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Found 5 results

  1. As some of you may have seen on the thread "show off your screenshots" I like to made mission patches, I decided to show you my collection here; I use photoshop for the design and Indesign for kerbonauts names. A patch takes me approximately between 2 and 4 hours (find the design, colors...), for my inspiration it mostly comes from the screenshots I make or with real mission patches. I started to create patches a year ago, so you can see my progression with style and photoshop skills Patches complete family Missions descriptions below : Other patches and projects: My "S&G" Simple & Generic project patches consists in doing simplist patches for KSC ground constructions and planets of Kerbol system, it's available for free on Dropbox! Click on the image ! As some of you noticed, I started to make some illustration besides of the patches : No idea where to go for you holidays ? Let you charm by one of the destination proposed here, trip proposed by our two main contractors : Tantares, BDB, Contares and Coyote industries ! Don't hesitate to give your mind on my patches or suggestions, as you can see I'm not a native english speaker so if you see some english faults in my poster please tell me! Thanks for reading ! All my work is License by CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 You like my work and you want to offer me a drink ? You're welcome! :
  2. Greetings, Messing around making a space sim game, but in the orbital calculations, atm im a bit stuck with if eccentricity is actually a vector depicted in a 1x3 matrix with I J K But ive often seen it refereed to as a scalar/magnitude. Im using the formula here
  3. Hi, everyone! I have a nasty problem to solve. Half by physics, half by math. And hope UE4 can help me with that too. I have an object in the space. We know the center of its mass (C). There also a lot of engines/thrusters. We know where are they placed (P1...Pn) and in which direction they turned (D1...Dn). Each engine has maximum thrust (0...Ti). All those values we know. Tasks are: 1) We should be able to move (strafe) the object in the space by custom normalized vector (V) with custom thrust power (0 <= T <= 1). 2) We should be able to turn the object on the place centered on (C) with custom thrust power (0 <= T <= 1). 3) Of course, there are situations, where it's impossible. If so -> T = 0. Any thoughts or formulas?
  4. Hi, we (RemoteTech team) are perplexed by a coordination-space issue (link). Our problem is basically that satellite connection lines in Map View (aka planetarium) sometimes invert in axis for no apparent reason. We tracked down to the offending codes in our RT codebase (link). var start = camera.WorldToScreenPoint(ScaledSpace.LocalToScaledSpace(edge.A.Position)); var end = camera.WorldToScreenPoint(ScaledSpace.LocalToScaledSpace(edge.B.Position)); //the edge (A, B) is a connection between two satellites/ground stations //Position is in the world space We observed that the start and end vectors sometimes are suddenly shifted when a player's camera satisfies the conditions for shifting KSP's scaled space factor/offset, resulting in providing completely different vectors to RemoteTech codes. Given that we, the fresh blood for RT, are relatively new to the KSP mod scene, we seek the assistance of expert modders regarding KSP's world, screen and scaled spaces. Our question is: How should we solve the problem, that may be linked to KSP's inner codes in LocalToScaledSpace()? //Decompiled ScaledSpace class of KSP public static Vector3d LocalToScaledSpace(Vector3d localSpacePoint) { return localSpacePoint * (double)ScaledSpace.InverseScaleFactor - ScaledSpace.totalOffset; }
  5. So it seems that every time I launch anything on top of a vector engine the rocket goes all wonky (sorry for the technical jargon) for a few seconds before the gimballing kicks in and straightens it out... Is this a known bug? Or is it by design and just thrown in to make life exciting? Or is it one of those things that I'm the only one experiencing? Danny
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