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  1. THIS THREAD IS FOR THE DISCUSSION OF CROSSING THE SVE AND KSPRC VISUAL PACKS TOGETHER INTO A COMBINED VISUAL OVERHAUL. DO NOT POST FILES CONTAINING A COMBINED PACK AS YOU WILL BE VIOLATING THE TERMS OF THE LICENSE USED FOR KSPRC. _________________________________________________ First of all you have to understand what each mod is aiming to do, understand the contents of the packages and how they work... To combine these mods, u basically have to delete the config of one of these mods and give your gamedata the other one. (its not rocketscience, really! ;)) Since I don’t want to discuss each config & feature provided, I’ll just stick to the most common mixtures out there, namely replacing KSPRC’s Scatterer or/and EVE(clouds) config with the one coming with SVE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Best way to get this running is starting from the scratch: Cleanup your gamedata folder of all configs for one of the above named mods. Especially the BoulderCo folder(http://i.imgur.com/yOtSmgL.png) beeing is the “stock” EVE config provided by @rbray89. Forgetting this is one of the most common mistakes. You should start then by copying the whole KSPRC folder into your gamedata – we can delete things later. Just don’t forget anything. Start KSP and make sure the config is working => quit Scatterer: Since SVE is just coming with a config for Jool & Eve, you can easily copy and replace the scatterer folder form the SVE -archive over to your gamedata. That would keep KSPRC’s config for everything else. If you want to remove the sunflare, feel free to delete the folder Gamedata/scatterer/sunflare Atmospheric (clouds): that’s the most common thing ppl want to replace. You just have to remove the configs in the KSPRC-folder first. Namely it is: - KSPRC\Atmospheres - KSPRC\CityLights After cleaning those folders, you are free to copy the Folder StockVisualEnhancements over to your gamedata. It basically just providing other configs of what u just removed. Addon (KSP1.1.3+): the current KSPRC version comes with an incompatible Kopernicus version. You can fix this by going to the Kopernicus -thread and get the current version. For further updates, please first check all the named components for updates before asking why any of these compilations wont work Thanks ------------------------------------------------------------------------ And thats what u get: Thanks @Speadge for the how-to!
  2. I saw a post yesterday in which someone was experimenting with using a different color scheme on the forum... as in instead of all the headers being various shades of blue, they were changed to being different various colors. I'm curious as to if there is a way to customize your own personal forum color appearance that could be implemented? You could do something similar to this with your profile on the old forums but it only changed how your profile looked. It would be an interesting feature to have... I'd like to have a forum with the faded red color theme like I use in my avatar . Would anyone else want something like this?
  3. Astronomer's Visual Pack: Reborn A repackaging of Astronomer's Edge of Oblivion Visual Overhaul What is this? While I was surfing around on the YouTubes I saw a few videos where users were using the Edge of Oblivion pack, and I thought that it was absolutely beautiful. In Astronomer's (hopefully temporary) absence, I decided that I wanted to have a go at moving AVP over from the old EVE to the new version of EVE, while also making use of Scatterer. I guess this was because I wanted to bring the visuals up to a platform that is currently being updated, allowing further beatification to be possible that wasn't available when it was made. On top of this, a big reason I decided I wanted to do it was because of the EVE cloud resizing in Sigma's Dimensions mod. While it would work with many of the packs already out there on the new EVE, it wouldn't work with old EVE mods, hence my endeavor. Dev Album What do I get? Currently included Kerbin Cloud configs Kerbin Scatterer config Requirements: Environmental Visual Enhancements Scatterer A DISCLAIMER I am not an experienced modder/coder at all. I am simply using the equipment provided in EVE to put these clouds where I think they belong. I reserve the right to give up on this project entirely, or to develop it at my own pace, when I find the time. Chances are I will not be making it work with features such as CubeMapping, and if things don't work very well, I probably won't be able to fix them or troubleshoot any bugs experienced by you as users. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I wasn't originally planning to release this to other users, but I decided others may enjoy it. None of these textures are my own, but are owned and distributed by Astronomer under a license allowing others to "create and distribute derivative works", under the same or a compatible license, and so I shall release this under the same license, as found in the original download: The licensor permits other to create and distribute derivative works, but only under the same or a compatible license. The licensor permits others to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work for non-commercial purposes only. (If this is wrong, I'd appreciate some help from a mod in choosing the right license) Folder Archive All the old versions, the current 'official' version and the dev version https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3KMolVXKZX_X19TcWpLRVk5SjQ
  4. Hey! This is something I've wanted for a long time. The photos will explain it better than I ever would be able to: --- I assume making these appear dynamically, checking each wing's geometry would be hard, so it's okay if it's a (very small or invisible) part you have to add manually. It'd be preferred if these appeared (or not) based on speed and atmospheric conditions, though!
  5. Something that annoys me when building remote controlled planes is that unless you use the spaceplane parts, your remote control unit has to be a grey, protruding disk. I don't want my planes to look like an anaconda swallowing a dustbin lid everytime i attempt a safe, pilotless test flight. Is there a possibility of adding a tweakable in the VAB/SPH that allows you to switch between the standard grey texture and a smooth, Porkjetalike finish? My OCD with aerodynamic shapes prompted me to post this.o_o Thanks for any thoughts.
  6. I freely admit I like a bit of eye candy. No matter how many mods I install, the frame rate won't go below 60fps even with my old GPU. So I'm looking to pimp it up some more. I wondered what other people are using. Here's my list: Environmental Visual Enhancements Endraxial's Planets and Moons KSP Real Skybox Astronomers Visual Pack Interstellar V2 Planetshine Distant Object Enhancement WindowShine CollisionFX Engine Lighting Scatterer (with waves disabled, too buggy so far)
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