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Found 4 results

  1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- СОВЕТСКИЕ НОВОСТИ Soviet News | September 24,2020 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey, You Want VGA Graphics In This photo? Here: VGA Version Photo Munakhod-A Rover Lands On The Mun! Just Now USSR Announce Successful Landing Of The Munakhod-A Rover On The Mun, Currently as Of 2:03 PM The Rover Is Exploring And Researching USA fasten on Building A Rover But It Was Too Late, USSR Won The Rover Race To Be Countinued -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Fiddling around with Russian spacecraft history... was trying to come up with a list of all known Vostok (non-Zenit) spaceframes and what happened to them. I'm coming up with two missing. To summarize: Firstly, there were two 1KP originally authorized, but Korolev elected not to build the second of these. 1KP(-1) was launched as Korabl-Sputnik 1 on 15 May 1960. There were either four or six 1K craft authorized before moving on to the 3KA version (the man-rated Vostok). 1K-1, carrying dogs Lisichka and Chayka was lost in a launch failure on 28 Jul 1960. 1K-2, carrying dogs Strelka and Belka, flew as Korabl-Sputnik 2 on 20 Aug 1960. 1K-5, carrying dogs Pchelka and Mushka, was launched 1 Dec 1960 and announced as Korabl-Sputnik 3, but was lost upon reentry. 1K-6, carrying dogs Kometka and Shutka, failed to orbit on 22 Dec 1960 (the dogs survived). Korabl-Sputniks 4 and 5, each carrying a mannequin and a dog (Chernushka and Zvezdochka, respectively) followed in early 1961, but these were Vostok 3KA craft. In Chertok's memoirs, Volume 3, he clearly identifies the third and fourth 1K canine flights (1 Dec 60 and 22 Dec 60) as craft numbers 5 and 6. So what happened to spaceframes 1K-3 and 1K-4? If there were unreported launch failures in the September-October 1960 timeframe, that would be right for these two craft (I presume there's not time after the Nedelin disaster that temporarily halted operations, and that the next launch after that was 1K-5), but I haven't seen anything to indicate two failed launches from Baikonur in that timeframe. I see this as leaving three possibilities: 1) There are two unreported launch failures between August and December 1960 that are unaccounted for; or 2) The 1K-3 and 1K-4 craft were Zenit photoreconnaissance precursors and therefore "deeply" buried. (They may not in fact have been launched, if there were technical difficulties, but they still may have been in the Zenit line of development.) or 3) Chertok's numbers "5 and 6" include the two 1KPs (including the never-built one) in the count. Any other possibilities?
  3. THE SOVIET N1 LUNAR LANDER AND LK LUNAR MODULE 1762 parts 1,400 tons 30,000kN thrust (first stage) https://kerbalx.com/He_162/N1-L3-Soviet-Lunar-Lander https://imgur.com/a/k16JP (Quick pics below, and a spoiler with almost the full album, for all pictures, refer to link above, or KerbalX page) Changelog: After release I made a second modification due to a few comments, they are: -Modified first stage to remove a large amount of drag. -Added RCS to the orbital module. -Fairings are now clamshell instead of confetti.
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