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  1. Hi awesome KSP community! Earlier this year I had some time on my hands and I made a number of KSP gameplay videos, a series called SquashWarp! chronicling my playthrough of 1.2 with a bunch of mods. I don't have great hardware for the purpose, but I had a lot of fun making it before I got busy with other things. I recently realized that I never shared it on the forums, probably because I was afraid of criticism or something. I imagine I'm not the only player who sees the kind of amazing stuff some people can do with this game and ends up feeling kind of insignificant. But no longer!
  2. Hello everyone! This is my first time ever sending a manned mission to Duna after 336 hours of playtime in Kerbal Space Program! After a great start of launching and docking 4 payloads to my carrier and sending it to Duna the mission went Kerbal very quickly. The first payload, which contains the communication satellites - got deployed by sheer force of rotation and couplers because they lack any kind of engine. These satellites were accidentally deployed into an orbit that intercepted Dunas moon, throwing them into weird and unpredictably orbits. This out-take will be
  3. In a feat of Kerbal engineering, the boys at the SPH have devised a way to make fully stock hinges and pivots! Using this breakthrough, the technology has been incorporated into the design of a new SSTO to give it VTOL capabilities, as well as enough fuel to go to Laythe and back without refueling or need for mining! In order to rotate the wings, the tilt-wing section un-docks to become a separate craft that can move independently of the main ship. It's held in place by two rings of cubic octagonal struts around some of those Oscar-B fuel tanks as a sort of axle. Torque wheels are used to
  4. Okay, so if you were struggling (like me) to get the "Look Ma, No Tractor Beams!" Trophy (achievement) on either PS4 or X1, then here's a YouTube video I've put together. I show everything, from the construction of the two rockets to the rendezvous and docking. Keep in mind the video is long; but all the information is vital to do a successful docking and earning the trophy. So first things first, here's a detailed parts list that makes up both Docking Ship 1 and Docking Ship 2. Both ships are identical with DS2 not having a heat shield and parachutes. The list for both ships have the parts go
  5. KSP, only while loading, will make my system screech. It's very audible. Perfectly quiet and cool during run but during the load phase as the bar creeps across the bottom, its unnerving. I have plenty of other games that are as much if not more graphically intensive, no issues running them. Anybody else have this? MSI GTX 970 OC for reference.
  6. Hello guys ! Would you be interested in a small YouTube series of a Stock, single-launch Grand Tour ? Anyways, here 's a trailer : (hope you like because there are more to come !) I also hope this is the correct place to post this. If not please accept my dearest apologies. LeXav
  7. WARNING! Before watching DISABLE your mind!
  8. I see a lot of cool KSP-in-action videos posted in these forums. Could someone give me some pointers on how to make a video like that? I'm specifically interested in recording my attempt at one of the KSP challenges. Thanks!
  9. Hi, always wanted to do an Eve SSTO, but you have to accept that it is not possible with stock parts. So i just built a cargo SSTO that carries a disposable lander to Eve. Hope you like it.
  10. In an exercise in precision landing and both over-engineering and micro-engineering, I go to the mun and back THREE times in a single launch without using any docking, mining, refueling or gameplay mods! A lot of testing and work went into this video so I hope you enjoy it!
  11. 3 years ago (2013), KSC sent 9 explorers to Jool to land on all 4 muns. Turns out there were 5 of them, and one of those brave explorers got stuck on the one I forgot about. This is the story of his rescue. Note: This started off as a video mission report, but after reading all of Kuzzter's Kerbfleet narratives, I was inspired to turn my mission report into more of a story with characters. So I interspersed my actual game play with clips from the actual savegame (KSP 0.235) along with "on-set" stuff in the current version of the game, using Camera Tools and Texture
  12. This video was my hardest to make. It required more effort than any of my others, and I love the result. I'd like to say right off the bat that this was the best video I have created. I enjoyed filming the mission as it went on and I hope you will enjoy what came out of it. Any other details are in the description.. It took about 4 hours of KSP playing, mostly thanks to my laggy computer, to get this done. Worth it. If you want the craft in the video, head here: Enjoy! And the people I need to give credit to are @zekes, @War Eagle 1, @SpaceXray, and @Mad Rocket S
  13. It doesn't look true but it looks like Titan is wrong color and it and Saturn are too close. I'm still spooked by it though.
  14. Hey KSP fans! It's new-year's eve and I'm streaming... RIGHT NOW! I'll be streaming until after Midnight PACIFIC TIME, that's about 8 hours from now, as of this post. https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=YKAGnVXDU7g&feature=live-chat-promo
  15. Just a place where I shall put my videos and pictures and streams and run on sentences. Enjoy, or don't. I dont care
  16. Hey guys! As some of you may know, the Stock Community Space Program had a member land a small rover on Duna. A few weeks later, and we realized it was exactly on the other side of Duna from the Newley proposed landing site. So, for 6 hours, I took @Baybrawler's tiny Duna rover across that planet. Boy that thing likes to flip. Hope you enjoyed! Please tell me if you'd like to see more videos like this. DMSP out.
  17. Hey guys! Thanks for clicking. I'm wondering, do you guys have any ideas you'd like to see be put into a video? I have a few stocked, But I'd love to hear what you guys think. Any music to go with the video would be nice too. My channel is here, just to make sure that no ideas are repeated. Keep in mind that my next video is already fully recorded, and the second will probably be a redo of this mess. I'd love to hear some ideas. All the best!
  18. Parking Troll on Eeloo, no not a parking Troll a Kerbal named Troll! I try a mission to hunt for an anomaly on Eeloo because I have never tried but things dont go to plan 'One of those days' I guess, I also rapidly convert a rover into a base while having the most creative crash landings I have ever had. Be warned I read my comments during the video
  19. Research Bodies Mod Review For Kerbal Space Program!
  20. Hi. I recently installed a planet pack for 1.1.x into a 1.2 kopernicus mod. I then began to test landers for the planets and moons when I noticed the orbital issues taking place. Does anybody know why? Thanks. Here is the video I put together documenting the problem...
  21. Everything went well until the end. Can you help fix this munar return probe?
  22. Kerbal Training, how the selection process takes place
  23. A tribute video to Kerbal Space Program
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