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Found 2 results

  1. Ven's Stock Revamp This part pack replaces several of the stock textures and models, hopefully making them more beautiful in the process. Left: stock Kerbal X. Right: Kerbal X with Ven's Stock Revamp. Features Most parts in the base game (i.e. not from Making History or any future expansions) get completely replaced, but there are a handful of exceptions: Spaceplane parts are generally left alone. (The "Wheesley", "Whiplash", and "Panther" engines get some decorative turbomachinery added to the front of them.) Squad's revamped fuel tanks, adapters, a
  2. Hello! I need your help! I really need Tweakscale configs for RLA Stockalike 13 and Ven Stock Revamp(my version is 1.9.1). Is there any place i can get those?
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