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Found 2 results

  1. I want to get some good clean screen shot comparisons of the two so I get a idea of what I want. (It's hard to see comparisons on the images and stuff.)
  2. Recently I wanted to see how my Apex stacked up against @Azimech's Blackout. I was surprised to find that although these cars couldn't be much more different, their results when tested on a track are extremely similar. On paper the Apex shouldn't stand a chance, the Blackout is faster, quicker, lighter, and has a better power to weight ratio. However, both cars use effective aerodynamic methods to enhance their performance and it's here that the Apex claws back lost ground. At my test track the Apex has completed the circuit with a 39 second lap and the Blackout completed it in 40 seconds. I could probably make up the difference with an extra hour to familiarize myself better with the the Blackout's handling. In the future I will be testing these cars on multiple tracks to figure which one has superior handling. Until then, here are some stats. 2018 Lowell Blackout Top Speed: 155+ m/s Curb Weight: 6.63t Power: 160 kN Power to Weight Ratio: 24.1 kN per ton Dimensions: L: 6.55m W: 3.49m H: 1.59m Download Link: Lowell Blackout 2018 L.A.B. Apex Top Speed: 126 m/s Curb Weight: 13.16 Power: 240 kN Power to Weight Ratio: 18.2 kN per ton Dimensions: L: 6.47m W: 3.56m H: 1.8m Download Link: L.A.B. Apex L.A.B. Test Track 2018 Lowell Blackout: 0.40 2018 L.A.B. Apex: 0:39
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