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Found 1 result

  1. Where have I been for the last week? From the title, it should be pretty obvious. My family of 4 (including me) took the long 14 hour drive to Disney World to spend a week in Coronado Springs, a Mexican/South Western themed hotel near Animal Kingdom. Let me just say that we all had fun, and me and my brother managed to put aside our differences until the drive home. The World Showcase in Epcot is awesome. Japan has to be my favorite country there. The Teppan Edo restaurant where they cook food right in front of you was amazing. I also tried sushi there, it didn't go very well. The "Hurricane" barely had an effect on us, the most it did was make us rained in for a few hours. We had fun at the parks, the dinners were good, my brother was good. We also hit NO traffic on the way down or up. We got so lucky driving. The DC-Richmond corridor had no traffic (which shocked us all, there's always traffic there), and we hit our hotel in Georgia 3 hours early, which was great. The vacation and travel were overall great. I'm glad we got to go.
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