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Found 13 results

  1. Asparagus Staging is an easy way to save fuel in KSP. Here is how it works: All engine will feed from one tank, for example, lets say its two side boosters supplying all the engines. When the side booster tanks are depleted, the tank in the main booster is still full, just now your higher up instead of just sitting on the launch pad. To do this we use fuel lines (as seen in figure 1.1) In this example with the two side boosters, we will run a fuel line from the side boosters fuel tank to the main tank. To do this click on the fuel line part in the selection of parts click on the side boosters
  2. How to Get Into Orbit. When playing KSP you want to aim for other planets and the stars beyond. But when your rocket first launches it doesn't get into orbit. It just go up really high. The back down. So, how do you get into orbit? Every KSP mission starts with the orbit. When building a rocket your rocket should have at least 2,000 dv to get into orbit. I personally think that 3,000 dv is enough if you want to prefect your orbit or do some inclination changes. First build your rocket and make sure you have at least 2,00dv. Then launch your rocket up. Slightly tilt at 5,000m to about half
  3. I just started making custom parts, I would love to have a detailed guide on making parts like solar panels and engines from start to finish. I have basic experience with blender, But I am lacking in texture skills (I know how to do it, I need more info). I would need a in depth Guide to making detailed textures. My focus will mainly be engines, I need to know how to make animations for engine gimbal and solar panels, and how to make engine shrouds. I would also like a guide to making part variants, They are so cool but so hard to understand in Blender/Config files As for config e
  4. When I go into the tutorials especially the Mun ones I get to a point where the dialog box freezes and I can’t interact with it and continue the tutorial Im playing on Xbox one ive tried refreshing the tutorials and nothing happened and so I don’t know how to get to the mun and all my 42 attempts have all failed without getting close to the mun Plz fix this.
  5. Welcome to Mission Complete where I post the missions I have done with pictures, tutorials and the craft I use for download. The way the forum works is the earliest missions are towards the start (eg pages 1, 2, and 3) and the missions done nearest to the time of reading are at the back (eg pages 25, 26, and 27). Happy Reading!
  6. Cough cough. **Starts speaking in a dull narrator voice This mission report documents the history of the Automated Space Program, lead by none other than the fearless HAL 9000, the A.I designed to run a space program. Why didn't a Kerbal of remarkable talent step up to the plate instead of this automaton? Because the Kraken banned space travel from kerbals. If a single cell of kerbal flesh escaped the upper atmosphere, then the Kraken would slaughter the population of Kerbin! Or so our several hundred mages/witch doctors/wizards kerbs state after coming out of intense trances hu
  7. Hello All, Ok, I am very, very new to the forum, mostly lurked and read various threads. Had to start commenting on some very good content however, so needed an account. I have also thought about the Mods out there and especially Kopernicus, I have looked at the various Star Systems available and have been very surprises that something I have not seen available. So I would like to learn how to use Kopernicus to create this Star Systems and once complete share it with everyone. But first I need help, can any who can or are willing point me in the direction of tutorial
  8. Introduction Hello everyone! As promised in my self-introduction to the forums, I am starting a video series on YouTube about almost anything to do with KSP. As such, I welcome any feedback, suggestions, requests and I may remake videos if necessary or add written clarifications for details that do not warrant starting from scratch. The goal is to provide an up-to-date set of videos that cover just about anything you need to know about to play KSP and in more details than the game's KSPedia. I will be posting major updates in here as well as updating this post with any new content.
  9. A lot of people come here for help. The Tutorials Forum should carry these sub-forums. Getting into orbit. Rocket Design Spaceplane Design Lander Design Intercepts. Landing Docking Orbital Construction Space Stations RCS Explained SAS Explained KerbalNet Explained Science Explained To make this forum Noob Friendly, there should be sub-forums in the Tutorials Section for all these things. I would be happy to post tutorials too but the current section is a jungle and finding anything is difficult at best. The more people that are interested in KSP then t
  10. Bonus Tips : A Random Guide to PartModules A year ago I started to delve deeper into C# and Unity's API as a hobbyist programer. I've learned a lot since then and now I'm giving that information to you, in no particular order. Random Tip #1 - KSP PartModules are Unity Game Object Components Any class in C# that inherits from the Unity Monobehaviour class is a Game Object component. This is more a conceptual cornerstone rather than a practical tip. KSP's API already has a bunch of ways to get at its many different classes and structs, but keep this in mind. You can always use Unit
  11. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY4XNTtbpFqinD1Mjxyl43Ymlf0Du_Awn MAKE SURE U SUBSCRIBE TO HIM!!!!!
  12. I'm currently working my way through the docking tutorial and I have some questions. I'm not approaching it wringing my hands and begging someone to help me feel better about myself....I get that docking is one of the most difficult procedures to grasp at first. Instead I'm trying to pull the tutorial apart so I understand what's actually going on. 1. Getting to a coplanar orbit: Gene says target the stranded vehicle (no questions there) then set up a maneuver node on the ascending or descending node pulling the magenta handles to project a coplanar orbit for me (Val in the rescue vehicle.)
  13. Hi, I am in the process of making a planet pack called "Extrasolar." It adds the star Valentine in orbit around Kerbol as well as adding planets that orbit around the new star. I am in no way a pro at modding, and I can't seem to figure out how to put oceans on my planets. Could somebody explain to me how to do this? Please go into as much detail as you can. Thanks!
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