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Found 19 results

  1. Here at Lowne Aerospace® we are very excited to offer a new surface base! This features ample internal cargo and crew capacity, a full-size laboratory kitted-out with every science experiment available, two external viewing platforms, full ore mining and refining capability, a secure rover garage (rover included with purchase) with a closable door and retractable ramp, and a vertical telescopic mobility enhancer (sometimes referred to as a “ladder”) to enable boarding without the need for an EVA pack. See the catalogue below to select the launcher configuration most suitable for your nee
  2. THEOROD KERMAN'S MISSION LOG: Y58D311 - 3H15M This mission may look like a simple tourist run, but the reasons below will explain why this is anything but. Jerdrin Kerman, a board member for Probodobodyne Inc., paid for us to take him to Laythe orbit. Even without getting on and off the surface, flying there and back home is no easy feat. We need to pick up three other kerbalnauts (two scientists and a pilot) who are going to Pol in a ring station. One of five of the same model, which will orbit all of Jool's moons. One in Laythe orbit
  3. Even though I have 15,000 excess science.. it's not enough. I found I had not yet landed on any of the Jool moons. Bad Kerbals! So, i decided I would take a lab with me, and make a single lander that can hit all the moons except Laythe (requires a specialized design). Tylo being the biggest challenge, because of its very high gravity/size, it's like landing on Kerbin without an atmosphere. So I designed a lander with some jettisonable fuel, with the idea I would go to Tylo FIRST, and then wouldn't need those tanks for Vall, Pol, or Bop. I would bring my lab with me as an
  4. Welcome! So, you want to go to Tylo. Alright, keep reading then. But know this: Tylo WILL BREAK YOU. Why? It's as big as Kerbin, just a little bit lower surface gravity, but HAS NO atmosphere. That means you will have to brake ALLLLLL the way down to the surface burning precious fuel. You will find yourself orbiting very low (10km or so) with speeds of 2400 m/s, and if your TWR is lower than 1 you will fail. Simply. This is not a tutorial, this will not teach you how to do transfers between planets, nor how to construct a rocket. It will just tell you what to expect bef
  5. I was wondering which of jool's moons to make a challenge for and decided to make a poll to see what the greater ksp community thinks
  6. Over the years KSP has been witness to a bunch of crazy challenges including travelling to destinations using Solid Rocket Boosters, arguably one of the worst types on engines in game. We have had Mun on SRBs, Minmus on SRB, Eve on SRB,Duna on SRB, Laythe on SRB, Eeloo on SRB, heck, even the Moon on SRBs. But I have yet to see the other toughest destination to get to and back be covered - Tylo. The Challenge is Simple : Land on Tylo and return safely only using Solid Rocket Boosters You can perform the mission anyway you like provided the main source of propulsion is Solid Fuel. I w
  7. X-84 Akkadian at KerbalX The X-84 Akkadian is my attempt at the Ultimate Challenge: Visit every body and moon in the Kerbol system. As a bonus: visit also every planet and Moon in the Outer Planets mod. The vessel consists of three parts: - X-84 Akkadian SSTO - X-84a Ishtar Eve Lander - X84b Traveller Probe core The Akkadian is the workhorse of the mission: It is able to lift itself and the Eve lander into low Kerbin orbit. It has enough delta V to reach Moho from Eve. Enough thrust to land and take off from Tylo or Slate. And, it is sufficiently aerodyn
  8. I'm getting ready to do one of the few things I've still never done in KSP: land on, and return from, Tylo. Anybody got any tips? ----- A few notes: - I'm playing 1.22. I'll be upgrading to 1.4.x in a week or two, and looking forward to it, but I'm having a great time with this latest Career save, and want to wrap up a few more accomplishments before I move to a clean, new re-install (i.e. I won't attempt to migrate any of my old saves). - I have a few mods, including the "informational" ones, like KER, MJ, BetterOrbits, etc., and I have a bunch of "welding"/.cfg twea
  9. I just landed on Tylo, but I made the mistake of putting the ladders as seen in the photo. I don't know how to get to the capsule, Jebediah cannot climb, does anyone know if there's a way? Maybe with some mods? I've tried jumping Thank you
  10. This movie is dedicated to @GoSlash27 and @Gaarst who inspired it and because they ruined my social life (again) : i have landed about 150 times on Tylo this sunday to shoot the full movie. Here the Teaser, you'll love this method...
  11. Well, this is no good. I've just spent the past few hours making Kerbal marmalade. https://kerbalx.com/AeroGav/Tylo-impactor I'm supposed to be planning a Jool 5 mission. The giant spaceplane, with two CRG-100 bays is looking good, it will go direct from Kerbin and splash down on Laythe. The IRSU gear can then refuel us, and the lander deployed to see the other moons. I wanted to bring a hab, cupola and lander can to every body to keep a "deluxe" feel to this mission. I decided to move the IRSU gear off the plane to the lander since the return trip cos
  12. So, I think everybody knew about Vall's orbital instability in N-body space already, but my simulation in Universe Sandbox2 revealed more than orbital instability of Vall. PARAMETERS CONFIGURATION MASS = original * 102 SEMI-MAJOR AXIS = original * 101 START OF THE SIMULATION: 3.88 HOURS (due to time spent to make the game recognize the orbits, so I can edit the orbits.) OBJECTS INCLUDED: JOOL, LAYTHE, VALL, TYLO The result is pretty spectacular. At first, Vall and Laythe interacts, pushing Vall outward and Laythe slightly inward. (This wo
  13. It all started out as a bit of a joke. 1.0.5 was ending. Why not send a mission somewhere. So Jool. Let's make some Jool craft that probably won't work! I thought 1.1 would come out whilst the ships were going out. And I was wrong. So I went to Tylo. Taking On Tylo Part I-Around Kerbin.
  14. Im attempting to build a tylo lander, and im wonder a few things about it. 1. What kind of TWR should i have for my decent stage 2. How much Delta v would it take to land, and return to LTO (Low Tylo Orbit) 3. I am using a Ion Tug to de-orbit my lander, so I don't need to worry about that.
  15. After trying to land on Tylo (and failing miserably) I felt I needed to record my... anger at this Kerbin sized ball of mild unhappiness... so here it is, a genuine lymric to the scurge of the jool system. There once was a moon named Tylo The hated mass to which I compose this ode. Upon getting the contract, I expected not much fit. Several redesigns later, and much more quick-saves than I would like to admit. I landed super tylo lander 7, with 2.47 units of fuel, into its eternal abode. Hope you like it.
  16. Hello! I'm trying to get a gravity assist to get into Jool orbit. I've never done this before, and I'd be happy to hear any tips! Here's what it looks like: These are my primary questions: How can I see whether I will be in orbit after I've exited Tylo's SOI, before I've entered it? How can I figure out where I need to enter Tylo's SOI, and at what angle, to be captured into orbit? I can easily provide more info if it's needed. Thanks a lot!
  17. Hey everyone, this is about some ship suggestions. It's my first window to Jool in a new save, and I don't care about realism (I'm doing this for "Taking on Tylo", an Upcoming story I am writing). I've been to Jool multiple times before, but I feel like there is nothing left to send. I'm sending the Crewed Expedition Ship (C.E.S), the Tylo Lander, and the massive Probe Stack. Pics: Tylo Lander (Sorry no better shot). Probe Stack (lots of probes here). Crewed Expedition Ship (again no better shot, sorry). I'm thinking of packing a light V
  18. Sirad


    Hello then. First i have to excuse for my bad English. its not my Native Language. Ill now tell ya about the last Mission to Tylo. The Goal was: - Fly to Tylo in one Shot, NO ISRU, Stock Parts. Land there. Roam there and get Back in one Piece. The only Installed Mods were Mechjeb and KJR. KJR for the obvious 'DE-Noodling', Mechjeb for Proper Planetary Transfers and DV display. First i'll Tell you about the Mission Crew. From the Left to the Right: Jebediah Kerman, Carchell Kerman, Sigtris Kerman. You see Carchell is quite Happy, she just came from the M
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