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  1. Planet Texturing Guide Repository This thread will aim to deliver a range of guides and tutorials to cater for those who wish to create planetary textures using a variety of methods, software and mod plugins. Please feel free to contribute any material you think would be suitable to list within this archive and I will endeavor to keep it up to date. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Celestial Body Creation Theory World Generation - by Tyge Sjöstrand Atmosphere Calculators - by OhioBob ------------------------
  2. After a couple days of research and understanding the Real Solar System files, I've finally figured out how to change the date in RSS DateTimeFormatter. It's not too complicated and just takes a few minutes. The first thing you need to do is go into your Kerbal Space Program file (with your GameData and whatnot) and type into your file explorer's search bar, "persistent.sfs". Depending on how many saved games you already have, there will be the same number of these "persistent" files. Choose any because what this will do is going to affect all your saved games (if you don't want your othe
  3. After seeing this question asked before and not seeing a satisfactory answer I tried to come up with my own answer. First, we need to establish the reference direction that the longitude of ascending node (LAN) is measured against. See for example this post for a definition, the reference direction points from Kerbin to Kerbol on day 1 (lets ignore the tiny difference of 0.00159rad because the mean anomaly of Kerbin is 3.14 and not Pi in this assumption.). The next needed part is that a solar (Kerbol) day is a little longer than the sidereal rotation of Kerbin. Looking at the picture below one
  4. As i say in the video, i've had a couple PMs and tried helping a few folks out on the forums who've posted asking how to texture for KSP, so i thought i'd throw together a basic guide on how i go about doing things. Hope it helps!
  5. Newer versions of KSP support Unity’s updated UI system (technically available since KSP 1.0, but only really practical since 1.1), which is a major improvement over the old OnGUI system. Rather than rebuilding the UI every frame using the esoteric GUILayout and GUI system, the new Unity UI is built using standard Unity objects and hierarchies. This significantly improves performance, reduces the garbage created, and allows for some fancy effects that weren’t practical with OnGUI. The only problem is that building the new UI entirely through code is extremely tricky, to the point of being impr
  6. Tutorial covers the basics of the UI, how the timeline works, as well as examples & tips to make things far easier to work with. Breaking Ground - Robotics Tutorial on Youtube
  7. So... I heard there was going to be tutorials in KSP 2! Saw some pictures of them, and I thought the cartoony style reminded me of one specific YouTuber explaining guy. I think that the voice actor who does Kurzgesagt: In a Nutshell should voice the tutorials. If anyone has ever watched one of those videos, then you will know what I mean.
  8. When I installed it correctly, it started make parts looks weir is it a a bug or I install too many mods (Real plume, Tundra exploration, Kerbal planetary base, and scatters)
  9. To all new budding planet modders, and perhaps older ones, this is a tutorial on how to create a decent looking texture for a rocky planet. Requirements: GIMP GIMP is a free plugin you can download that is my platform of choice for texturing, and it's what I will be using in this tutorial: Firstly, after you've opened up GIMP, click File > New, and create a new page. The Dimensions are VERY IMPORTANT if you want the texture to work. Use a 2*1 texture, which comes in 1024-512, 2048-1024, and 4096-2048 sizes, you can continue going up if you want, but I would recommend 204
  10. Here you will find all the necessary tools as well as tutorials, guides and snippets of info relevant to KSP modding. If you come across any information that you think should be added to this thread please post a reply here. Before you start: 1. Please visit the General Add-on Affairs forum and check out member requests. It's better if you make something that people actually want. 2. Read all links marked as "Important" ================ Table of Contents ================ 1. List of Free and Open Source Tools 1.1 Modding Tools 1.2 Other Tools 2. Not-
  11. I wanted to share my complete series for KSP Made Easy. I want to help new playere start a science mode playthrough and teach them the techniques and skills ive gained after years of ksp. This series teaches new players how to build their first rockets, their first aircraft. Their first flight to mun, and minmus orbit, their first space station and their first mun and minmus landing. I wanted to make sure that there was a fresh tutorial for ksp, as I know the steep learning curve required. In this series, I do my best to not use complicated terms, explain everything the best I can, and show yo
  12. KSP - Ultimate Tutorial This is meant to be a step by step guide for new players (but old players are welcome), updated for 1.10 and 2020. This is a WIP so the tutorial may not be complete. This is made to be the tutorial I wanted to find when I started playing. The progression of this tutorial follows the game progression. i.e Game Menu -> Difficulty -> Building a rocket -> etc. The full menu is in the spoiler. If you are looking at this while it is WIP, it will show you a proposed road map of what I will add. I am open to suggestions about adding topics, moving topics, and if
  13. Hello ! Vous connaissez Kerbal Space Challenge ? ^^ Cette association que je préside vous propose de nombreuses activités sur le jeu KSP, notamment les Challenges qui ont lieu deux fois par an qui constituent une occasion unique de partage et d'émulation communautaire. Nous disposons de deux sites complets incluant pas mal d'articles et des forums, et qui disposent notamment du meilleur tuto francophone que vous puissiez trouver aujourd'hui Nous avons bien sur une présence sur les réseaux au travers d'un Twitter et d'un Discord super actif et bonne ambiance, rejoignez-nous vite
  14. Hello ! Je crois que je n'ai jamais présenté les Suivez l'Guide ici même Il s'agit à mes yeux et humblement des meilleurs tutos Fr sur le jeu que vous puissiez trouver :p J'ai en tout cas tout fait pour qu'il s'agisse d'une référence impérissable, aussi générique que possible, même dans quelques années. Les différents chapitres traitent en profondeur des sujets abordés, de manière aussi exhaustive et pédagogique que possible, mêlant les mots aux images, gifs et vidéos pour illustrer au mieux chaque aspect. Il est même question d'y trouver des Crafts et Save pour disposer d
  15. Collection of exampels for module manager "Why do I have to perform some experiments multiple times at the same location to max out my sciencegain?" When I asked me this question the Xth time, I started looking arround for a solution, and I found it: module manager. This neat little "plugin" allows you to write custom patches to change the behaviour of parts and some mechanics of KSP. With the help of the official Handbook I figured out a way to achieve my goal: Now, even this is a verry simple patch, it took me quite a while and some help from the community to fig
  16. I wrote a tutorial for running an Earth-Moon Shamrock Cycler using Kerbal Space. I used the RealSolarSystem package so this really is Earth-Moon, not Kerbin-Mun. Here are links to the Wiki page and video tutorial. I wrote this because when I become a space tourist I want to visit the Moon in the comfort of a big cycler cruise ship. Yes, I'm willing to wait a few years. Tutorial: Earth-Moon Aldrin Cycler - Kerbal Space Program Wiki youtube KSP Earth-Moon Aldrin Cycler tutorial The tutorials are based on the Shamrock cycler from Aldrin's recent paper: https://nt
  17. Three methods of orbital rendezvous 1. Direct Transfer - Uses some techniques previously illustrated by Snark here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/189763-illustrated-guide-to-docking/ 2. Maneuver Nodes 8:26 3. Sphere of Influence 17:36 Efficiency Results (leftover): 1. Direct (1627 m/s) 2. Maneuver Nodes (1875 m/s) 3. SOI (2212 m/s) MODS: "ClickThroughBlocker" "ContractConfigurator" "ModuleManager" "Toolbar" "SCANsat" "Trajectories" "ZeroMiniAVC" "PersistentRotation" "InterstellarFuelSwitch" "KSPInterstellarExtended" "FilterExtensions
  18. Ya hace tiempo quería hacer esto por aquí. Un lugar donde recopilar todos los tutoriales que hice y haré sobre Kerbal. Una miniatura con el enlace a cada uno y una breve descripción del contenido. Lo iré actualizando según realice nuevos. Un saludo y ojalá sea útil. 1- Cómo construir un avión con piezas básicas Tutorial en el que detallamos las bases aerodinámicas para construir un avión desde el principio con piezas básicas para poder volar. Hablamos de conceptos básicos como el centro de masas, el centro de sustentación y el centro de empuje.
  19. Hello, and welcome to the amazingly named thread where we post help and pics of stuff to build. it’s not like I’ve dug, but it doesn’t seem like anyone made this yet, so time to make it! while I don’t have any myself, I wanted to make a thread where people posted advice and tutorials centered around teaching. I want to make a place where people go around at teach, to name a few: launchers! Probes! Space station modules! Moar!! So go and teach, I guess
  20. I'm playing on ps4. When I do the 3rd tutorial, Intermediate Construction, the game gets stuck as soon as I enter the VAB. Wernher Von says enter VAB. So I enter the VAB. Then once inside he tells me about all the wonderful things we'll be building so, I hit the X button for the next screen. The screen blinks, it says "saving..." in the top right corner but nothing else. I can keep hitting X and it's just more of the same, blink, saving... nothing. I shut down the console, reinstalled the game, nothing works... please help.
  21. Howdy All, I just recently bought KSP and pretty frustrated right off the bat. I've done most of the tutorials and really enjoyed those, but when I tried to start career mode on normal or easy, I cant do anything. I literally built the exact same "flea" rocket from the basic rocket tutorial, and mine cant go up past 500m before it flips over and the parachute deploys. I've added fins, turned on SAS, tried to turn in all kinds of direction to prevent the flipping, but nothing works. Really bummed i spent money on a game I cant even play. Any help is appreciated. Here is a link
  22. Note to the moderator: I'm unsure if this is the proper forum. I looked around and it seemed best suited for this category. If you feel it belongs elsewhere, please move it with my blessing. Once the post is approved and has found it's proper home, feel free to remove all text with strikethrough. Or I'll edit later myself... whichever is more appropriate. Thanks for your work! My first post! Glad to be here. I've been a KSP player on-and-off since Early-Access. Amazing, how far it has come! I love the mods available... so much so that I often install too many or take a risk on ou
  23. A forum user, @Murdabenne requested that I share how to do an adoption of a mod. So, last week I showed an adoption while on Twitch Stream, and have finished writing up the steps here. The video is available at the end of the OP. These instructions and the files are available on Github: https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/KSP-Build-Scripts/ They are all licensed using the GPLv3 This process has evolved over time; the first mods I adopted didn't use these, and each one was a customized setup. As time went on I developed this process, with the following goals in mind:
  24. A replacement for stock engine particle FX. If you are tired of seeing the same old effects, HotRockets is for you! Note: SmokeScreen + ModuleManager are required dependencies. Download the legacy version here (compatible with KSP 1.1): Download HotRockets Note that HotRockets is primarily my set of replacements for stock engines. I no longer support FX packs for mod engines, but you are able to use the HotRockets assets for your mods. Many mods now make use of HotRockets assets to improve engine FX; some will add support for mod engines, and some have additional fea
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