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  1. Hi. I recently installed a planet pack for 1.1.x into a 1.2 kopernicus mod. I then began to test landers for the planets and moons when I noticed the orbital issues taking place. Does anybody know why? Thanks. Here is the video I put together documenting the problem...
  2. Research Bodies Mod Review For Kerbal Space Program!
  3. Link for craf in YouTube in DESCRIPTION!!!
  4. Everything went well until the end. Can you help fix this munar return probe?
  5. Kerbal Training, how the selection process takes place
  6. A tribute video to Kerbal Space Program
  7. I spent so much work on this - from building the crafts, to finding recording locations, to sorting out an selecting sound effects to actually getting the footage needed. AND to top it off, between every other scene the rotorblades would come off. I hope it was worth it and that you enjoy it!
  8. On HP EliteBook 8570w, under Linux Mint, the KSP demo works perfectly, but the full version either freezes at some point during launch, or if it does successfully launch, much of the graphical resources are missing from the screen. However, on the same HP Elitebook 8570w, under Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10, both the KSP demo and full version work perfectly. Is there a solution for this or am I simply out of luck with the Linux Mint / KSP combination? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi guys, I've finally finished part II of Singularity. I hope that you'll enjoy
  10. Managed to get a stock Orion (style) drive working in KSP 1.2 exp 1522 last night... worked out better than expected! The craft uses the landing leg cannon tech we found last week to propel high velocity RCS tanks out the back, pushing the ship forward. It's really more of a mass driver than an Project Orion drive, we don't truly get any energy from the explosion... but hey, fashion explosions are legit. Firing a full .625 RCS tank backwards at 12 km/s (yes, KM) will push the craft forward about 90 m/s. The final version fires empty tanks at such high velocity they melt d
  11. In my most difficult and tedious mission yet, I send Jeb on an 84 year mission to Eeloo and back, requiring 12 gravity assists overall, using a craft that weighs just 3.6 tons! So much effort went into this one, from building the rocket and all the cars, writing custom configs for my visual mods to make Eeloo look just right, to actually performing each of the many many stages in the video! I really hope you like and appreciate what I've done here! Enjoy!
  12. Others:RoverMap ViewOrbital ViewMaking of: Orbital View Made this one slightly differently to the others. In those I rendered the ships using the KSP to blender plugin but with this one I used my greenscreen mod and wrote a plugin to allow me to import the motion tracked camera so that the game camera matched the recording.
  13. AC/DC - Thunderstruck [KSP Edition] This is a cinematic I made during the summer because, well I got inspierd by the ''real life'' music video and thought to myself ''hey I can make that in Kerbal Space Program'' so I did. This is also the first Cinematic I've personaly managed get 100% done, I've tried to make one in the past but I lacked crativety at the time and it ended up never getting done. The video was a pain to make because of the 50+ mods i had installed at the time and recording on my laptop made the game frequently crash all the time, but hey it was woth it in the end
  14. A super quick overview of 1.2. Here's a list of sources, notes, and the script! And here are all the videos I've seen / linked to from there: GrunfWorks' comparison of CommNet & RemoteTech Matt Lowne's Definitive Preview Hazard-ish's Ultimate Preview Billy Winn Jr's Preview Scott Manley's Preview If you have seen more, let me know so I can watch them as well (and link to them)!
  15. Hey everyone! I have been a fan of Kerbal Space Program for the longest time, but never really got to play enough of it in earlier versions. I recently decided that it would be the perfect game to make a new series on for my channel, since I love the game so much. I would really appreciate if you guys could check me out and give me some feedback, and maybe even a like if you enjoyed. My channel is pretty new and small, so every little bit counts and I know how great the Kerbal Space Program community is, so I know you guys will help me out! Thanks everyone for reading this and helping me out!
  16. It's a compilation of some cool moments. Nice footage, awesome music, what else do you need?
  17. The Kerbal Song
  18. Hi guys, I suggest you to evaluate my craft for RSS and evaluate video to these craft So you will always find here the description of the craft In order to use this craft, you will need to download this build mods, and to install it you will need to download a preview version of the game to the incentive (version 1.0.4) List of used mods you can view here. As your game will be translated into 64 bit architecture to use more memory. Beware, a lot of different bugs, I hope for their Unity 5 will be less than normal because of the 64-bit version of the game. Skylon. Whi
  19. So, I've been putting together a project over the course of a few days. I decided to head to Laythe, and boy, was it worth it. Did it crash? Almost. Did it work? Yes. Not too bad for iMovie and Quicktime Player... Enjoy!
  20. Hi everyone! I have just released my first Youtube video. This post will be used for all my other vids. Please like 'n subscribe!
  21. I was shuffling through the local Half Price Books recently, when I found a three-DVD set titled "Voyage of Discovery," which is coverage of Discovery's STS-114 flight in 2005; this was the "Return to Flight" after the Columbia tragedy a couple of years before. In addition, it was the first mission commanded by a woman (Col. Eileen Collins), and featured construction activity on the ISS. As I've been building my ISS-analogue in KSP, I've been really enjoying watching... when the crew was replacing a control moment gyroscope on the Z-1 truss assembly, I was thinking, "Okay, Bob is out there
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