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Found 10 results

  1. Hola everyone. I am using USI-LS for some time, and I saw that kerbals begin using food only after month of the flight. I don't see any panel to change this in settings or when starting a new game. Is there a way to change it?
  2. EDIT: I just updated this mod to add TAC-LS and Snacks compatibility, and updated to "modern" USI-LS balance standards. There may be errors or inconsistencies, and I am actively soliciting feedback from users to refine the balance. The 2.5m part supports one kerbal. The 3.75m part supports 3 kerbals. This isn't going to be anything groundbreaking, but I present the Panarchist Space Alliance greenhouse: This is a basic greenhouse using the model ZZZ put in public domain, coupled with configuration files for 2 parts which include support for RoverDude's "USI Life Support" mod, Snacks, and TAC-LS. It requires one of those mods, and Module Manager (not bundled). It's meant for people who really like the styling of ZZZ's greenhouse and want to use it with USI-LS, TAC-LS, or Snacks. The PSA greenhouse comes in 2 sizes - 2.5m and 3.75m. The 2.5m greenhouse has the same mass and specs as the USI-LS greenhouse. The 3.75m variant sizes up appropriately. Due to time constraints, it's unlikely I will be updating this often - since it's a straight part mod with very simple animations, it's unlikely to break anytime in the near future with KSP upgrades, so even if the version number is old, it's likely you can continue using the mod without issues. That said, it *is* a mod, and as with all mods, the risk to your save game is all yours - ANY mod can potentially break KSP or destroy a save game, so PLEASE back up your saves before installing. LICENSE: Configuration files and code are licensed under the GPL v3 license, and derived in part from RoverDude's configs, and config files from Angel-125 and linuxgurugamer. Model and textures are public domain and created by ZZZ. DOWNLOAD: Get it on Spacedock, or... Get it on Github SOURCE: It's configuration files, so the files *are* the source, or see the aforementioned Github link. LATEST RELEASE: v 1.5.1 on Nov 5th, 2018 - Added TAC-LS and Snacks support
  3. Il looks like this but i expect many bugs becouse i couldnt turn it into english version. If you find any bug please comment it on comment section to support this... thing ? You can download it from here (Will be at the full realase) The yellow boxes are to type information it, and the checkmarks are to show the best reccomended settings. Have fun! (Edit: Change the red K(c) and (K(pc) if the kerbal supplies consumption per day or kerbal power consumption per day isnt right) Author: Klirtek Credit: Mark Thrimm (I used his manufacturing chain schedule)
  4. Per suggestion by @dboi88, this will be a place to discuss development of KSPedia and wiki documentation for @RoverDude's MKS.
  5. Well, I keep starting new games and having something happen so I never get my space program much out of Kerbin SOI, so after my 1.1.3 game threw my main base into orbit just before I tried to upgrade to 1.2.2, I decided that this time I'm not going to bother with intermediate steps, at least not more than absolutely necessary. (I have one possible base planned in Kerbin SOI - I'll discuss that in a bit.) The ambition is therefore grand: A complete tour of the system - complete with the Outer Planets Mod - in one go. Map and visit every anomaly, at least with an automated rover, and actually set foot on as many as possible. (I'm still debating Eve. Laythe and Tekto are likely to be fairly big challenges.) USI-LS is in effect, with fairly moderated penalties. Loads of other mods, including CLS, Scansat, MKS, DMagic, Hanger, DeepFreeze, Karbonite, etc. The game is in Science mode, with nearly all of the CTT unlocked. (I considered Sandbox, but I want to actually see what the science looks like. So I edited in enough science to unlock things.) General plan is a large expedition ship that will move into orbit around each planet - possibly each moon, depending on DV requirements - and carry a variety of support vehicles in hangers. Support vehicles are being designed first, so the expedition ship can be designed to hold them, although I have a 'general concept' design that I'll probably use as a baseline. My general concept design could in theory take off direct from Kerbin - but I may set up a base on Minmus for construction, to allow a wider range of designs. The plan is to add to this as I progress. Any suggestions/hints will be taken into consideration. So, the current support vehicle fleet: First off, we have the scanner probe, designed to generate a complete survey of each world we encounter. The plan is to carry at least two. There are two designs up for final consideration, the RTG version: And a nuclear-powered version: The nuclear version has twice the TWR, the RTG will be slightly less maintenance and has a bit more dv. (Though that's largely because it has more Xenon tanks.) A prototype of the RTG version is currently scanning Minmus. It's one flaw is that TWR was so low that it took ~4 burns to reach Minmus, which leaves a slight concern that it may not have enough TWR for some insertion. (It is designed explicitly to be launched to and retrieved from a moon while the expedition vehicle remains in the parent planet's orbit. Depending on the circumstances, it may even be able to do a moon-moon transfer.) The next vehicle is considered 'tentatively complete' - it may need to be adjusted to account for lander designs. It's purpose is to visit each biome and anomaly on a planet and collect science. The science will be collected at a manned landing site which the rover is expected to return to between each stop. Obviously the goal is to collect as much science as possible. This is a 'universal' design: RTG power, and experiments for both atmospheric and non-atmospheric worlds. (I normally try to design without clipping, but so many of the science parts can't attach to each other, meaning they can't be stacked. So in some cases on this I'm 'stacking' via minor clipping.) The 'main lander base' design is being refined at the moment, although the general consensus is to settle on the Karibou platform as a baseline - at least for the non-atmospheric lander. (Atmospheric landings are expected to provide special unique challenges, and therefore will need a different lander design.) Here's to a successful mission.
  6. This is a new game compared to my KSP 1.0.5 career thread. Some things have changed in KSP 1.2, some mods are no longer available, and other mods have come into existence. Plus, there's the new features that KSP 1.1 and 1.2 brought. The newest mod that I'll be using is one of my own creation called Stock Antenna Balance. It's basically a lite version of RT that works solely through modifying the antenna power / mass / cost / energy requirements of Squad's stock antennas. It puts a larger emphasis on relay satellites as the direct-connect antennas can no longer reach back from Eeloo to Kerbin. All the magic is done through ModuleManager patches so it reuses existing components that Squad (or others) have provided. I also use some welded parts created through UbioZur Welding Continued, which are then modified to have the storage capacity that I want, or add USI-LS storage, or tweak costs / dry mass or other things. The welded parts are maintained at my GitHub repository. Selective use of welded parts helps reduce wobble and part count. The third is a set of MM patches that creates modified versions of Squad, Modular Rocket Systems, SpaceY, or other parts to add things like battery capacity, USI-LS storage. This is mostly done to reduce part count and these new or modified parts have mass / costs increased to balance out the additional capabilities. Current list of addon DLLs (from KSP.log): kOS.Safe v1.0.3.0 kOS v1.0.3.0 CCK v1.2.1.0 CLSInterfaces v1.0.0.0 ContractConfigurator v1.0.0.0 / v1.22.2 ContractParser v1.0.5.0 / vv5.0 ContractsWindow.Unity v1.0.7.2 ContractsWindow v1.0.7.2 / vv7.2 DMagic v1.3.0.6 / vv1.3.6 DockingPortAlignmentIndicator v1.0.0.0 DPAI_RPM v1.0.0.0 Firespitter v7.3.6195.32439 HaystackContinued v0.5.2.1 ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib v0.86.0.518 / v0.86.0 KerbalAlarmClock v3.8.3.0 KerbalJointReinforcement v3.3.1.0 KolonyTools v1.0.0.0 Konstruction v0.0.0.0 kOS.Safe v1.0.3.0 kOS v1.0.3.0 KSPRescuePodFix v1.0.0.0 MechJeb2 v2.5.1.0 / vDev #675 Sarbian / v2.6.0.0 MiniAVC v1.0.3.2 ModuleDockingNodeNamed v1.0.0.0 ModuleManager.2.7.5 v2.7.5.0 ProgressParser v1.0.6.0 / vv6.0 SCANsat v1.6.0.11 / vv16.11 ShipManifest v5.1.3.1 SmartParts v1.7.0.0 USILifeSupport v1.0.0.0 USITools v1.0.0.0 [x] Science! v5.4.6185.40021
  7. I just landed a supply ship at my colony, and I went over to my colony (built with MKS-Lite, and USI-LS) and the resource were gone (not the stock ones, and ore is still in the storage modules). My food, mulch and fertilizer are gone, there are no resource bars in any modules that would carry non-stock resources. Can someone please tell me how to fix this if there is a way.
  8. Hi. The log : Dropbox The bug happened as follows: Leave vehicle with kerbals parke don the ground, with 35 day supply of food according to the USI-LS mod. Go to space center, launch flight, return 8 days later. Switch to Space Center, then to the parked vehicle. The vehicle hops into the air, and all Kerbals are missing. The F12 menu cites them as 'dead'. There's plenty of supplies left. What could be the problem? The relevant error in the log is this: (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/StandalonePlayerGenerated/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 56) Crewmember Halald Kerman has been missing for too long! He must be dead by now.
  9. I launched a mission in career mode recently, as a flyby of Minmus. I intercepted completed the flyby, and on the way back, I got the message "Jebediah Kerman refuses to work." I had forgotten about my install of USI-LS, and it seems I had exceded the time that a Kerbal could go without "snacks". I uninstalled USI-LS, and rebooted the game. I went to the tracking center, selected my craft, and tried to take control. The "Fly" option was greyed out, and I could not take control of the craft. I looked at the crew menu for the craft, and it said that Jebediah Kerman was a tourist. I returned to the main menu, edited the perisistent.sfs file (crew section) and change 'type = Tourist' to 'type = Crew' and 'trait = Tourist' to 'trait = Pilot'. I loaded the save, went to the craft in the tracking station, and it told me Jebediah was Crew, but it still would not let me fly the craft. What variable do I have to edit to make it let me control the craft? If there isn't one, is there a variable that I could change to let me recover the craft?
  10. I run a heavily modded game (on Ubuntu Gnome 64bit), lots of part mods, RemoteTech, USI Life Support (USI-LS), KCT (Kerbal Construction Time). A partial list of the mods that I use can be found in the spoiler (there are a lot of mods that don't have version files). And the list of mods that have Parts directories. Good enough to start. I've been playing KSP long enough that I find early career mode boring, so I always give myself 15 million funds and 5000 science at the start so that I can upgrade most buildings and get moderately deep into the tech tree. That also means that I use MechJeb2 (MJ) for anything repetitive (that I've done a few dozen times) such as launches, rendevous, setting up transfers, and sometimes docking. As with all careers, the first contract is to launch a vessel. I load Jeb into a pod, strap him to a Flea, and off he goes! Now back to the normal career tactics. Since I use a life support mod (USI-LS), putting kerbals into orbit comes with maintenance cost of keeping them supplied and happy. So I prefer to go with unmanned vessels as much as possible at the start. When starting with RemoteTech in KSP 1.0.5, the first trick is to get your starting network up and running. There is even a contract pack (Contract Configurator addon) which rewards you for doing so. My preference is to put up four satellites with DTS-M1 (500km) and Comm-16 (2.5Mm) antennas around Kerbin at 451km (60 minutes). The second launch should happen just about when the first satellite passes overhead at 451km. Maybe a little bit afterwards. In general, when putting up those first satellites, I burn upwards at a steep angle (only 30-40 degrees off of vertical) until I get an Ap around 450km, then circularize at Ap. Later on, I worry about getting the four satellites spread out around the equator at 90 degree intervals. After that I focus on getting survey satellites into orbit around Kerbin (polar orbits), Mun and Minmus. These also serve as local communications satellites for those SOIs with DTS-M1 antennas linking between Kerbin-Mun and Kerbin-Minmus. Since I have both DMagic and SCANSat installed, I have lots of sensors that need to be deployed at various altitudes around the moons of Kerbin. One particular survey satellite is of note, and that is the one that holds both the Magnetometer Boom experiment and the RPWS (Radio and Plasma Wave Science) experiment. Both are from DMagic and you will get repeatable contracts for putting a satellite into a highly inclined (polar) orbit with a large eccentricity for a long period (tens of days). So for every moon / planet in the Kerbol system, you should plan on having a Mag/RPWS satellite in an polar elliptical orbit. Put them up, leave them there. When you get a new experiment to measure the magnetic field, you take one set of readings at high orbit and one at low orbit and transmit them back to start the timer. It makes for a source of easy money during your career.
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