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Found 25 results

  1. Think you Chubby Hampster for continuing WindowShine! Logo courtesy of @Teflon_Mike Gif with GemFX and KSPRC v2 courtesy of @cobbman11 Video (-v2) Pictures: Album on imgur, Gif in VAB Downloads: WindowShine is dependent on TextureReplacerReplaced managed by @HaArLiNsH (TextureReplacer maintained by @RangeMachine for 1.2x) and ModuleManager maintained by @sarbian. Make sure to install them both first. KSP 1.3+ WindowShineTR-v16 TextureReplacerReplaced latest ModuleManager latest KSP
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a all in one visual mod pack for version 1.11.2 that looks stunning ( I have a strong pc), but leaves gameplay vanilla (I'm a noob). Thanks
  3. RealPlume, originally developed for Realism Overhaul enables great looking plumes that display realistic behavior by expanding with lower atmospheric pressure. This mod brings RealPlume to stock parts and to various stock-alike mods. With @Nhawks17 blessing, this is a continuation of RealPlume-Stock. RealPlume-Stock was previously maintained by Nhawks & DerpyFireworks and was originally created by Felger. Since its hosted with the RO organisation this is a direct continuation, not a fork. How to Install: Dependencies: These are REQUIRED in order for RealPlume-Stock to work. T
  4. So I was looking for TUFX presets the other day but it seems there is not a place to share there configure files so I decided to make this thread. Please share your custom TUFX profiles if you would like to HERE.
  5. Distant Object Enhancement Continued v2.0.2.0 Distant Object Enhancement Continued is a visual enhancement mod that makes objects realistically visible over large distances. It is an update of MOARdv's Distant Object Enhancement bis v1.9.1.1, which is a update of Rubber Ducky's Distant Object Enhancement. I have adopted the mod with permission of MOARdv Downloads CKAN SpaceDock GitHub This version keeps Ducktopia's CC Attribution 4.0 International license. Source code here: Github source
  6. When I load up KSP and go to my save it shows the menu looking like this: At first I thought it was a sunrise thing so I time warped to noon: I also had problems in the MK-IV parts where it was completely black but didn't get screenshots of that Here are my settings for this game: I don't believe that it is a mod problem, just a settings problem.
  7. DESCRIPTION: This mod adds parts made of rusty metal. The goal of this mod is to let you build rockets/spaceplanes that have completely different look than stock parts, and most of the other mods. If you like aestetics of Firefly, Red Dwarf, Fallout, Mad Max, you might like this mod. Most of the parts have stats comparable to similar stock parts. Some are maybe slightly OP. So far, there are more than 100 parts from all categories. Mod dependencies: none! SCREENSHOTS:
  8. Hey KSP People! First Post, so I hope this is the right place. Lately i've been trying out some graphics mods like "Spectra", "Astronomers Visual Pack", "Environmental Visual Enhancements", "Stock Visual Enhancements", "Scatterer", ... as well as different Skyboxes. However, sadly, they all looked absolutely terrible. Especially the terrain on Kerbin was so awful thaat I just instantly quit. Some of them looked worse than the Vanilla game. I've installed all of them via CKAN, trying out their different configurations on different versions of KSP, but there's just not been a
  9. P L A N E T S H I N E ----------------- Download Latest version: GitHub: for KSP 1.4.x GitHub: for KSP 1.3.1 Source Code: https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/ksp-planetshine ----------------- NOTE: @Valerian has not been active for awhile and has given me his blessing to adopt this fine mod and keep it alive for the community in his absence. I've cloned his OP and updated it to reflect changes in support. All credit for this mod belongs to the original author, and licensing will continue to be Apache 2.0. Should he
  10. This is a continuation of Felger's amazing RealPlume - Stock Configs mod. Without his amazing work, this would not be possible. Felger has handed over the upkeep of this mod to @DerpyFirework and myself (see here). RealPlume is a mod most well known among RSS users that is now been brought over for non-RSS users to enjoy! This mod adds realistic engine exhaust plume expansion to engine parts in stock KSP as well as other part mods (if supported). IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT How to Install: Dependencies: These are REQUIRED in order for RealPlume-Stock to work. These files ar
  11. I have stopped maintaining this mod, which is now being continued by @Papa_Joe on this thread: ---- P L A N E T S H I N E Why PlanetShine? After trying some mods to improve visuals and get something more realistic looking, I transformed KSP into something really good looking, but I was really happy with the result, but I felt that something was still missing. When in low orbit of a planet, the side of my ship which was facing the planet was completely dark, which was not realistic! It should have been illumin
  12. SPC - Spaceplane Corrections Hello everyone! Personally I've been pretty annoyed that a number of stock parts don't have matching colors or shades. There are two generic white coats used for splaceplane or rocket parts, and there are at least five different shades of gray used for trim (Mk1, Mk2, Mk3, Spaceplane, Airliner, etc...). This really bugs me when building intricate craft so I decided to fix this with FireSpitters texture switch plugin (FSTextureSwitch2) to add a widget to swap between textures and trim colors, as well as fix a number couple of misaligned textu
  13. Goal: bring stock Jool up to par with the quality of the base OPM gas giants, while maintaining mostly stock colors. Inspired by Snark's JoolBiomes Mostly a proof-of-concept of https://www.seedofandromeda.com/blogs/49-procedural-gas-giant-rendering-with-gpu-noise Subgoals: 1024x512 scaled space texture (same size as base OPM) Indexed, colored biome map, with Kerbnet colors (ongoing) Science flavor text for the different biomes (incomplete) Jupiter-esque dust ring (incomplete) EVE-based storms and cloud swirls (optional) Required: Module Manager, Kope
  14. Most of the mods about visual enhancement is to add/change the texture, like EVE, or rendering the graphics, like Scatter. And most of the visual effects is on the view of "looking at the planet from space", or "just look at the nice sea water and the lights on the horizon", However I'm a plane guy, 100% obsessed with aircraft flying INSIDE the atomosphere, so what i wish to find is : 1. the nice land views you can see in the aerial photographs, like the beautiful forest, mountain and river, (basically it's the enhancement of the "ground setting" in the main setting when you
  15. I recently downloaded a mod that allows me to easily replace textures in my Kerbal game by just dropping them into a file. However, I have only been able to find textures for the sky-box and 1 for Kerbin. I was wondering if anyone had any idea where I could find more textures for other planets, in order to make my game look much better. (I think the textures need to be named something specific in order for them to overwrite the existing 'Squad' textures. For example the Kerbin texture came with two files: 'KerbinScaledSpace300.png' and 'KerbinScaledSpace401.png')
  16. Currently a lot of the mods in the "Misc" category on Curse(Forge) are audio or visual mods - mods that change nothing except the user experience. These don't fit into any other category. Adding a "Audio and Visual" or some better-named category would help users answer their "how do I get screenshots like that??!" questions. Who is responsible for deciding the available categories? Also to that person: the "Recent Files" only shows the most recently uploaded, not the one for the most recent KSP version. In contrast, mods for Minecraft show one for each Minecraft version.
  17. I want to make my KSP look better, but my computer is a potato, so I need to choose a visual mod that would not destroy my PC while looking pretty.
  18. Fala galera tudo bom? Fiz um vídeo (gigante) explicando como instalar alguns dos mods mais famosos de visual no jogo e como configurar algumas coisas para que rode suave em alguns PCs mais fracos. Aqui está o link para o vídeo! https://youtu.be/Im76MTsx_9I Muito obrigado a quem der uma olhada.
  19. What mods should I use to make KSP as beautiful and realistic looking as possible.
  20. THIS THREAD IS FOR THE DISCUSSION OF CROSSING THE SVE AND KSPRC VISUAL PACKS TOGETHER INTO A COMBINED VISUAL OVERHAUL. DO NOT POST FILES CONTAINING A COMBINED PACK AS YOU WILL BE VIOLATING THE TERMS OF THE LICENSE USED FOR KSPRC. _________________________________________________ First of all you have to understand what each mod is aiming to do, understand the contents of the packages and how they work... To combine these mods, u basically have to delete the config of one of these mods and give your gamedata the other one. (its not rocketscience, really! ;)) Since I d
  21. I saw a post yesterday in which someone was experimenting with using a different color scheme on the forum... as in instead of all the headers being various shades of blue, they were changed to being different various colors. I'm curious as to if there is a way to customize your own personal forum color appearance that could be implemented? You could do something similar to this with your profile on the old forums but it only changed how your profile looked. It would be an interesting feature to have... I'd like to have a forum with the faded red color theme like I use in my avatar . Would any
  22. Astronomer's Visual Pack: Reborn A repackaging of Astronomer's Edge of Oblivion Visual Overhaul What is this? While I was surfing around on the YouTubes I saw a few videos where users were using the Edge of Oblivion pack, and I thought that it was absolutely beautiful. In Astronomer's (hopefully temporary) absence, I decided that I wanted to have a go at moving AVP over from the old EVE to the new version of EVE, while also making use of Scatterer. I guess this was because I wanted to bring the visuals up to a platform that is currently being updated, allowing further beatificat
  23. Hey! This is something I've wanted for a long time. The photos will explain it better than I ever would be able to: --- I assume making these appear dynamically, checking each wing's geometry would be hard, so it's okay if it's a (very small or invisible) part you have to add manually. It'd be preferred if these appeared (or not) based on speed and atmospheric conditions, though!
  24. Something that annoys me when building remote controlled planes is that unless you use the spaceplane parts, your remote control unit has to be a grey, protruding disk. I don't want my planes to look like an anaconda swallowing a dustbin lid everytime i attempt a safe, pilotless test flight. Is there a possibility of adding a tweakable in the VAB/SPH that allows you to switch between the standard grey texture and a smooth, Porkjetalike finish? My OCD with aerodynamic shapes prompted me to post this.o_o Thanks for any thoughts.
  25. I freely admit I like a bit of eye candy. No matter how many mods I install, the frame rate won't go below 60fps even with my old GPU. So I'm looking to pimp it up some more. I wondered what other people are using. Here's my list: Environmental Visual Enhancements Endraxial's Planets and Moons KSP Real Skybox Astronomers Visual Pack Interstellar V2 Planetshine Distant Object Enhancement WindowShine CollisionFX Engine Lighting Scatterer (with waves disabled, too buggy so far)
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