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Found 3 results

  1. This is a public service announcement This post is not an official endorsement by Squad, Private Division, or Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. Official Veterans Administration announcement here. Click here to register on Games to Grunts Steam and an organization called Games to Grunts have put together a deal for veterans of both the military of Canada and the United States. Although the announcement specifically refers to American veterans only, the parent company, Operation Supply Drop's website and sign-up page allows Canadian veterans the ability to get free games, too. The official announcement states: Studies have shown that video games help Veterans recover from some mental health challenges, providing an escape while boosting confidence, personal growth, leadership, and social connections. Operation Supply Drop’s Games to Grunts program supports community engagement to Veterans, military, and their families through video games. Most of the games they offer are on Steam, such as TEKKEN 7, Cooking Simulator, and Vietnam 65′, but other platforms are also available, like free XBOX Game Passes. All of the games are available through digital download codes. First come, first serve Game publishers and others donate game keys to Games to Grunts, which in turn distributes the games. Because not all games are distributed with unlimited keys, it is a first come first serve model. Eligibility is determined through ID.me, a third-party identify verification service that is also available to use on VA.gov. To sign up, visit the Games to Grunts website and create an account, or view the full list of games available. NOTE: If you are a Canadian, veteran, the page will use a third-party Canadian organization to verify your veteran status. From what I understand from the information available, the games for each platform differ from month to month and are limited in quantity. The titles and number available are at the discretion of the various companies which cooperate with Operation Supply Drop's efforts.
  2. This is an unofficial easier-to-read and short version of the forum rules for those who find the official version difficult to understand. The official guidelines can be found here. The official version contains a lot of clarifications and explanations, so please look there before questioning anything, and please let me know if I can improve this summary in any way. 1. In general (1.2-1.5 & 5.2) Hopefully, these rules will help us all respect each other. If you don't obey the rules, you might get punished for it. If you try to get around a punishment, you will get permanently banned. 2. Messages and other text/links (2.1-2.2) No software piracy, politics, religion, adult stuff, racism or sexism. Don't be rude to anyone, and keep private messages private. No swearing or trying to get around the language filter. Don't accuse someone of anything unless you can prove it. Don't use links that earn someone money, like ad.fly, and no roleplay (here's the reason for that rule). (2.3-2.4) Make your posts meaningful: no “bump” or “like” messages or just sending reaction images. Don't deliberately annoy anyone or take the thread off topic, and never ask when the next version of KSP is going to be released (also applies to mods if someone has already asked). New threads should be started in the correct part of the forum, and all posts should be in plain English (unless it's in the “International” section). 2.5 Old threads You are allowed to post something meaningful in old threads, but remember that a lot of people don't like it. If someone else posts in an old thread, don't complain. 3 Moderators etc. (3.1-3.5) If you see anything wrong, press the “Report post” button at the top of the post instead of talking about it in the thread. Never pretend to be a moderator or to work for Squad, contact them outside the community in their private time or openly talk about their decisions to ban or punish etc. 4 Your account and personal information (4.1-4.4) Keep your account and personal information safe. You are only allowed to have one account and you must not share it with anyone. If you're younger than 18, don't post pictures of your face and don't tell anyone how old you are.
  3. Made a discord server for KSP. https://discord.gg/0plET3ioce3czFgO You're all welcome to stay, though
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