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Found 6 results

  1. WHAT IS THIS? RSSVE-Lite is just that, a "lite" version of RSSVE, which is supposed to help people with lower-end computers still run RSS with a visual enhancements mod. RSSVE-Lite does this by completely removing Scatterer from the mix, and instead uses EVE to create all atmospheric effects. Meaning, if your computer is able to run EVE fine (which most are able to), RSSVE-Lite should work perfectly fine on your computer as well. Although RSSVE-Lite adds clouds to every planet with an atmosphere, the bodies with the most notable clouds are Venus, Earth, Mars and Titan. The gas and ice gia
  2. Some config tweaks that I have made for @panzer1b's amazing mod, Sci-Fi VE. Works on 1.11.x with EVE Redux. DOES NOT Require the original Sci-FI VE. MOAR Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/070aNOR License: CC-BY-NC 2.0 DOWNLOAD From Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2415/Weimaraner's Sci-Fi VE Config Tweaks
  3. For millennia the kerbal kind lived and grown in underground caves, that were comfortable and worked well with his no-very-smart and wild life style. The kerbals thought the universe was an infinite potato, crossed by his galleries . They believed that everything revolved around them... Some dared to rise to the Kerbin surface (without much interest and by necessity) but none of those trips transcended until Colon Kerman, a former adventurer, who claimed to have discovered that Kerbin it was not an infinite potato... it was a spherical potato with limits, with an entire surface to discover!
  4. In my science save, I have decided that to challenge myself, I will have a base on every planet and moon in KSP, as well as have a space station orbiting it. I have also decided to name each base/station after a band or singer I like, so I called the operation "Golden Record". But I don't know what band should pair with what planet/moon. So I need help. I plan put whoever helped me name the base in the flag that's planted when it lands. Thanks in advance! The list: Freddy Mercury: Moho, because it is the analogue of Mercury Queen: MDZhB "Laythe because it is the queen of the Joo
  6. I tried upgrading my SVE to the high res version, and my computer just choked. I was assuming, since I run Premier Pro on this PC and do video editing, that I would be fine. To be fair, my card is getting old, though I have seen on a few forums that the scatterer may be the issue? Anyway, what are the specs needed to run the high res Stock Visual Enhancements? And can someone explain as well the difference between the Environmental Visual Enhancements and Stock Visual Enhancements? Also, even downgrading to the medium res, I still seem to have lag issues (for some reason whe
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