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Found 9 results

  1. Vostok Continued When @Beale revamped his Tantares mod, he unfortunately abandoned the Vostok parts. Abandoned and homeless, I took them in, updated the textures, and gave them a home. This mod adds a set of parts designed to re-create the Vostok spacecraft and Blok-E upper stage in a stockalike style. Thanks to: @Beale for making the original parts, and giving me access to his source files and giving me tips. @CobaltWolf for helping me with the textures and getting the parts ingame. @Daelkyr for helping with the aerodynamics and parachute code. Ple
  2. I have made a video on the failed (albeit successful) launch of a Vostok capsule!
  3. Why does Jeb personal chute doesn't work, how to activate it?
  4. Heya, I'm currently doing a small project on the history of spaceflight, and I need some photos/drawings showing the Voskhod II launcher. But so far I've found it difficult because I've seen several different Voskhod colour schemes listed as Voskhod 2. Like this one https://tinyurl.com/ybvdnejk or this one https://tinyurl.com/yapdwttp, or this one https://tinyurl.com/yc6n9nj7. I'm thinking it was all grey/unpainted, but I can't be sure. It doesn't help that the Voskhod 2 mod for KSP has the paint scheme of Orange, White and Green either, but I can't rely on that to be historically accura
  5. I heard that it's part of making history i want make my very own vostok
  6. Replica of the Vostok 1, which flew the first human into space, Yuri Gagarin. Requires Making History Expansion. https://kerbalx.com/PaladinPizza/Vostok-1
  7. This is a long-term project on the theme of stock versions of a real space rocket and ships. At the moment there are components to the space rocket Vostok. Screenshots: The rocket and Vostok spacecraft in full assembly. SpaceCraft Vostok The sun blinds you through the VZOR. First satellites and super laika. I warn that with many aspects of modding I encountered for the first time, if there are errors write. P.S. This add-on is not an exact copy of a real rocket and a ship, and as in stock size. V1.1 1. I connecte
  8. Hi there, I've decided to share my collection of crafts from teh space race era with the community. I think the 60's and 70's were what you could call the golden era of space flight with massive goverment founds for Roskosmos and NASA and extremly fast developments. Me, as a big fan of the spacecrafts of that time i decided to build stock replicas as good as i could and share them. Since i hardly found any stock replicas of those craft (aside from Apollo) I would also love to see your stock replicas of those crafts I built Vostok, Soyuz, Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. I
  9. Fiddling around with Russian spacecraft history... was trying to come up with a list of all known Vostok (non-Zenit) spaceframes and what happened to them. I'm coming up with two missing. To summarize: Firstly, there were two 1KP originally authorized, but Korolev elected not to build the second of these. 1KP(-1) was launched as Korabl-Sputnik 1 on 15 May 1960. There were either four or six 1K craft authorized before moving on to the 3KA version (the man-rated Vostok). 1K-1, carrying dogs Lisichka and Chayka was lost in a launch failure on 28 Jul 1960. 1K-2, carrying
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