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Found 5 results

  1. Kerbal players aren't exactly professional pilots (so landing is hard for many of us), and the runway is annoyingly short for some of the heaviest/largest spaceplanes we might build (ESPECIALLY given the lack of any Stock jet engines larger than 1.25 meters- meaning our largest spaceplanes tend to end up light on Thrust..) Thus, I would like to suggest that there be a longer/wider runway, which players can upgrade to as a "Level 4" runway (only effect is having more room to takeoff/land) in Career, or have from the start in Sandbox. While we're on the subject of facilities, a
  2. This was originally meant to become UpgradesGUI Continued, but for several reasons starting "from scratch" proved more practical, and this Add-On inherited only a little from the former by @Gotmachine. For now it remains more limited than UpgradesGUI in certain ways. This plugin works in the VAB or SPH and adds a button to the right-click menu on any parts with upgrades to expand their applications and allow for implementing upgrades as alternatives which can be chosen at any time, regardless of newer ones being unlocked in the Tech Tree. DISCLAIMER: A lot needs to be improved b
  3. With 1.2 part stats upgrades that can be unlocked in the R&D facility have been implemented: "PartModules now support upgrades. In a MODULE node, add an UPGRADE node. Inside that add one node per techID you wish to provide upgrades, in ascending order. Inside that place keys and nodes you wish to upgrade. e.g. `UPGRADES { basicRocketry { maxThrust = 250 } }` will change maxThrust to 250 once basicRocketry unlocks. Upgrades will never override persistent data. Further, by default they overwrite each other; to make a node apply on a clean slate (so you can, say, add two PROPELLANT nodes
  4. Currently a new Sandbox save defaults to having the "apply all upgrades" (unsure if that is the exact wording, sorry) UN-checked. As a result, any mod that decides to use this functionality (and stock, should it ever do so) has the modder bombarded with "why aren't my parts showing up?" comments in their mod thread since this toggle is both counterintuitive (you'd expect everything on in sandbox), and in "advanced settings" where they are less likely to notice it. The tiny change would be to have that check box checked as the default condition. I think it will save a lot of modders suppor
  5. Which KSC upgrade do you recommend doing first? I'm using the Engineering Tech Tree and New Horizons mods, so my career has been all unmanned so far. I still haven't unlocked manned space flight, though I'm about to do so. As it is, I can orbit Kerbin and conduct suborbital flights to earn cash and science. (Making orbit with less than 30 parts and 20 tons has been a fun change of pace.) But I suspect the part limit and especially the weight limit will make it tough for me to go beyond Kerbin to these mysterious New Horizons celestial bodies. I'm playing on Hard mode (except I've enabled
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