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Found 10 results

  1. There are a few pretty old threads about specific launches, but I figured a catch-all like the SpaceX and Blue Origin threads might be in order (I also changed my Proton launch thread to be generic Russian launches). Saying that, tonight is a double-header with a Soyuz launch, AND a ULA launch.
  2. IMPORTANT This mod is now officially unsupported, I will keep the download up though. For an up to date version go to this thread: Vulcan rocket Vulcan This is the next generation rocket from ULA Includes: Tanks for Centaur and ACES Main tank BE-4 first stage engine RL-10 second stage engine Inflatable heatshield Parafoil Fairings Interstages Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/WeJvT Recommended: If you want to launch the B330 orbital Moon base install this awesome mod from @bcink: Issues: Do not make the lower engine fairing the first part of the craft, I don't know why but the BE-4 won't be able to gimbal. If only smokescreen is installed so no realplume the engines will give particles even when they are off. Download: Note: This mod uses B9PartSwitch by @blowfish and is included in the download If you have a black tank it's probably a mod conflict with TR(R) or uninstall TR(R) or delete the texture switch part in the config of the tank. SpaceDock Curse License: Vulcan: All Rights Reserved B9PartSwitch: GNU Lesser General Public License Version 3.0 feedback is welcome and do not forget to report bugs.
  3. does any body have any idea where I could find mods for ULA rockets for v1.10.1 ,if yes, plz share the link
  4. My Rockets 99% Mods, 1% Stock So these are some of my rocket recreations of real world rockets. These are just some of the recreations I do, the crafts I make use a few mods. Falcon 1 Boeing Starliner Soyuz MS Falcon 9 1.1 Falcon 9 FT Falcon 9 Block 5 Falcon Heavy Blue Origin New Shepard Mercury Redstone X-15 + B-52 If you've got any ideas on what else I should make, leave a comment! (They will be recreated and uploaded to my YouTube Channel) Thanks for reading!
  5. ULA just announced the launch of a new website: https://www.rocketbuilder.com/ And it's not just a marketing gag - it's a fully functional sales tool. It literally lets you order an Atlas V rocket launch to your specification and date, from a website. Like a car configurator. With an up-front price quote included. I mean sure, you can do it for fun, but one press on the "submit" button will let you put down your name for a reservation - and then the company will contact you to hash out the details of your contract. This in an industry that's traditionally so hush-hush about their deals that customers often have to sign NDAs about the exact price they paid, this is a pretty big step forward. And, of course, a pretty rad thing to any space geek. Also gives a lot more insight into how much payload exactly which configuration can lift to which particular orbit. Can't wait to see this become a trend!
  6. I always predict that ULA projects were a complete waste of money. But with so many senators and generals in their pocket, I always imagine that they could fight for a niche at least for 5 to 7 years more. Now these days is not even sure what would happen with ULA in the next 2 years. They were ok since 1990 with 800 millions each year from the Pentagon just to maintain infrastructure and then extra money for each launch. But spacex appeared from nothing and in few years make the ground tremble. Until that point all ok.. ULA still had their friends.. But with the ukraine-russian mishap, now US wants to ban russian engines, which are the ones that ULA uses because they never bother to design their own engines. Now spacex gain its certification to deliver US defense cargo to orbit and ULA did not submit any proposal for the next launch. Many politics are in rage against ULA with all the millions they give to the company and now they don't even bother to find a solution. Now ULA may lose the whole contract which will mean a huge % of their income. If we take all that plus the fact that the new vulcan rocket is still very behind falcon 9 capabilities, its near future is uncertain. Too bad for ULA fans. Source: http://fortune.com/2016/01/28/pentagon-congress-spacex-competition/
  7. http://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2015/11/free-cubesat-rideshares-offered-ula-atlas-v-launches/ ULA is making cubesat dispensers standard on Atlas V (and eventually Vulcan) missions by 2017 (Delta is not doing this, as it is slated for retirement) launching up to 24 1U Cubesats, or 4 6U Cubesats per Atlas V launch as secondary payloads. This system adds a mass of 100 lbs (excluding the sats), and deploys the Cubesats next to the RL-10 Centaur engine. ULA will sell 24 of these slots to Cubesat slots to companies to use, while 6 of these is reserved for universities to use-for free. These 6 slots are awarded competitively.
  8. You heard of the Falcon 9 launch on December 21st, right? Mind blowing, Game changer, The launch that krakened off/wowed pretty much every rocket company on the planet, yeah, you know what I'm talking about, but did this launch put ULA out of business? I mean, SpaceX already had much cheaper launch costs than ULA ($2,500 lb), but once they perfect these vertical landings, they'll have MUCH cheaper launch costs, probably $900-1400 lbs, which is much cheaper than ULA's $10,000 lb. So what do you guys think about it?
  9. Which Heavy lift rocket is Better/Cooler in your opinion, and why? Now lets have a healthy discussion about heavy lift rockets . By the way, The reason SLS, Delta Heavy, (Or other heavy lift vehicle) Isn't here, is because I wanted to just talk about two really cool rockets that are launching in the near future .
  10. What happened to the logos on the Atlas V launch tower? When Atlas V was still managed by Lockheed Martin, the Lockheed Martin logo was painted onto the side of the Atlas launch tower. When ULA took over AV operations, they painted "Atlas" onto the launch tower, along with a bunch of other logos, like this: Sometime in 2013, the logos disappeared from the launch tower. According to my records, the last Atlas V launch which used the tower with the logos was GPS IIF-4. Pictures from the MUOS-2 launch, which followed the GPS IIF-4 launch, showed the tower missing its logos. There are faint smudges in the places where the logos used to be. Currently, the launch tower looks like this: Does anyone know what happened to the logos and if it was deliberate, why did ULA decide to do that?
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