures Video Wind Turbine https://www.youtube.com/embed/-5SZwpJKBa8 Old Fashioned Windmill https://www.youtube.com/embed/mk9Elo74mKk
  3. The Aerrier VTOL series brings you a (relatively) stable HoverJet training platform! A must-have for all aspiring lander pilots and powered-lift enthusiasts alike! Here you can fly the entire series, from the Vernier-controlled early models to the latest M4 gyro-stabilized designs! Once you get used to the deadly slow response unique handling characteristics of the turbine power controls, these vehicles become enjoyable death traps flying adventures that will hone your crew's VTOL skills to their sharpest at the comforts of your local space agency! Manufacturer warranty for over 40% engine reliability!! (non-applicable to M3 models and earlier) Get it here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1374365/Aerrier/Aerrier%20VectorJets.zip only uses stock parts!
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