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Found 39 results

  1. So, I am currently writing a war series on the forums and I am going to need your help with a new chapter. I am (planning to) have a naval battle, and submarines are going to be crucial in this. One issue though; I have no idea how to make said submarines. PLEASE HELP ME!!! (Note: I have no mods except BDArmoury and I'm thinking about getting Kerbinside (Which adds more airbases), so anything with stock parts except weapons) Would be super handy.) (Note II: I'm using 1.1.3)
  2. "We cannot stand for this outrage," The leader of the National States of Kerbin said as he stood at the table with his cabinet members. "The naval ship 'Kerbal' was sunk at 08:35 Hours off of the coast of the coast of the KSC, even though it had no weapons, and was preparing to go on a scouting mission." The leader of the Navy spoke as the Leader sat down. "This represents something that we have prepared for since the previous attacks on NSK troops; War." The cabinet members all gasped as they heard the word. They all knew, of course, that it might happen, as the increasing tensions had appeared to boil over multiple times. Still, the entire country was anxiously holding it's breath and hoping that it would be dissolved. "Our fighter jet production has been increasing at a steady rate, and we now have enough jets for strike plans A, B, and C, and Bomber production is at it's maximum ability." The Air Force leader said as he reviewed his multi-page report. "Good," The leader said. "Prepare the pilots for testing the jets. We can't have any mistakes. This war cannot be won with mistakes. The Army, the Marines, the Navy, the Air Force, Everyone must fight to the best of their abilities." Facing Jebediah Kerman, he said, "General Jeb, Prepare your troops. I must now write the declaration and send it to the Eastern Empire." The cabinet members all saluted and hurried to their own offices to prepare for the upcoming war.
  3. As I said on another thread, I'll be writing a book about World War 3 and posting the chapters here. As I'm working on two other books, I won't be posting as much here. Stay tuned!
  4. So I am making a nuke dropper and i need some recommendations on what i should do to make it should i go with a plane or a rocket that can drop nukes from space I mean this has to be big enough to have equal weight on both left and right sides of the ship
  5. Hello, fellows! Are you Bored of KSP's monotone Space stuff? Probably not. Still! We are making a series on Youtube called "The war!" In wich Twitchi, Z.T.I.A.I., Callum Brumby, Boris(KSSR), Comrade Headrcrab, Gr123w4, and me(PlaneyMcplaneface) battle it out using several mods Including BDarmory and Kerbinside. If you want to see the rules: And the Playlist for all the episodes is: Stay Tuned!
  6. Under (Future) Construction
  7. So I heard earlier this year that my great-grandfather was in the Royal Navy, from the stories I can presume he was quite high-ranking. Here are the stories that my grandfather told me about him. 1. Lucky Escape: He was offered a promotion to a very high rank, but refused because it would mean him being moved to another ship, and he wanted to stay with his friends. A week or so later the ship he WOULD have been transferred to sank, and all the crew along with it. 2. Captain Pingu So at some point, a penguin got on the ship and hung around, the crew was okay with it and kept it as a pet. They fed it and I think they might have dressed it up in uniform. Eventually, though, he was ordered to get rid of the penguin because the admiral was coming to inspect the ship, so he threw the penguin overboard. 3. Bismarck Battle So in the big battle between the Royal Navy and Germany, the Bismarck was sunk. My great-grandfather was on one of the battleships that sank the ship.
  8. German style creations/recreations I made! 1. V-1 On Rail Launch System 2. V-1 On Arado 3.V-1 On Me-262 4. BfDf-2 Tiger IV (Hull by clubasquirrel) 5. Wisel-3 SPAAG (Hull By clubasquirrel) Download Here:
  9. Literally whats its called, say a insult to the enemy side you are on. Example To the dres lovers! You`re "dres" is really a space potato.. rules 1. After a insult to one opposing side (say dres lovers...) that side must do an insult back, the other side that did the insult can't do another till the opposing side has done their insult... 2. Have fun. Ill start.. To the dres lovers!
  10. This topic should be closed, I can't put a mediafire link or anything like that for the download, I'd appreciate if the mods could shut this down for me.
  11. I have dedicated this film to @HarvesteR and the devs at Squad who have made my childhood dreams of being an Aerospace Engineer come true in game form. I have been playing this game for several years now and no other game has brought me as much enjoyment and taught me so much. You guys deserve medals for what you have accomplished, the game is now influencing real life as real life influenced the game. I don't know if anyone appreciates the enormity of what you have done. Here's to sitting on a beach of Laythe and enjoying another Joolrise. This is also my good bye to 1.05 and I hope 1.1 is just as successful for you. Craft page where you can download all the stock versions of the craft and see screenshots etc.
  12. So, the rules are simple: 1.Post a song that has something to do with the song above yours, whether it be theme, sound, etc. 2.Either that, or post some thing totally different and butcher their song. 3.No profanity 4.Minimal side conversations I'll start.
  13. Kerbal is developing fast, and people have great ideas. I feel that, once Kerbal has released on all playforms (or maybe before?), Squad should create a DLC or spin-off called 'KSP:GW', meaning Kerbal Space Program: Galactic Warfare. Mods on KSP have already attempted to create things like this, but it never tends to work out so well. I have a vision of a solar system, maybe players sharing planets and meteors, maybe on their own. They start like science mode (or career, never played career), but players must develop and create ships and weapons while researching yet more, while making bases on planets with others playing on, and forming allies and enemies. Could be like 'Civilisation' if anyone is familiar with that game. This would be so fun, firing missiles at opponents and forming armies and strategic attacks and defences. Imagine if it was official. If this way on Xbox One or something (almost like an MMO, but individual game-based, it wouldn't be good with it going forever!), it would be a huge hit, and most people would know about KSP. Worth a shot, right? Who agrees? Post your opinions and suggestions for a mode like this! Would you pay something like £10-20? Would you want it to be free? Share. I know I would pay a little for this. You?
  14. After Rocket Builders was dissolved, this is the Alphasus showcase thread. To be clear, I will still collaborate with Sharkman Briton in craft development, and all craft with SAP-C names are relics of the past. Classifications: (LF)Light Fighter<5 tons (F)Fighter<8 tons (HF)Heavy Fighter<10 tons (B)Bomber<15 tons (GS)Gunship<20 tons (FR)Frigate<30 tons (LD)Light Destroyer<40 tons (DD)Destroyer<50 tons (HD)Heavy Destroyer<60 tons (CL)Light Cruiser<70 tons (C)Cruiser<100 tons (CA)Battlecruiser<150 tons (BC)Heavy Cruiser<180 tons (BB)Battleship(no limits) Craft will be posted here once I have time to recover all of them.