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  1. In this series, I make KSP replicas of real life rockets. Todays rocket is Arianespace's, Ariane 5.
  2. Here's the tale of my 1st Eve return mission since v0.90. Links below to parts all parts. Part 1 - Assembly Part 2 - Outbound Part 3 - Landing Part 4 - Ascent Part 5 - Return
  3. Today three members of the Expedition 48 crew successfully reached Earth orbit and are on the 2 day journey to ISS. This launch is somewhat special, because it features new version of Soyuz spacecraft. I want to share some videos related to launch and new Soyuz: Launch video (in English): Soyuz-MS features highlight (from popularmechanics.com article ): Video about Soyuz-MS spacecraft (in Russian, but you can try English subtitles): 360 degree video from launch pad (watch the box!):
  4. Greetings! I would like to share my creations with you. My goal is to develop a multifunctional and cool rocket-system for 3 Kerbals. Therefore every model is based around the Mk1-2 Command Pod . The Ariane-5 is my favorite real-world vehicle and serves as template. The 2nd stage is powerful enough to transport my 3 Kerbals into a Minimus-Orbit and back......safely Till now i only changed the length of my 1st and 2nd stage fuel-tanks according to the extra payload. The whole production line of rockets has a main fuel-tank and fairing-diameter of 2,8 m. It may not be the
  5. How To Manually Install KSP mods video - YouTube
  6. Made a new video for my Real Spacecraft series so... heres the video. Hope you enjoy
  7. Someone suggested trying to land a rocket on the helipad on top of the VAB. I did that and then took it a bit further by flying a 77 Ton rocket up to space (71,000 m) and then landing it on the helipad.
  8. So I decided to take on the challenge of building a fully reusable launcher in KSP. Second stage recovery proved to be a bit more difficult than I thought. But in the end I'm happy with the result. Both the Booster Stage and Upper Stage are fully recoverable, in the configuration in the video the crewed module is also reusable. The only piece of discarded hardware besides the fairings is the O.M.P or Orbital Maneuvering Pack. The Skywalker Booster is designed to return to the launch site for LKO missions. In the event the Skywalker Booster needs to be used for GTO missions or beyond
  9. Hey guys! After abandoning my A.R.S.E. series due to too many bugs and complications and crashes with 1.05 and effectively leaving KSP for 6 months, I'm back and a few weeks pottering around with the ability to run a stable mod heavy setup, I'm looking to do a video series once more. Hopefully this one will last longer than a few episodes! I'm still unsure on the formatting and whether I should voice it or not. I'm not a big talker but I've given it a go regardless. As stated in the video, the ultimate end game for this is to establish a self sustaining colony for each planet,
  10. Guest

    Space Shuttle Launch

    Excellent video - Shuttle launch viewed from a plane https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GE_USPTmYXM
  11. Hello guys, just a quick message to draw your attention to our new video series. We (myself and my daughter, Girlie-Gamer) are working our way through Science Mode (nothing too complex like Tyler Riaz and nothing too technical like Scott Manley). If you have a spare few minutes please take a look and offer any feedback or suggestions. Here is episode 2: https://youtu.be/w6lJHk1CyYQ
  12. The latest part in the KSP Fun with Jets Series!
  13. Roscosmos has just released the video of the first launch from its new Vostochny cosmodrome: Here are some additional photos:
  14. He creído apropiado, para no saturar otros hilos, crear éste sobre la grabación y edición de vídeos de KSP, para discutir aquí sobre técnicas, trucos, programas, dudas, mods, y todo lo relacionado con la edición de vídeo. Y sin más dilación, empiezo exponiendo mi problema: No soy un experto en los parámetros de vídeo; formatos de vídeo, parámetros de compresión... Pero no creo que tenga que ver con eso. Lo malo es que mi ordenador no tiene bastante capacidad para mover bien el juego, y hay mucho corte y bajada de fps. A veces puedo corregir los cortes durante la edición, quitando lo
  15. The first video in my KSP 1.1 Career Series. In this part, we launch our first rocket and get to orbit.
  16. As I remember, Squad Hosted a KSP Good Idea/Bad Idea video competition waaaay back. As I remember, there was a winner, but I cannot seem to find it. Am I out of my mind? am I imagining things? is the video gone? or is it still there, hidden somewhere on you-tube?
  17. Hey guys, I finally got around to finishing episode 1. In the end it took me a lot longer then expected to build the Hydra V as I ran into a bug which resulted from having too many collision nodes. My thanks to e-dog for figuring that out, I literally wouldn't have been able to make this episode without knowing that. After that I had to spend hours reinforcing the Hydra so that it didn't collapse a few seconds after launch. I've never built such a tall and skinny rocket before so this was another challenge. I then got stuck recording the launch as I wasn't happy with the stock smoke effec
  18. My second attempt at a KSP cinematic. Took some tips from another Kerbalnaut, lemme know what ya think ^ _ ^
  19. What's the best video editing software? Any tips?
  20. So now that 1.1 is officially out, I thought id have some fun again.
  21. Didn't see this section of the forums so I cross-posted over here; any tips or suggestions would be welcomed.
  22. I made a video about everything in 1.1. You can watch it here! Give it a like if you liked it, and subscribe if you want more!
  23. Hi guys, this is my first post here and my first KSP video. I hope you enjoy.
  24. This is a new career series, from a novice/rookie youtuber. In fact, these are my first youtube videos ever. It took me quite a long time to learn to edit these, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Two videos are up now, with another on the way, and lots, lots more to come. Special hat tip and thanks to Scott Manley for the inspiration. Any advice, tips, or suggestions are welcome! (both for KSP and video). Enjoy! Mission Logs for Entering the Cosmos!
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