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  1. I've recently got back into KSP, and I've set myself the goal of eventually reaching the moon. I figured I'd record some of it and share it with the KSP community for giggles.
  2. ROBOTIC MINER 1.0.5 (1028) Credit belongs to "sirkut", developer of IR,"ZodiusInfuser" for the model rework, "Ziw" for the sequencer API, and many others working on this great mod! YouTube 3:08 minutes, with some electro https://youtu.be/20Y2SX6UIr4 I share a "simple" fourlegged robotic miner with some well functional movement sequences, you need the newest IR alpha releases, Model Rework and finally the Sequencer API mod from sirkuts MAGIC SMOKE INDUSTRIES INFERNAL ROBOTICS MOD. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/59359-wip-msis-infernal-robotics-model-rework-v02-pre-r
  3. Hello, I have recently started documenting my KSP adventures and uploading them to Youtube, and would like to share with you my video of landing a spacecraft in artificial gratify! (of a spinning Station) I would love some feedback, as I am quite new to creating this type of content.
  4. https://youtu.be/geq8FQXx54Q I attempted an EVA during exit and Re-Entry First part worked,second not so much.
  5. Hi guys, and happy new year! I tried to build some fireworks in KSP and put together a short video. Sadly Windows 10 has taken my usual video editor from me, so I had nearly no edit features, and there isn't even commentary text in it. However, it should be good enough to enjoy some explosions, if anyone feels like it ;-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0AlKzZlZJo
  6. 5:00-7:00 - footage of site mock up (I wonder - does it still exists somewhere in secret museum of КБОМ) 19:00-23:00 - launch tower overview 23:30 - rocket roll out, transportation and erection to launch position 45:00 - launch!
  7. Hi everyone! 365 days ago you guys liked my "Year of the Kerbal" video so much that I decided to create a conclusion for this year's occassion. Hope you like it! https://youtu.be/w6XeIE6260c Be safe and merry tonight, and see you all in space in the new year!
  8. I'm working to put together a video. But I need help with the shots as I go along. is one of the shots. I am going to have to reshoot it to get rid of the jerkiness, probably triple out the shot length and then speed it up to get the length in the final piece. But does the shot work or do I need to rethink it?
  9. ADVERTISEMENT FROM MONKEY BUSINESS Ad's A delivery system for Santa Kerman making life easier for one day of the Year. https://youtu.be/IdhoLuWqEdE
  10. Hello everybody! I have started a new Youtube channel mainly about KSP and I wanted to get some feedback on it to see if it's worth continuing. I will post my most recent video down below and you guys can check it out and tell me what you think if you like. I will take any sort of criticism, don't worry about hurting my feelings because or anything just say what you think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_c8kCmJd4XQ
  11. Hey guys, what do you think about this video: youtube It is commercial of Polish auction site Allegro loosely based on Pan Twardowski tale (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pan_Twardowski). I think this commercial is somewhat kerbal style. p.s. there are english subtiles in the video
  12. Recreation of upcoming Orbcomm 2 mission with first stage recovery. Falcon 9 in a new “Full Thrust” configuration is expected to depart Cape Canaveral at 20:29 Eastern time (01:29 UTC on Tuesday). Music: Mini Solar System - Sheridan Tongue. MODS: Rocket -> Procedural Parts, Procedural Fairings Merlin engines -> StarShine Industries Landing gears, grid fins -> LazTek Payload -> AIES, Proc. parts NEBULA Decals with my own stickers RSS, RO, RVE, Scaterrer, Trajectories My planes for upcoming months are
  13. ADVERTISEMENTS FROM MONKEY BUSINESS Ad's With all the adverts I have seen during Christmas I decided that the Kerbals needed to step up their game so here is the first in the Ad Campaign. https://youtu.be/Hfg3s_fScDA
  14. Try some reverse srb's on the upper stages to bring it down in the ocean... https://www.dropbox.com/s/kvpyufpgrw7rxno/Backfire.mp4?dl=0 (1.5MB.. a sec or two)
  15. (Err.. placed in wrong section.) No external views... fairly long so can be boring for those with ADD.. Buttons and lights, Spinning chair, external/internal cams, action groups, MFD screens with tons of status info, personal ascent profile (works wonders). Rocket weighs only 785 tons with 50 ton payload, inclusive - I find this a bit odd, but it works. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ilures18372arza/Alcor_ToOrbit.mp4?dl=0 (286MB, 00:29:24, 1024x756)
  16. The series thus far Let me know what you guys think! I like to think I'm doing alright for a beginner on zero budget. I've also got a new intro song/soundtrack that's going in as of episode 7.
  17. Woohoo! I got a probe to Duna for the very first time ever playing the game, and it felt sooooo gratifying. The Mun? Moderately hard but not impossible! Minmus? Easy when you've visited the Mun a couple of times. But Duna? Oh boy...! Let's Play: Kerbal Space Program 1.0, Part 43: Duna Probe, Arrival & Execution LESSONS LEARNED during this mission: - I've concluded that I have used a TON of Delta-V for this simple probe, sending the cost of the rocket soaring up, and could have done it with (a lot) less probably - RCS is great for maneuvering, but not for slowing d
  18. https://youtu.be/X7HROFlAp_Q First thing I try to do in the new forums is embed a video and the button to embed videos is gone from the tools. Great freakin "upgrade".
  19. This is a new career series, from a novice/rookie youtuber. In fact, these are my first youtube videos ever. It took me quite a long time to learn to edit these, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Two videos are up now, with another on the way, and lots, lots more to come. Special hat tip and thanks to Scott Manley for the inspiration. Any advice, tips, or suggestions are welcome! (both for KSP and video). Enjoy! Mission Logs for Entering the Cosmos!
  20. Hey guys, I finally got around to finishing episode 1. In the end it took me a lot longer then expected to build the Hydra V as I ran into a bug which resulted from having too many collision nodes. My thanks to e-dog for figuring that out, I literally wouldn't have been able to make this episode without knowing that. After that I had to spend hours reinforcing the Hydra so that it didn't collapse a few seconds after launch. I've never built such a tall and skinny rocket before so this was another challenge. I then got stuck recording the launch as I wasn't happy with the stock smoke effec
  21. Just for fun I did a KSP Promo Video. And in case you are wondering about the music. I created it specifically for this video. I hope you guys like it
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