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Found 1 result

  1. Download: Curse | GitHub | Source All bugs shall be submitted via the GitHub issues system (see Source link above). No logs, no support. Show us what you've made! Use #MadeWithCollideOScope on Twitter or post it up here. "You can't be a KrakenTech engineer without Collide-o-Scope." --DasValdez Collide-o-Scope has one job: Assist with the creation of Kraken devices. == Installation == 1. !!!IMPORTANT!!! If going from KSP 1.2.2 to 1.3, delete the old Collide-o-Scope folder. 2. Copy the Collide-o-Scope folder into your KSP/GameData folder. == Usage == Collide-o-Scope is an advanced tweakable. As such your game will need Advanced Tweakables enabled. There are several places to check this: 1. From the main menu go to Settings->General. Note: This will not change the option for games in progress. 2. From the space center or flight scenes press Escape and choose Settings. It will be under the Gameplay section. After Advanced Tweakables is enabled a new application button will appear when in the SPH/VAB or when controlling a craft. When this button is lit up (green) the tweakable is visible when right-clicking on parts to bring up the action menu. Simply select the tweakable to change its mode. NOTE: You may turn on as many colliders as you wish, however this will cause performance problems if too many are active at once. An alternative to the action menu is to place your mouse cursor over a part and press the assigned hotkey. The default hotkey is 'O' (capital oh) and may be changed in the settings.cfg file. To turn off all colliders at once move your mouse cursor so that no part is under it and press the hotkey. You may also press the application button to disable the tweakables. New in v1.1: Markers are now available in the flight scene. Use the Flight Markers tweakable to toggle on/off. Lift and body lift can be separated by toggling Combine Lift. == Notes == - There are bugs in this mod. I am not a graphics programmer. The rendering code was written by someone else. The bugs that exist also exist in the mod where the code first appeared. These bugs are not major and the mod works as intended. - Any craft and save game written with the application active (green) will have minor amounts of information written to them. This is a KSP thing that cannot be worked around. There is no effect other than warnings in the log when these files are reloaded. Don't panic, I just want everyone to know this happens and that I looked into having it not occur. Colors are based on collider type as follows: - Yellow: Box - Red: Sphere - Green: Capsule - Blue: Mesh - Pink: Wheel == Special Thanks == - Squad for the awesomeness that is Kerbal Space Program. - DasValdez for always being inspiring and classy. - Muddr for for always being inspiring and bug testing. - Popskyy for the creativity fuel. https://popskyy.bandcamp.com/ - Pyreliter for the mod name. == Changes == == Postscript == Version ksp1.3- is NOT compatible with KSP version 1.2 - 1.2.2. Use a valid release from the github if you are on a 1.2 release of KSP. This mod is not compatible with versions prior to 1.2. DebugStuff by Sarbian provides this functionality and more for KSP 1.1. Note: I will not be backporting any patches. The KSA Nuevo Snackero was built by DasValdez and can be downloaded from KerbalX.
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