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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I'm texturing some big custom assets and I want them to look similar to the stock space center buildings. Do you know where I can find their interior and exterior textures? Or are they hardcoded? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I have a craft gizmo'd 2.5k from the SPH. This craft is blocking SPH spawning. I also have a craft gizmo'd about 250m down the crawlerway, which spawn happily next to a vessel *on* the crawlerway. The VAB however thinks this is on the pad, now, and is blocking launch. This is all working as KSP intended, but as a degenerate who spends too much time playing too realistically I've blockaded myself from spawn, lol. I have had no issues in the past spawning multiple infrastructure into the scene near the VAB/SPH, but for some reason stationary base type objects block spawn? Or something... So my question: does anyone have more detailed info on just what is required to happen to make the VAB/SPH understand that it is in fact clear to spawn? Obviously if a craft is directly on the pad, makes sense. I have gizmo'd into other spawned vessels, which tells me it isn't checking the way I think it is. Please advise. edit: I tried going into the save file and setting those crafts to landed instead of prelaunch-- no change.
  3. Started a game with Champlain mod. (picks random names for your vessels) Its pretty cool. But now I have 20 rockets with random names in my saved vessel library, with no clue what they were for. (I did use the prefixes the mod has using only KSC for manned missions and ISC for unmanned, so I do have some clue) [but # of parts in X stages and $ just does not tell enough] But I was hoping there was some way to expand the little icons the vessel load screen displays to show a better idea of what the vessel looks like without having to load each one to see what it is. That little icon on a 1920x1024 resolution display is just to small to be of much use. I would rather not have to load each vessel to check if its the old vessel I want to reuse. Having a mod that would allow me to select a vessel in the load screen and then have a button (in addition to Merge, Delete, Cancel & Load buttons) that says "view" and selecting it would pop open a window with an expanded view of the icon. Otherwise I would have to switch back to the practice of naming rockets after their function and design.
  4. Hi everyone, as stated, when loading any newly created or old craft in either VAB or SPH, they: are having their parts all over the place but they are still counted as connected, leading to them well exceeding the limits of the facility, have an absurdly high mass and cost, always load facing upwards, slow the game to a halt after a couple of seconds. http://i.imgur.com/2cOg2kI.png I'm running about 200 mods on a freshly set-up debian 8. This only happens on my career file. Deleting the craft files did not solve the problem. I know I have read about a bug like this somewhere before but I cannot remember where that was. Google didn't turn up anything, either. Any thoughts?
  5. Can developers add a filter checkbox in VAB/SPH load window where is vessels/planes/space craft. To hide *** Contains locked or invalid parts *** (VAB/SHP) in caree mode. Because it is especially in the beginning completely pointless, since these vessels can not even be used. And the discovery of their own vessels to accelerate. I do not want to remove them because they open up the technology tree is long enough. The filter would be a good addition to the game. Load menu show *** Contains locked or invalide parts *** check image in my www-site. http://linux.ylasiirtola.net/muut/KSP-hangar.png
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