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Found 8 results

  1. So I built a pretty sweet rover recently and ended up needing to drive it over a significant fraction of Duna's equator to rendezvous with a lander, this was pretty painless and made me think it might not be completely unreasonable to drive the whole way around. Even more recently than that I've noticed Elacno Challenge missions being a thing around here so I decided to try it out in my cool rover. Why am I making a thread about it? Sunk cost fallacy. It's already happening. Hopefully it makes for an interesting read. I chose Vall because it's gravitational situation is pretty similar to Duna, where I know that this rover is capable of high speed long haul driving, It's got mountains that I'm pretty sure my rover can absolutely humiliate with it's climbing power, and it has an easter egg that I've never actually seen in game before. Basically I wanted to know what I was getting myself into, but not so well that there would be no surprises. The plan is to cruise along at 30-40m/s and knock this out real quick. Some back-of-the-napkin math suggests that if I don't stop or slow down (or quickload) the whole thing should take just under 15 hours. Sounds like 4 days of driving to me. That's the plan, but you know what they say about plans... The Journey to Vall: The First Day: I regret everything The Second Log: They're logs now, not days. Third log
  2. I am going to build a base surunding surrounding valhenge. i am going to use the planetary base mod. i chalenge you to do the same. this is the first step.
  3. I was wondering which of jool's moons to make a challenge for and decided to make a poll to see what the greater ksp community thinks
  4. This thread is about my rover trip around Jool's moon Vall. This is meant to be an Elcano/Elkano attempt where I carry out a polar circumnavigation of Vall. Here I intend to provide enough screenshots to document that I actually do the complete circumnavigation and to show the beauty of Vall scenery. Also I allow my self to use f5/f9 as much as is neede. Why to circumnavigate a celestial body by land in KSP? I will have to admit that a land circumnavigation of a celestial body in KSP is very lengthy and tedious process. Nevertheless I have wanted to do so ever since I heard that the Elcano challenge exists. I have former experience from a lengthy rover science gathering mission on Mun. Despite hours of tedious driving around the gray landscape of Mun, I did find the mission quite fulfilling and rewarding. Partly just because it took a long time to get anywhere. I expect this mission to be similarly rewarding experience. Why Vall? Previously my goal was to perform a similar circumnavigation of Eve, since is Eve my favourite planet in the stock Kerbol system. My plan to perform this circumnavigation in reasonably short time and fun way, was to use the Rovemax XL3 wheels, and exploit the fact that they can accelerate the rover to extremely high velocity if you tap the keys "a" and "d" while pressing "w". Unfortunately the challenge maintainer of the Elkano challenge was adamant, that this is cheating and not allowed. After trying out a rover that obeys the rules on Eve I felt that it was frustratingly slow and couldn't climb the hills and mountains of Eve. So the circumnavigation would take a very long time and be more frustrating since I couldn't scale hills and mountains. Vall was the next best option. A lot smaller, but sill reasonably beautiful celestial body, whit low gravity to make rover faster and better at climbing mountains. Relevant mods Voyage to Vall This is the rocket at launchpad. It devotedly follows the design principle "There is no such a thing as too much deltaV!". It has several thousands extra m/s of DeltaV to make sure that Vall is actually reached without shadow of a doubt. This was my first ever manned flyby or orbit of Jool. :-) Successful landing! The land voyage may now begin. The blue flickering is from the Sci-fi visual enchancement mod. I'll soon make a new post once there is progression to show. Thank you for your time!
  5. Vall was always an oddity in Jool’s system. But what secret this moon may keep? It is obvious that Vall is geologically active, and suffers from powerful tidal friction with Jool, evidence of that is a lot of fractures, edges and valleys on Vall’s surface. And it is easy to guess that it is never calm on surface. Earthquakes strike all day long. But such powerful friction may be an evidence of iron or silicate core. Powerful cores may produce heat. It is possible that icy mantel of Vall may have just melt and turned into underground ocean. In such underground ocean, closer to the core, simple life may form. But how would a multicell life would look like? It is easy to understand that skin would be white or transparent due to lack of light, it will be a fish nor a crawling creature. (like centipedes, I know it makes your fantasy freak out.) Some life may live nearby underwater volcanoes which emit heat. Nor live closer to the core where it is really hot! Such life would be powered by chemosynthesis. It simply means that it will take power from surrounding chemicals. I hope you liked my theory! Chemosynthesis-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chemosynthesis I will always appreciate your ideas and hypothesis!
  6. So, I think everybody knew about Vall's orbital instability in N-body space already, but my simulation in Universe Sandbox2 revealed more than orbital instability of Vall. PARAMETERS CONFIGURATION MASS = original * 102 SEMI-MAJOR AXIS = original * 101 START OF THE SIMULATION: 3.88 HOURS (due to time spent to make the game recognize the orbits, so I can edit the orbits.) OBJECTS INCLUDED: JOOL, LAYTHE, VALL, TYLO The result is pretty spectacular. At first, Vall and Laythe interacts, pushing Vall outward and Laythe slightly inward. (This would cause Laythe to have even more volcanoes.) Then, in the final encounter, Vall is thrown outward. In other n-body simulation, Vall would get slingshot by Tylo to eccentric orbit, but this? http://imgur.com/a/xR9sN (Idk how to embed) A spectacular COLLISION. R.I.P Vall 14 days from the beginning of the simulation. Note: I did not included any other objects in Kerbol system, so it is possible that Vall will survive the fate, but in any case Tylo's tidal force would shred Vall apart.
  7. After refueling at Laythe, the Kerbals reached the main destination of their journey: Vallhenge. They wonder about the mysterious origins of this structure. The crew has been on the journey for more almost eight Kerbin years. (Also, it seems that 1.1.3 made Vallhenge nicer, along with the rest of the easter eggs)
  8. I was able to acquire a much need* secondary monitor and decided it was time to give my PC it's own custom backdrop. *College video classes will be so much easier now! And finally now I don't have to read twitch chat on my phone! And I can edit vods while researching at the same time! I hope you enjoy the eye candy I don't know if anyone wants to use it themselves, but feel free to do so if you're so inclined. I made it for myself but if anyone else finds it appealing feel free to use it yourself.
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