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Found 8 results

  1. I've recently decided to try Ubuntu after using Windows for years, and installed KSP via steam. The game installs and opens without problem, but after the loading screen, the game crashes and freezes my system. My specs KSP.log I'm a completely new to Linux, so I know pretty much nothing about the more technical side of Ubuntu, so if you can help me by simplifying it the most I will be grateful. Also, I've already tried to change to an older driver version, it indeed worked with KSP, but gave me problems with other games. No mods installed apart from the 2 official DLCs. Reinstalled the game at least three times and nothing changed. Please, help me!
  2. Hi I'm running Ubuntu 18.04 with the GOG version of KSP, and when I launch the game I immediately get a black screen and the cursor followed by a crash to desktop. This is a fresh install with all the dlc and no mods. Here is a link to my log file, Player.log
  3. I've installed the game and the Making History expansion through Steam running on Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic). With the expansion installed, the game no longer runs. Sometimes it crashes before it can load the main menu. Sometimes it crashes or freezes at the main menu. The farthest I've ever made it was to click through to the Making History select-a-mission screen, at which point the game froze. If I uninstall the expansion, the base game still works fine. Is anyone else seeing this behavior? Anyone come up with a workaround?
  4. Hello fellow aliens, If any of you are from Ubuntuland do you know how to solve the following problem: When I press the PrintScreen button there is a 30 second delay between the button being pressed and the shot being taken. In my settings the delay is turned off so it's not that. Research shows I'm not the only one with the issue and it's been going on since Ubuntu 12.04 It used to be fine on my machine until I installed something ( I'm not sure what or when ) I have: uninstalled gnome-screenshot disabled all screenshot shortcuts in settings installed shutter created custom shortcuts around the printscreen key that fire off shutter. But the problem is still present. I have found that if I do sudo killall gnome-keyring-daemon and then do something to fire up the keyring again eg start a print job then the delay is gone. The price of this though is that you can no longer do thinks like grab pictures off your iphone because the keyring is not restarted quite the same way as when you log in. To get that functionality back I have to log out, log back in and then of course the print screen delays are back. Does anyone know the cause of this and how to fix it?
  5. Hello all! I'm running a clean install of KSP 1.1.3 on Ubuntu 16.04, kernel version 4.4.0. I've got dual Xeon E5-2670s, a GTX 1060 6gb and 64gb of ram, so I don't think my problem is a hardware limitation. Any scene with any 3D rendering, regardless of graphics settings, (including the kerbals floating in space on the main menu) uses 100% CPU (100% of all 32 cores!) and I'm getting terrible frame rates. I'm getting 10-40fps on different scenes, with terrible stuttering. Is there a fix for this unreasonable cpu usage?
  6. Hi, I just bought KSP (Steam), but unfortunately it does not fully working for me: In no single menu, any text, boxes, buttons ... is shown: I've read about a possible fix for my Problem, so I've installed the Microsoft True Type Fonts ( apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer) and it seems like the OS (Ubuntu 16.04) is recognizing them (able to use them in libre office). But again - same problem: no content is shown. Don't know what to do next, hope you guys can help me. Additional System information: OS: Ubuntu 16.04 - Xenial Xerus 64Bit CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-3317U CPU @ 1.70GHz × 4 GPU: GeForce GT 635M / Intel HD Graphics 4000 - Ivy Bridge KSP-Version: (Steam)
  7. Hello there. With the new 1.1 release ( of Kerbal I'm facing a couple of problems which I didn't encounter before. I'm running Ubuntu 14.04, unmodded Kerbal, AMD R9 280 graphics with AMD provided proprietary binary driver version 15.302 from their website. I have installed the game through Steam. 1: Launching the game Launching the game initially gives me a black screen (before the loading indicator screen). This black screen dies and the program ends, without writing anything to the log other than initial hardware info. I was able to get around this by meddling with the command line switches a bit. -force-gfx-st makes it work. LC_ALL=C %command%_64 -force-gfx-st 2: Ground missing My Kerbin's ground went missing for the most part. This is a bit trickier. First I was suspecting all sorts of graphical options as the culprit, but then I went and disabled everything but the bare necessities and still was getting this. The ground disappears for the most part. It reappears if I zoom back very far from it. Also, the void of the ground somehow seems to be physicsless. I taxied an airplane to the void, after which the plane was just stuck in position on it, regardless of engine power or other controls. The following link is a screen shot of the ground, or rather the lack thereof.
  8. I'm running Ubuntu 14.10, 64 bit. I've installed Linux compatible Steam, as well as the Linux compatible version of Kerbal Space Program. I've ran into a very interesting glitch. When I launch the game, it's full screen by default, but the resolution is off. I'm on a 4:3, and it's scaled to 16:9. Now, that's fine, whatever. It loads all the parts just fine. The main issue is when I get to the main menu. None of the buttons are currently functioning. The courser rapidly flickers as well. I've tried alt-tabbing around to see if maybe something pulled me out of the game and was causing issues, but that wasn't the case. After a restart, the problem is persisting. I've also tried going to my install folder under steam, and changing the resolution through the windows (I believe it's windows, I had to use Wine) launcher, but that didn't seem to effect my actual game in any way, the odd resolution persisted, as did the unusable menu. If any one else has ran into this and has a solution I'd be very grateful. If anyone could provide any solutions at all it would be greatly appreciated. I'm able to give any information you need in fixing my issue. Thank you so much in advance for any help.
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