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  1. In the main menu I get ~300fps (with a 300Hz screen), and in "Space Center" view, I get ~140fps. When in a craft on Kerbin surface/flying trough Kerbin atmosphere I get ~30fps, and when in Kerbin orbit, with camera pointed away from Kerbin I get ~65fps, and when looking at Kerbin I get ~50fps When near Mun, I get 100fps when looking away/85fps when looking at the Mun, so I'm thinking it has to do something with either Scatterer or AVP's atmosphere components Near Eve it's 60fps looking away/~43fps looking at. Thing is, I'd be more than happy with these FPS' if I didn't get 100+ yesterday Specs: Ryzen 9 6900HX RTX 3070 Ti Mobile 16GB 4800Mhz RAM (Visual) Mods: AVP with 8k textures DE_IVA Extension EVE Redux (as AVP dependency) Parallax Scatterer TUFX (default profile) Waterfall Settings: Terrain detail: High; Terrain Scatters True; (Terrain) Scatterer Density: 100% Render Quality: Fantastic; Texture Quality: Full Res; Aerodynamic FX Quality: Normal; Reflection Refresh mode: Every frame; Reflection Texture resolution: 2048; Terrain Shader Quality: High Resolution: 1920x1080; Anti-Aliasing: 8x; V-sync: Every second V-blank; Frame Limit: Default (Changing it doesn't do anything); Pixel Light count: 64; Shadows Cascades: 4 Mod settings: Scatterer: High; Kopernicus: All default Again, I'd be happy with these FPS' if yesterday they weren't some 70fps higher
  2. Originally released on github back in November/December 2021, I finally came around to making a KSP forum post for it! PRVE is a visual enhancement mod for Real Solar System. Components of the mod are derived from RVE64k, EVO, RSSVE, KSRSS, GGE, and much more. COMPONENTS: 32k Cloud texture with even higher quality detail 4k detail clouds texture 43k Earth city texture 64k Ground texture and shadows addon if desired Newest scatterer configs Wavy auroras GGE integration and optimization (Big thanks to @ballisticfox0) Custom TUFX and KS3P config (Use both for most optimal looks) MOD DEPENDENCIES: Scatterer (v0.0835) Environmental Visual Enhancements (v1.11.6.1) Real Solar System (v19.0.2.0) KSP (v1.12.3) PC REQUIREMENTS: This mod has been created with a computer rig of these specs running Windows: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 32gb RAM (Maybe a bit excessive, unless you use the 64k addon) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6gb Dual fans This pic uses a custom 16k color map for Earth's surface which may be available soon: Earth's Aurora: Sunset in Earth orbit: You may download this mod via CKAN or github Licensing:
  3. As from 2021-0930 and under @TheDarkBadger agreement, I'm the New Management forDOE. From now on, it's all officially my fault! (again) In a Hurry: Current Release: for KSP >= 1.4 (2021-1020) Works from KSP 1.3.1 to 1.12.3. really! IMPORTANT read this post before updating! Announce for ( to were experimental releases) Announce for Announce for Announce for Announce for Downloads on GitHub (and KSP-AVC users). on CurseForge . on SpaceDock and CKAN . Relevant Notes ReStock is not supported (yet). Stay Tunned! Description: Distant Object Enhancement /L is a visual enhancement mod that makes objects realistically visible over large distances. BASIC FEATURES Flare effects for planets and nearby satellites, properly calculated by size, distances, phase angle, etc. Flare effects are colored for each planet, which makes for easy identification. On-rails vessels up to 750km away are visually rendered (no intensive physics calculations necessary) Background stars dim when looking at the bright surface of a nearby planet, just like in real life! If you have blizzy78's Toolbar plugin, a settings window is available with several options to improve performance or tweak visuals. Full compatibility with custom planet mods -- with flare color definitions included for Real Solar System, PlanetFactory, and Alternis Kerbol. It is the follow up from TheDarkBadger's Distant Object Enhancement Continued, that by itself is the follow up of MOARdV's Distant Object Enhancement bis, which is the follow up of Rubber Ducky's Distant Object Enhancement. Support: I need help in order to proper help you. Open the spoiler for instructions about how to get support:
  4. Hello! This is my first publicly released TUFX config and my first topic on the forums so bare with me here. This config aims to have a realistic neutral tone without looking blown-out or bland. Here's what it looks like Alright you probably get the idea now. Looks good in RSS, KSRSS, as of 1.3 stock beyond home, etc look good now! There are currently 3 configs with HDR variants of each, Cold (The standard config), Warm (A cozier warm config), and Bright (Designed for Lunar expeditions). Non-HDR vs HDR? HDR gives parts a far better shines, increases the color range and adds some sweet engine plumes, it can cause some serious graphical artifacting though so I have one of both. If you know that HDR causes artifacts with your visual set-up go into Gamedata/Fox's Profiles and delete Fox-Neutral-V1.2-HDR.cfg If you want the vintage config head over here. Download (Spacedock) or CKAN. Requires TUFX and Module Manager. Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit. -Frank Borman License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Upload your changes as you wish as long as you credit me and indicate changes were made. Do NOT use for commercial purposes. If you build upon or remix the config it must also be under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. Suggestions and Feedback are always welcome feel free to leave a review in the replies! Big thank you to @SovPenguin, @TruthfulGnome, @ZombieZilla, @apempathy, and @AmateurAstronaut1969 for testing and feedback!
  5. To put it briefly, here's my TUFX profile. Now, I know what you're thinking- "oh no, he's just trolling, it's not the real thing" Well guess what? Here it is, the actual, real, config. Here’s what it looks like: DEPENDENCIES TUFX Module Manager DOWNLOAD FROM SPACEDOCK Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
  6. This is PALETTE. A set of customized, TUFX-based color profiles for KSP to spice up your game's visuals. This is a continuation/expansion/replacement of my original mod, the KASA Flag Pack and TUFX Profile. THE PROFILES! There are 8 profiles in total. They are: Lighthouse: The standard profile. An updated version of Orbit with a slightly warmer, more natural tone. A map-friendly version is included as "Lighthouse_Map" Spheres: A VERY intense, VERY bluish profile. Meant for use in cool environments. Luna: A muted, more neutral tone meant for environments such as the Mun or Dres. Kerbosawa Mode: A black-and-white profile meant to emulate Ghost of Tsushima's Kurosawa Mode. Baldwin: A reddish profile, meant for use in places like Duna or deserts. Orbit: The mod's old standard profile. It has a bluish tone and bright lighting. Heisenberg: A gritty, yellowish tone based on Breaking Bad. The Really Old One: My very first profile, the one included in the original mod. HOW TO INSTALL: Download and install TUFX. Delete any previous versions of PALETTE. If you also have the original "KASA Flag Pack and TUFX Profile" mod, delete it. The contents of that are now bundled here. After downloading PALETTE, move the "Palette" folder into your GameData. Enjoy! DEMO IMAGES: Kerbin. (Lighthouse) An Orion orbiting above the Mun. (Luna) An Orion and ICPS during a trans-Munar injection. (Luna) An external view of the Kerbin Orbital Hub. (Spheres) Bob Kerman posing for a photo on the Mun's surface. (Kerbosawa Mode) An SLS launching to orbit. (Kerbosawa Mode) A lander preparing to descend to Duna's surface. (Baldwin) A fighter pilot flying over an airbase. (Baldwin) A shuttle flying to orbit. (Heisenberg and Lighthouse) It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that PALETTE be used in conjunction with other visual-enhancing mods. The demo screenshots were taken with EVE Redux, Scatterer, Planetshine, Distant Object, JNSQ and Waterfall. Download from Spacedock v3.1, 13 August 2022 Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 License TLDR: You are free to share, copy, modify, and redistribute this mod as long as you credit the original author (in this case, me). It CANNOT be used for commercial purposes. Changelog:
  7. Hi, I'm looking for a all in one visual mod pack for version 1.11.2 that looks stunning ( I have a strong pc), but leaves gameplay vanilla (I'm a noob). Thanks
  8. So I was looking for TUFX presets the other day but it seems there is not a place to share there configure files so I decided to make this thread. Please share your custom TUFX profiles if you would like to HERE.
  9. When I load up KSP and go to my save it shows the menu looking like this: At first I thought it was a sunrise thing so I time warped to noon: I also had problems in the MK-IV parts where it was completely black but didn't get screenshots of that Here are my settings for this game: I don't believe that it is a mod problem, just a settings problem.
  10. Hey KSP People! First Post, so I hope this is the right place. Lately i've been trying out some graphics mods like "Spectra", "Astronomers Visual Pack", "Environmental Visual Enhancements", "Stock Visual Enhancements", "Scatterer", ... as well as different Skyboxes. However, sadly, they all looked absolutely terrible. Especially the terrain on Kerbin was so awful thaat I just instantly quit. Some of them looked worse than the Vanilla game. I've installed all of them via CKAN, trying out their different configurations on different versions of KSP, but there's just not been a single mod that really convinced me. I'm currently on KSP 1.9.1 Am I doing something wrong? Are there any better mods that I don't know of? Do I need special configurations for those mods to work properly? I really hope somebody can help me with this, I've seen KSP look better in some YouTube videos and just can't achieve that level of visual realism it seems
  11. This page is no longer being updated! @Lisias has continued development here KSP 1.12.x Distant Object Enhancement Continued [] Last updated September 24th, 2021 Distant Object Enhancement Continued is a visual enhancement mod that makes objects realistically visible over large distances. It is an update of MOARdv's Distant Object Enhancement bis v1.9.1.1, which is a update of Rubber Ducky's Distant Object Enhancement. I have adopted the mod with permission of MOARdv Downloads CKAN SpaceDock GitHub This version keeps Ducktopia's CC Attribution 4.0 International license. Source code here: Github source
  12. RealPlume, originally developed for Realism Overhaul enables great looking plumes that display realistic behavior by expanding with lower atmospheric pressure. This mod brings RealPlume to stock parts and to various stock-alike mods. With @Nhawks17 blessing, this is a continuation of RealPlume-Stock. RealPlume-Stock was previously maintained by Nhawks & DerpyFireworks and was originally created by Felger. Since its hosted with the RO organisation this is a direct continuation, not a fork. How to Install: Dependencies: These are REQUIRED in order for RealPlume-Stock to work. These files are included in the download if downloading from spacedock or the packaged github release and do not need to be installed separately. If installing via CKAN these will be selected for you. Module Manager RealPlume SmokeScreen DOWNLOAD HERE (GITHUB)(PRIMARY) SpaceDock (mirror) CKAN-Indexed Licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA Please note that the bundled mods are under their own license and particle libraries by different authors within RealPlume are each under their own license in particular. How it works A brief explanation since its not always clear to everyone what's doing what. 1. Smokescreen is a plugin created by the one and only Sarbian which allows us to replace the stock particle system with the much more flexible shuriken particles. This more advanced system is what enables the expanding plume behaviour. 2. RealPlume. However smokescreen doesnt do anything by itself. Its a plugin. Enter RealPlume which contains a library of particle models and textures (and some cool sound FX too). RealPlume also has a number of "prefabricated" plumes built using these particles which needs to be applied to the desired engines via Module Manager configuration patches. 3. RealPlume-stock. Again, RealPlume although it contains the prefab plumes, it doesnt apply them. Some mods like BluedogDB or CryoEngines carry their own configuration patches and so will get realplumes if you install just 1&2. However most mods, as well as stock parts, get their configuration patches from RealPlume-Stock. That's all RealPlume-Stock is, a set of Module Manager patches to apply the prefabs from RealPlume to various engines. 4. RealPlume also comes with its own library of sounds and will change the engine running sounds. This thread is primarily concerned with RealPlume-Stock although since I am now one of the maintainers for RealPlume we can discuss it here too. Known Issues: Thrust limiting on engines get reset upon install. BEWARE IN THE KSP TUTORIALS Switching to a vessel with an engine as a root part will cause the plume to not show. Due to a stock audio bug, the engine running sound will not reduce when zooming out your view. Does this work with WaterfallFX? Yes RealPlume-stock and Waterfall should work together. RealPlume-Stock now has a patch that detects and removes RealPlume configs from individual parts if a Waterfall plume is detected. Thus Waterfall plumes take priority but RealPlume-stock can still configure parts that dont have waterfall configs. If you see any problems please report them to me and not the Waterfall dev as I am taking the initiative to remove conflicts. Performance: If you are suffering from a FPS drop, set the particle limit in the SmokeScreen settings to a lower number. You will need to use the toolbar mod Toolbar continued and press the smokescreen button (make sure you use the drop down menu to enable the Smokescreen button) or press Alt+P to access the SmokeScreen in game GUI. You can also change it in the configuration file inside the SmokeScreen folder after running the game with SmokeScreen once. Note that plumes will start to look ugly if the particle limit is too low so its about finding a balance that works for you. If you find the defaults make the plumes look too "thin", because you are clustering lots of engines or are using solid rockets, feel free to bump up this value much higher if your GPU can handle it. While KSP in general is CPU bound for performance, RealPlume/Smokescreen does benefit from a good graphics card. Contributing: Contributions from the community to apply plumes to new engines and submit fixes is always appreciated. I certainly dont have the time or inclination to go after everything; RealPlume has always thrived on community support. Please open a pull request on github and target the development branch. See the following wiki pages for how to add plumes to a new engine, its quite simple. https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealPlume/wiki/Adding-a-Plume-to-an-Engine Check this page for previews and sample configs for the PLUME node. Note that many of the new prefabs I have added to RealPlume v12.0.0 have new parameters for individual effects, so its best to check the sample configs. I am in the process of updating the wiki. https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealPlume/wiki/PreFabbed-Plumes-and-Screenshots Changelogs: RealPlume-Stock RealPlume RealPlume-Stock Contributors: Felger - The original maker of the mod @sarbian - Created smokescreen @Nhawks17 - former maintainer DerpyFirework -former maintainer Community contributors to RealPlume-stock configs: @woeller, @Rocket Witch, @Gordon Fecyk. @Scialytic, @coyotesfrontier, Prefab Contributors to RealPlume core @Katniss218, @Scialytic FX (particles and sound) contributors to RealPlume core @Nertea, @JadeOfMaar, @Beale Additonal credits: Nazari1382, ferram4, Dragon01, Kickasskyle, Probus, Svm420, randazzo, nanuschao, amo28, NoMrBond, jsolson, politas, Andrew2448, OhioBob (from the old thread, apologies if I missed anyone). Special thanks to @blowfish for encouraging me to take this on and helping me get set up. UPDATES RealPlume RealPlume has been updated with 17 new prefabs built using new particle FX from @Nertea (orginally from near future launch vehicles, cryoengines & reStock) and @JadeOfMaar (originally from PlumeParty). Huge thanks to both of them for allowing me to upstream them into RealPlume and for providing a few customised effects for my needs. I hope you agree they look nice, some of them are also more particle efficient than many current prefabs for instance some of the new Kerolox plumes. These are all added as new prefabs, it doesnt replace anything so new configs are needed to apply them. Please note that most of these have new adjustment parameters, please follow the link in first post to the wiki to obtain sample configs. I am looking into new NTR plumes built using new Kerbal Atomics FX in the future. List of newly added plumes: https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealPlume/issues/47 RealPlume-Stock What many of you have been waiting for, official support for ReStock! ReStock engines are configured mostly with the new plumes mentioned above. They are seperate from the normal stock engines and the plume type matches the fuel type of the IRL engine they are inspired by so the configs are very different to regular stock. There are also a number of other updates, please see the changelog above.
  13. Goal: bring stock Jool up to par with the quality of the base OPM gas giants, while maintaining mostly stock colors. Inspired by Snark's JoolBiomes Mostly a proof-of-concept of https://www.seedofandromeda.com/blogs/49-procedural-gas-giant-rendering-with-gpu-noise Subgoals: 1024x512 scaled space texture (same size as base OPM) Indexed, colored biome map, with Kerbnet colors (ongoing) Science flavor text for the different biomes (incomplete) Jupiter-esque dust ring (incomplete) EVE-based storms and cloud swirls (optional) Required: Module Manager, Kopernicus Recommended: OPM, EVE, Realistic Atmospheres, Custom Asteroids + OPM configs Incompatible: Most visual overhaul mods that affect Jool The mod disables itself when unsupported visual overhaul mods are detected. Most of the popular visual overhaul mods change Jool enough so that the biome map added by this mod is pointless (and the updated scaled space/EVE clouds they provide are much better than the ones this mod gives). Custom biome maps will be included for supported mods. --- Tracking Station Photos (w/o Scatterer & w/o EVE): In-flight Photos (w/o Scatterer & w/o EVE): --- Release link Github repository link (license is CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 for *.dds, *.xcf, & *.png; MIT for everything else) (source assets available in GIMP *.xcf) --- Work-in-progress; Open to artistic/feature suggestions
  14. Most of the mods about visual enhancement is to add/change the texture, like EVE, or rendering the graphics, like Scatter. And most of the visual effects is on the view of "looking at the planet from space", or "just look at the nice sea water and the lights on the horizon", However I'm a plane guy, 100% obsessed with aircraft flying INSIDE the atomosphere, so what i wish to find is : 1. the nice land views you can see in the aerial photographs, like the beautiful forest, mountain and river, (basically it's the enhancement of the "ground setting" in the main setting when you enter the game, which will just simply make the mountain more curved and put more little trees there.) 2.the clouds exist in the real space of sky, kind of like those Ace Combat games, where your jet can fly into a cloud. Maybe it's my lame searching ability that i can not find those mods after a month of trying. So i come here for help, this thread is my first thread here. I understand that the first required mod may exists and known by many people (not me), but the second sounds hard so i don't hold much hope. Just want to make the flight not that boring, by changing the stupid and simple stock land and mountain with some bad-ass mods.
  15. I recently downloaded a mod that allows me to easily replace textures in my Kerbal game by just dropping them into a file. However, I have only been able to find textures for the sky-box and 1 for Kerbin. I was wondering if anyone had any idea where I could find more textures for other planets, in order to make my game look much better. (I think the textures need to be named something specific in order for them to overwrite the existing 'Squad' textures. For example the Kerbin texture came with two files: 'KerbinScaledSpace300.png' and 'KerbinScaledSpace401.png')
  16. P L A N E T S H I N E ----------------- Download Latest version: GitHub: for KSP 1.12.x Source Code: https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/ksp-planetshine ---------------- NOTE: @Valerian has not been active for awhile and has given me his blessing to adopt this fine mod and keep it alive for the community in his absence. I've cloned his OP and updated it to reflect changes in support. All credit for this mod belongs to the original author, and licensing will continue to be Apache 2.0. Should he return, I will gladly relinquish the mod and provide any assistance needed by Valerian to resume support. Further, @prestja was kind enough to keep this mod alive during my absense. After discussions with him, I will be resuming support, and accepting any help he wants to throw my way. prestja's support thread: Why PlanetShine? After trying some mods to improve visuals and get something more realistic looking, Valerian transformed KSP into something really good looking, and he was really happy with the result, but felt that something was still missing. When in low orbit of a planet, the side of his ship which was facing the planet was completely dark, which was not realistic! It should have been illuminated a bit by the planet's own reflective light! Valerian decided to fix that with this mod, by making planets and moons to reflect their own (colored) light to your vessel. This phenomenon is called in real life albedo or planetshine : What does this mod actually do? (Summary) When you are close to a planet or moon, its bright side reflects (colored) light to your vessel. More realistic ambient light in vacuum, very dark by default, can be customized. More realistic ambient light on the ground and atmosphere of planets/moons, tinted by the surface color. Very lightweight: almost no RAM used, and your FPS should not change. Additional features Settings menu to customize many parameters, as well as several quality/performance settings. Support for the Toolbar mod. Planet and moons light configuration supports Module Manager and loading across GameData folder, and can be easily customized by players or other mods. Conflicts with the mod "Ambient Light Adjustment" because it has exactly the same feature: custom ambient light settings with a slider. When close to the sun, the sunlight becomes dramatically intense. Screenshots You can see the subtle red light over Duna, green over Jool, and blue over Kerbin: http://imgur.com/a/4MODI Before / After Screenshots by CaptRobau: http://imgur.com/a/Nekay Recommended mods for the best experience Environmental Visual Enhancements for clouds and city lights. A good galaxy skybox (using Texture Replacer): Oinker's Skybox Teflon's Skybox Chatterer for adding ambient sounds that really improve the immersion. An atmospheric sky enhancing mod: SkyTonemapper (Stable) makes the sky look better by smoothing it (removes the banding effect) Scatterer (Experimental - many bugs) makes the sky and atmosphere looking really great and much more realistic, sunsets become amazing. Engine lighting for adding realistic lighting to engines thrust. Surface Lights to illuminate the ship when it gets really dark. Additional information I would appreciate feedback on this mod a lot! Valerian spent a lot of time trying to make this reflected light to behave as consistent as possible, and thinks it's pretty well tuned by now. Planet and moons colors are all editable in "CelestialBodies.cfg", and you can change a few other settings in "Settings.cfg", such as the vacuum light level (quite low by default), and the reflection light intensity. Compatible with all game versions from 0.25 to 1.0, and probably older versions as well. This mod supports version checking using the KSP-AVC Plugin. to take advantage of this feature download the plugin. Changelog Known issues Conflicts with other mods that change ambient light, such as Ambient Light Adjustment and AmbientLightShifter Not tested much on x64, might cause issues Might have minor issues with Kopernicus, which optionally provides custom atmospheric and vacuum ambient lights. Planned features Automatic detection of planet colors and atmosphere, no more need for CelestialBodies.cfg (working on it right now) Actual planetshine (reflected lights between two planet/moon) Different reflected light color depending on the biome (land/sea/poles) Sunset/sunrise lights More performance tweaks, such as reducing the number of light depending on the situation, or using a diffuse wrapping shader Choice between presets for ambient light (realistic or stock) and other settings Better (future) compatibility with other mods Credits First and foremost to the original Mod Author @Valerian for creating this great mod. Original Mod Forum Thread: Valerian copied the planets/moons color list from the Distant Object Enhancement mod Thanks to TheSexiestofClowns on Reddit for his screenshot that is used at the beginning A lot of thanks to the people who helped Valerian over IRC, such as Thomas, Rbray89, and a few others Copyright 2014, Valerian Gaudeau, Apache license 2.0 Mod maintenance now supported by @Papa_Joe
  17. Currently a lot of the mods in the "Misc" category on Curse(Forge) are audio or visual mods - mods that change nothing except the user experience. These don't fit into any other category. Adding a "Audio and Visual" or some better-named category would help users answer their "how do I get screenshots like that??!" questions. Who is responsible for deciding the available categories? Also to that person: the "Recent Files" only shows the most recently uploaded, not the one for the most recent KSP version. In contrast, mods for Minecraft show one for each Minecraft version.
  18. I want to make my KSP look better, but my computer is a potato, so I need to choose a visual mod that would not destroy my PC while looking pretty.
  19. Fala galera tudo bom? Fiz um vídeo (gigante) explicando como instalar alguns dos mods mais famosos de visual no jogo e como configurar algumas coisas para que rode suave em alguns PCs mais fracos. Aqui está o link para o vídeo! https://youtu.be/Im76MTsx_9I Muito obrigado a quem der uma olhada.
  20. What mods should I use to make KSP as beautiful and realistic looking as possible.
  21. THIS THREAD IS FOR THE DISCUSSION OF CROSSING THE SVE AND KSPRC VISUAL PACKS TOGETHER INTO A COMBINED VISUAL OVERHAUL. DO NOT POST FILES CONTAINING A COMBINED PACK AS YOU WILL BE VIOLATING THE TERMS OF THE LICENSE USED FOR KSPRC. _________________________________________________ First of all you have to understand what each mod is aiming to do, understand the contents of the packages and how they work... To combine these mods, u basically have to delete the config of one of these mods and give your gamedata the other one. (its not rocketscience, really! ;)) Since I don’t want to discuss each config & feature provided, I’ll just stick to the most common mixtures out there, namely replacing KSPRC’s Scatterer or/and EVE(clouds) config with the one coming with SVE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Best way to get this running is starting from the scratch: Cleanup your gamedata folder of all configs for one of the above named mods. Especially the BoulderCo folder(http://i.imgur.com/yOtSmgL.png) beeing is the “stock” EVE config provided by @rbray89. Forgetting this is one of the most common mistakes. You should start then by copying the whole KSPRC folder into your gamedata – we can delete things later. Just don’t forget anything. Start KSP and make sure the config is working => quit Scatterer: Since SVE is just coming with a config for Jool & Eve, you can easily copy and replace the scatterer folder form the SVE -archive over to your gamedata. That would keep KSPRC’s config for everything else. If you want to remove the sunflare, feel free to delete the folder Gamedata/scatterer/sunflare Atmospheric (clouds): that’s the most common thing ppl want to replace. You just have to remove the configs in the KSPRC-folder first. Namely it is: - KSPRC\Atmospheres - KSPRC\CityLights After cleaning those folders, you are free to copy the Folder StockVisualEnhancements over to your gamedata. It basically just providing other configs of what u just removed. Addon (KSP1.1.3+): the current KSPRC version comes with an incompatible Kopernicus version. You can fix this by going to the Kopernicus -thread and get the current version. For further updates, please first check all the named components for updates before asking why any of these compilations wont work Thanks ------------------------------------------------------------------------ And thats what u get: Thanks @Speadge for the how-to!
  22. Something that annoys me when building remote controlled planes is that unless you use the spaceplane parts, your remote control unit has to be a grey, protruding disk. I don't want my planes to look like an anaconda swallowing a dustbin lid everytime i attempt a safe, pilotless test flight. Is there a possibility of adding a tweakable in the VAB/SPH that allows you to switch between the standard grey texture and a smooth, Porkjetalike finish? My OCD with aerodynamic shapes prompted me to post this.o_o Thanks for any thoughts.
  23. Astronomer's Visual Pack: Reborn A repackaging of Astronomer's Edge of Oblivion Visual Overhaul What is this? While I was surfing around on the YouTubes I saw a few videos where users were using the Edge of Oblivion pack, and I thought that it was absolutely beautiful. In Astronomer's (hopefully temporary) absence, I decided that I wanted to have a go at moving AVP over from the old EVE to the new version of EVE, while also making use of Scatterer. I guess this was because I wanted to bring the visuals up to a platform that is currently being updated, allowing further beatification to be possible that wasn't available when it was made. On top of this, a big reason I decided I wanted to do it was because of the EVE cloud resizing in Sigma's Dimensions mod. While it would work with many of the packs already out there on the new EVE, it wouldn't work with old EVE mods, hence my endeavor. Dev Album What do I get? Currently included Kerbin Cloud configs Kerbin Scatterer config Requirements: Environmental Visual Enhancements Scatterer A DISCLAIMER I am not an experienced modder/coder at all. I am simply using the equipment provided in EVE to put these clouds where I think they belong. I reserve the right to give up on this project entirely, or to develop it at my own pace, when I find the time. Chances are I will not be making it work with features such as CubeMapping, and if things don't work very well, I probably won't be able to fix them or troubleshoot any bugs experienced by you as users. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I wasn't originally planning to release this to other users, but I decided others may enjoy it. None of these textures are my own, but are owned and distributed by Astronomer under a license allowing others to "create and distribute derivative works", under the same or a compatible license, and so I shall release this under the same license, as found in the original download: The licensor permits other to create and distribute derivative works, but only under the same or a compatible license. The licensor permits others to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work for non-commercial purposes only. (If this is wrong, I'd appreciate some help from a mod in choosing the right license) Folder Archive All the old versions, the current 'official' version and the dev version https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3KMolVXKZX_X19TcWpLRVk5SjQ
  24. This is a continuation of Felger's amazing RealPlume - Stock Configs mod. Without his amazing work, this would not be possible. Felger has handed over the upkeep of this mod to @DerpyFirework and myself (see here). RealPlume is a mod most well known among RSS users that is now been brought over for non-RSS users to enjoy! This mod adds realistic engine exhaust plume expansion to engine parts in stock KSP as well as other part mods (if supported). IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT How to Install: Dependencies: These are REQUIRED in order for RealPlume-Stock to work. These files are included in the download and do not need to be installed separately. Module Manager Real Plume SmokeScreen Supported Mods: The following lists all of the mods that currently have support for these effects. The listed mods may or may not be compatible with the latest KSP version. AB Launchers Antares & Cygnus - Joint Project Atomic Age Bluedog Design Bureau Cryogenic Engines D.I.R.E.C.T Eve Optimized Engines FASA Home Grown Rockets Jool DIRECT Kerbal Atomics Kerbal Stock Launcher Overhaul KOSMOS URM KSPX KW Rocketry Redux Missing History Moar Mk1 Modular Rocket Systems Near Future Technologies Porkjet's Part Overhaul Planetary Base Inc. Procedural Parts Real Scale Boosters RLA Stockalike SDHI Service Module System Space Launch System Space Station Parts Pack SpaceY Expanded SpaceY Heavy-Lifters Squad Squad - Making History SXT Continued Taerobee Tantares Tantares LV Taurus HCV Tundra Exploration - SpaceX Stoackalike Umbra Space Industries Ven's Stock Revamp VX Series II Engine Pack Download Here SpaceDock Mirror Licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA Known Issues: Thrust limiting on engines get reset upon install. BEWARE IN THE KSP TUTORIALS Switching to a vessel with an engine as a root part will cause the plume to not show. Smoke effects looks strange, will fix eventually. Contributing: Since we don't support all the mods that add engines, we're always looking for contributors to help attach plumes to engines. The process itself is very easy. Start out with a regular RealPlume install, with Blizzy's Toolbar installed as well. Make a .cfg file for your engine with this text in it: Performance: If you are suffering from a FPS drop, set the particle limit (bundled with a default value of: 5000) in the SmokeScreen settings to a lower number. You will need to use the toolbar mod to access this or change it in the configuration file after running the game with SmokeScreen once. Compatibility: This is fully cross-compatible with HotRockets, however RealPlume will overwrite HotRockets plumes where both configure the same engine. Because of the way ModuleManager works, any other mods that add effects to engines will either be overwritten, or potentially overwrite RealPlume configs depending on where they fall in alphabetical order relative to RealPlume. Changelog: v1.3.1: Updated Module Manager to v3.1.3 Updated Making History configs Updated Sounding Rockets config Updated .version file v1.3.0: Updated Module Manager to v3.1.1 Updated Squad configs Updated Making History configs Updated Ven's Stock Revamp configs Re-added .version file v1.2.0: Updated Module Manager to v3.0.6 Updated SmokeScreen to v2.8.0.0 Added engine configs Fixed configs missing various syntax v1.1.0: TweakScale support added Updated Module Manager to v3.0.1 Updated SmokeScreen to v2.7.6.1 Added engine configs All dependencies are included with their own license and are separate from the development of RealPlume-Stock Older changes can be found here RealPlume-Stock Contributors: Felger - Made the mod, we wouldn't be here without him <3 Sarbian - For giving us the gift of scaling our engine plumes DerpyFirework - Co-Maintainer alongside myself DaZeInBok - Thread header Nazari1382, ferram4, Dragon01, Kickasskyle, Probus, Svm420, randazzo, nanuschao, amo28, NoMrBond, jsolson, politas, Andrew2448, OhioBob
  25. Hey! This is something I've wanted for a long time. The photos will explain it better than I ever would be able to: --- I assume making these appear dynamically, checking each wing's geometry would be hard, so it's okay if it's a (very small or invisible) part you have to add manually. It'd be preferred if these appeared (or not) based on speed and atmospheric conditions, though!
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