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Found 3 results

  1. This is one of those issues that has recurred periodically- but KSP could REALLY use a button that you press that will simply shift Kerbals into a "walk" or run state, rather than having to hold "W" until you fingers go numb to walk long distances... And while we're at it, rivers really need a control rework. It's sad and disappointing that such an integral part of the game STILL needs players to do things like switch to Docking Mode to properly control their rovers. I saw an Action Group labeled "Wheel Throttle" in the SPH recently, while editing some Action Groups. But this doesn
  2. Münwalk! An acceleration-based motion system for kerbals This is my first C# plugin for KSP, so progress has been pretty slow. What works so far: Button that orients kerbal based on acceleration Animations Movement "Airplane mode" (Disable drag on kerbal) Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/WbGulQr Current problems: Kerbal "trips" every couple of steps. Jumping does not apply enough upwards force. Kerbal cannot un-ragdoll while on a moving vehicle in contact with the ground or ocean. On centrifuges kerbal will
  3. Ok, so I've looked all over this forum and this is what I've come up with. KRAG System: (Kerbal Relative Artificial gravity) How it work right now while in orbit Kerbal up direction is based on the normal of the object below taken from a raycast kerbal is pushed downwards when it contacts a part it enters "Idle (Grounded)" state "AWSD" keys for movement Current Issues can't rotate kerbal ...yet when starting walking forward kerbal bounces up causing animation to stop as well as just being annoying The main issue I'm struggling with is th
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