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Found 17 results

  1. From my previous experimence with rapier-nerv ssto on Earth, I though that venus ssto, of any kind (I assumed prop-nerv conventional wing craft), was impossible, due to how hard it is to go past beyound 10000m/s on lvn while still having decent twr. However couple months ago, I saw that some people were discussing that some parts were capable of generating a lift/drag ratio of hudreds, so I searched through the parts and found the magic parts( an specific arrangements of certain parts, dm me for detailed construction, since Stratzenblitz75 has a lot cooler mission ahead that will explain the w
  2. Japan's Akatsuki spacecraft is visiting Venus for the second time -- this time to stay, hopefully. The JAXA spacecraft had failed orbital insertion in 2010, with its main engine prematurely shutting down less than 3 minutes into a 12 minute burn due to a salt formation. On December 7, Akatsuki will attempt a second orbital insertion manoeuvre, a 20 minute, 33 second burn that will be carried out by the spacecraft's 20 N, RCS thrusters. The thrusters have already been tested for 10-minute burns, which is still way beyond the very short angular-moment-dumping manoeuvres they were designed f
  3. It's 2100. For some reason technology has not progressed beyond 2017 tech. We have colonized the Moon, Mars and some of Jupiter's moons. Then a survey probe detects Exotic Useful Resource™ in high concentrations on Venus, in a pattern similar to iron concentrations on Earth. How would mankind go about mining Venus?
  4. Last Thursday Putin made his last state of the nation address this term. The unexpected second half of the address can be summed up as the following: Among a menagerie of superweapons presented was the RS-28 Sarmat heavy ICBM with Yu-71 Avangard maneuvering reentry vehicles (surprising no-one) and a nuclear turbojet-propelled cruise missile (which, as far as past actions go, surprised everyone). These do present a tangible boon to Venus exploration, as I’ll detail towards the end. First, some ground rules: We’re talking about the missile and not about Putin; the thread slippi
  5. Here's a link to the article. The electronics have actually been tested in a Venus-like environment for 33 days.
  6. Venus she's easy! or maybe not. She's hot, and has great tracts of land. Not that its a high pressure arrangement to sample her wonderful science. It will take more time to float to her surface than to do three full moon missions. Playing a Career mode game (Hard setting except for load/save allowed) using RSS as my baseline mod. This is a 1.2.2 game so I’m using SMURFF, SpaceY and other mods to get to an acceptable power to weight ratio for launches, Using tweakscale and procedural fairings, SXTcontinued and near future mods for extended tech tree parts, community tech tree and SE
  7. So, its time to land an unmanned probe on the surface of Venus. I've never done this before. Do you have experience or any advices for me? Do I need additional engines or is a single parachute enough for a safe touchdown ? I had the Idea to place everything inside a 2m ServiceBay with a Heatshield Down below and a parachute on the top, do you think that could work? By the way, here is my current TechTree:
  8. I want to share/store documents and plans I (and others!) make for interplanetary missions. I intend to start with basic/boring information, like ballistic coefficients, heat shield information, etc.that will be useful to see for planning a mission. I intend to draw from data of actual carried out or planned missions, but feel free to post information about missions you've carried out with the full RSS/RO/RP-0 stack in KSP 1.1 or 1.2. For starters, I've got this document which lays the ground for a Venus balloon mission. A heatshield is required to slow the craft down at Venus, of
  9. Hey gents! I've made it! Just like Macollo few years ago! Thanks for him for inspiring me! It was very hard, i think it's one of the hardest achivements in Kerbal Space Program! This mission took me a month of real time but it was totally worth it!
  10. *"Orbit" means the lateral movement of your craft across Eve in a clock-wise direction, similar to what it would be on Venus in real life. See Rule #4. **Use of Hyperedit is prohibited for everything except tests of your design. ²I don't need pictures of your tests, however, you are welcome to provide your development process. †See modlist. ††Not compatible with anything of similar fashion. E.g. having ten Kerbals is not compatible with twenty Kerbals. You only get points for the twenty Kerbals, not twenty and ten. Applies to more than two terms also. The Eve Luxury Floatation Aerostat Ha
  11. Hey guys! I am new to the kerbal community and really hoping y'all can help me out! I am writing a novel about life among the clouds of Venus and I need help figuring out some basic science about how people would do it. I have done quite a bit of research online but there still remains a number of questions I can't seem to answer. They are as follows: 1. What is the range of atmospheric pressure above Venus in the range of 20-50 Km? I understand that near the top would be about 1 bar. 2. What would the temperature range be like in this 20-50 km area? I have heard wildly different es
  12. Theoretical paleoclimatology of venus. WATCH the CLICK BAIT. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/hellish-venus-might-have-been-habitable-for-billions-of-years/?WT.mc_id=SA_DD_20160810
  13. How would war be carried out on / around Venus? I know, you're probably wondering why they'd be fighting over Venus in the first place. Here are the conditions: The year is 2200. All the hypothetical scientific advancements and construction projects, economic expansion etc. predicted for 2200 are fully available. The backstory is as follows: Two factions (the Red and the Blue) were once at peace and had focused the last 200 years terraforming and colonizing Mars. Their plan was to use the newly-terraformed Mars as a gateway to the colonization of the remaining solar system.
  14. The event will occur on 2016/04/06, at around 08:30 UTC. Exact time depends on your location on Earth - after all, the object that occults is much closer to us than to the target of occultation. Expect several minutes of difference. Venus will slide behind the Moon in less than 30 seconds, then stay behind it for more than an hour, and then slide out. The event will be visible some 17° away from the solar disk, so be careful. Stay in a shade behind a building or something to remove the glare. The event can be seen with a naked eye because Venus is always visible like that, but it wou
  15. Because a recent thread was derailed by an argument about whether or not a Venus colony was a good idea or not, I'm going to try to make this a thread for discussion. I, personally am rather biased by landism, so I'd say Mars would be the better choice.
  16. Does anybody here have any idea why the Soviets launched so many Venus probes? I mean, I'm not complaining, but they did launch a LOT of Venera and Vega probes- with over 14 missions logged between the two programs (not all being successful)- not to mention the Soviets launched the majority of Venus probes, and made the first Venus landers. I'd wonder why they would spend so much tim and effort there, while other space agencies have generally given it much less attention (especially NASA).
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