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  1. As from 2018-1016 and under @pellinor agreement, I'm the New Management for TweakScale. From now on, it's all officially my fault! In a Hurry: Help Wanted! See this post. Current Release: for KSP >= 1.4.4 (2021-0410) It works with KSP 1.9.x Install KSP Recall when using TweakScale on KSP 1.9.0 and 1.9.1 How to check Compatibility on CurseForge. It works with KSP 1.11.x Install KSP Recall when using TweakScale on KSP 1.11.0, 1.11.1 and 1.11.2 How to check Compatibility
  2. TweakScale Companion is a series of "Add'On's Add'Ons", adding TweakScale /L support for third parties, but decoupling the target Add'On's life cycle from TweakScale's , easing maintenance and distribution efforts. Currently, the following Companions are available: Production Ready: TweakScale Companion for Firespitter V 2021-0116 Adds (up to date) TweakScale /L patches for Firespitter. Compatible with TweakScale and newer only Downloads Github SpaceDock - Soon CurseForge - Soon
  3. I need help figuring out what my KSP Gamedata and Tweakscale folders should look like. A little while before this, I had been having no problems with or warnings from Tweakscale whatsoever. Then, I updated KSP (Not to the current newest version, but a newer version; can't remember what version or when), and saw a warning how it may not work with this version. I ignored it, and had no troubles. Recently, after I updated to the current newest version (Version 1.11.1), I decided to install the newest version of tweakscale, and attempt to get rid of the "May not work with this KSP version" warnin
  4. Hello everyone! I know, that there's a new fresh ksp version (that maybe better), but I'm used to playing with mods on older versions, i'm sorry. So, I have an interesting problem. "Unfortunately TweakScale found 6 **FATAL** issue(s) on your KSP installment! This probably will corrupt your savagames sooner or later! The KSP.log is listing every compromised part(s) on your installment, look for lines with '[TweakScale] ERROR: **FATAL**' on the log line. Be aware that parts being reported are not culprits, but the Screaming Vistims. There's no possible automated fix for these. This is
  5. Note: Asked on BDB thread (no response yet) and Tweakscale thread (to no results, unfortunately) Problem: over 900 tweakscale show-stopping errors, gone after deleting BDB Recreation: no known ways, maybe only occured to me??? Log: https://gofile.io/d/PJFuRF On a unrelated note, installing MMwatchdog causes tweakscale identifies it as two module managers, leading to a big error upon load.
  6. This mod is a Module Manager config which add Tweakscale support to every modded part that doesn't have Tweakscale configs yet. Requires: Tweakscale and Module Manager: Downloads: : Supported Spacedock Github Suggestions and Feedback are appreciated. Enjoy!!! Changelog License: MIT Credit goes to :@Lisias too for giving me some inspiration and help!! This would not be possible without him!! Thanks a lot Lisias!! Note: All Tweak works fine with the new Breaking Ground DLC (Robotics).
  7. Hello dear community! During my career games I have designed many crafts but few survived the game they were initially made. Today I present my LITHOPPER (the one which jumps on a big rock) in this video. It can be built with lvl6 technologies. You can find the craft in this shared drive. It will be posted later on in Kerbalx.
  8. I realize this isn't a very exciting vehicle by the standards of this forum, but I'm very happy with it. Many of the aircraft I've designed have flown well but have been ugly, or have been sharp-looking but have not flown well. This one looks (to me at least) cool as all get-out, and flies very well indeed. Although I know that KSP has no military content at all, and no way (normally) to arm vehicles, I retired after spending more than 35 years in military service (part of that time in the US Air Force and part as a Department of Defense civilian). This design was inspired by both the US A
  9. Download on SpaceDock or Github or Curseforge. Also available on CKAN. KGEx (KGX) also known as KerGuise Engineering eXperimental by zer0Kerbal Common B9 tanktypes and TweakScale scaletypes for mods. Full Changelog: See ChangeLog for full details of mod changes Known Issues: See Known Issuues for any known issues Installation Directions: Use Dependencies Kerbal Space Program may work on other versions (YMMV) Recomends B9 Stock Patches B9PartSwitcher O
  10. I reinstalled tweak scale and the same issue is there, I also reinstalled b9 part switch and that same issue is there, does anyone know how to fix it??
  11. Howdy ! my first post so hope goes well! Ok so, seems common issue within tweakscale to corrupt and find "duplicate Instances". No I havent gave logs to modder yet, they seem super busy. So, 4 months i spent perfecting 1 ship and no saving it now from what log says is a"Tweakscale issue within my Near Future Construction install" log lists a duplicate of every single part in the mod and its even a problem inside restock+ . i manually removed every duplicate copy from said folders, nothing. complete reinstall game, fresh copys all mods that worked fine up till the break, nothing.. i
  12. This is a continuation of Felger's amazing RealPlume - Stock Configs mod. Without his amazing work, this would not be possible. Felger has handed over the upkeep of this mod to @DerpyFirework and myself (see here). RealPlume is a mod most well known among RSS users that is now been brought over for non-RSS users to enjoy! This mod adds realistic engine exhaust plume expansion to engine parts in stock KSP as well as other part mods (if supported). IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT How to Install: Dependencies: These are REQUIRED in order for RealPlume-Stock to work. These files ar
  13. I recently discovered TweakScale - in addition to the other mods I'm using - and it got me wondering, why not just make TweakScale a standard? The mods I'm using have different kinds of containers that come in different sizes cluttering up the parts catalog. CCK helps a lot sorting them out by mod. But wouldn't it be simpler if the modders just create 1 part that we can customize the size via TweakScale; and markings via B9PartSwitch? For example, SSPXR lets me change the container type and the decals on the container changes to reflect the contents. I understand that TweakScale is not a g
  14. Tweak Scale Limited I love the idea behind tweakscale and I really want to install it so I can scale infernal robotics parts, but it adds scaling to alot of things that I really dont want scaling on. I also love Kerbal Research and Development for upgrading parts, but it blacklists anything that has a tweakscale module, making using the two together fairly pointless. This is my attempt to build a set of configs that will solve these problems. The first feature I want to add is to limit what kind of parts can be scaled. I ended up putting all parts into a couple different ca
  15. I've been trying to re-size a few specific parts, so far with no success. I downloaded Tweakscale, but the documentation included with it is not very extensive. I've searched for tutorial videos, but all the ones I've found so far are just brief reviews saying how great it is... I'm confused. Do I need to insert the proper Tweakscale module manually into each .cfg file of the parts I want to resize? Is there something about the recent updates (1.4.1) that's blocking the functionality that's supposed to be happening? Is there a tutorial somewhere for someone who is essen
  16. Hi guys! I want to know if its possible to resize some cockpits, i want to make Ke-111 from SXT mod to 2,5 m. I saw searching for new cockpits some planes with Ke-111 at 2,5 but i have tweakscale and i can't resize this cockpit. Maybe is the version?? I have Tweakscale 2.3 in KSP 1.2 and SXT Continued 0.3 The purpose of this is to make a big b-29 or something of this size Thanks to all!!!
  17. So im trying to get tweak scale to work but its not so could someone please help ive put soem photos of my mod folder in so couldm someone explain whats wwrong with it Thanks so much (PS. the gamedata file is also tweakscale) http://imgur.com/fy0yU49
  18. Hi, I have a problem when downscaling engines. When i downscale some engines to 0.625 m or 0.300m the rockets get kind of stuck on the launchpad. When i release the launchclamps the rocket is able to rotate in any direction arround its center of mass. but it cant move. Modlist:
  19. Hi there, Ive installed RO with RSS to make RRS more playable. The only thing that dissapoints me is every time i try to install RO it breaks tweakscale for almoast every part. I have seen RO tends to disable tweakscale for parts, is there a way to enable it again? PS: I am using RO 11.5.0 and TweakScale 2.3.3 Thanks in advance!
  20. Hi, i don't know if it is already posted somewhere but i have problems when i resize some parts (like rockomax brand adapter and other parts that can have fuel in it) making them smaller (havent try bigger) and adding then fuel (I have Real Fuel installed, but only use stock fuel and possibly lithium). In that case, the physics get broken as that parts seem stuck in the Launch Plattform, When engines start, some "invisible hand" seems to hold the rocket from the resized parts, making impossible to fly. Some times even resizing a nose cone (not adding fuel i think) to make it smaller
  21. Howdy, everybody! Today, Kerbolet is proud to announce a revolutionary (not) new (not) concept in the science of transporting freight across terrestrial surfaces using a tractor-trailer vehicle configuration. Otherwise known as trucking. Indeed, the Kerbolet Teton K1000 is an engineering marvel. Weighing in at a sturdy, earth-shattering 14.7 tons, this vehicle is one-of-a-kind. It is a six wheel drive HYBRID electric truck paired with jet propulsion for those nasty grades and the heaviest pulls. It is very difficult to roll due to some clever tweaks of the traction control syste
  22. Im make a self assembly drone in KSP 1.1.3 using infernal robotics and twealscale. Link for russian full article is under this video in YouTube. Video:
  23. One thing that I have been interested in with KSP is making machines for ground use. Among these ill-fitting machines to a space game, I have begun making motorcycles. Anyone out here make any motorcycles? It would be nice to see what others have made. Let us know what mods you have used for your motorcycle, and try to post a pic of it. Motorcycles are perhaps useless in KSP. I have found that using both reaction wheels and motorized wheels tend to be problematic, causing me to use jet engines for propelling the motorcycle. I have constructed one for use on the Mun and Minmus using t
  24. Hello! I need your help! I really need Tweakscale configs for RLA Stockalike 13 and Ven Stock Revamp(my version is 1.9.1). Is there any place i can get those?
  25. When I resize RT10"hammer" and RT5 solid fuel boosters using tweakscale with real fuels mod installed the only thing (apart from the size) that changes is the weight. Thrust and fuel amounts stay the same. I've testing uninstalling Real Fuels mod and then resizing those rockets and it seems to be working ok. Thanks for any help. List of installed mods:
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