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Found 4 results

  1. Xbox one EE cursor controls career mode, hard difficulty, part upgrade purchase disabled as it doesn't work Bug: A craft is built and on the launch pad, move the cursor over a science module and its highlighted in green (e.g. thermometer), pressing "B" to open the action menu has one of three outcomes, seemingly at random: 1. correctly open the action menu 2. open the action menu of the command pod or other part the selected part is attached to even though its not highlighted 3. do nothing Expected behaviour: open the action menu of the highlighted part, only, every time
  2. Hello, Before I begin making my mod, I wanted to ask a question. As I understand it, some games do not allow modders to access certain core game code, variables, and features. I wanted to know if it is possible in Kerbal Space Program to make custom, animated Flight Indicators that have access to variables such as yaw, pitch, roll, vertical speed, altitude, and attitude. If you're curious about what I'm trying to make, feel free to ask, however, please note that I am designing a custom indicator that does not exist on any aircraft of spacecraft that I know of and it may be difficult to describe without photos, which I do not have. The purpose is to provide a new way of visualizing flight variables in a way that is uniquely relative to the process of regaining control of a flipping, spinning spacecraft. Thank you for your time and help!
  3. I've searched this forum to see if this idea has been previously suggested without finding it. We've all had the experience while transferring fuel in flight where we mod-right-click the wrong tank. We then have to start the selection process over again which can involve changing camera angles, gnashing teeth, and maybe uttering a few profanities. Perhaps having mod-right-click simply toggle the selection status of a tank would make resource transfer a bit easier. You've selected the wrong tank? Mod-right-click again to deselect it and Bob's your uncle! (I've been wanting to use that expression for ages!) Does anyone else think this would improve the user interface?
  4. Can developers add a filter checkbox in VAB/SPH load window where is vessels/planes/space craft. To hide *** Contains locked or invalid parts *** (VAB/SHP) in caree mode. Because it is especially in the beginning completely pointless, since these vessels can not even be used. And the discovery of their own vessels to accelerate. I do not want to remove them because they open up the technology tree is long enough. The filter would be a good addition to the game. Load menu show *** Contains locked or invalide parts *** check image in my www-site. http://linux.ylasiirtola.net/muut/KSP-hangar.png
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