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Found 9 results

  1. Besides talking about the core of KSP that will be available in the Early Access version of the game and also the Roadmap chapters that will slowly turn KSP2 into an improved version of KSP1 Interstellar (extended mod pack), we should really also talk about the other major branches the game has aquired over the years. So we have the following spin-off ideas: A: KSP2 (Interstellar, Near Future Tech) B: Realism (RO / RSS / RP) C: Warfare (BD Armory, multiplayer focused, FPS or RTS) D: Roleplay (a type of Kerbal RPG game, controlling a single character on missions, with IVA focus) E: Grand strategy / city builder (like a simulator game with focus on city building and resource / transport logistics overview) So basically Intercept could successfully create at least another 4 games in the Kerbal family tree, based on work done for KSP2. And I believe they would have great success for each particular niche. What do you guys think? Should it really only be left up to the modders or should these be actual spinoff games, nicely packaged, with their own identity? PS: There's also the trackmania / circuit racing / competitive flying focused idea but that I think can be done in regular KSP2. Nate during a podcast also talked about an "engine designer" extension to the game. PS2: I was thinking about D: Roleplay more along the lines of an RPG: controlling a kerbal avatar (third person), experiencing the game IVA/EVA and VR (first person), having diverse roles (actual pilot, scientist, engineer, medic, remote probe pilot, flight controller), interacting with other characters, having a campaign with missions, living in the Kerbal world, with a focus on lore.
  2. I kinda got bored so i will make this series, expect infrequnt updates The premise here is that Gaelkind colonized every single world that orbits Ciro, but has since broke into smaller warring faction. The story centers one one of them called Gaelia Remata, one of the warring faction that is determend to reunite the system again. Before i spoil litearly the entirity of the plot let start the Prologe. Ofc thanks to @Galileo for making the Galileo Planet Pack so this series is able to exist in the first place. Chapter 0 - Prologue Chapter 1 - Part 1 - First Victory Prologue The República Gaelia is a mighty republic. It spans accros the entirity of the Galilean system. It has made turned every single world prosperous. But those are long bygone days, The República Gaelia has since collapsed under its imense weight into many warring factions. Among the mightest is the Otho-Gauss-Nero Federation, the largest of the warring facitons. But everyone underestimates our determination of uniting the entirty of the Galilean system again one victory at a time.
  3. I've been thinking; warfare in KSP2 using mods and multiplayer would be awesome, much more so than in KSP1. In KSP1 you need a lot of mods if you want to play war. You need mods to make bases and cities, you need mods like BDArmory so you can actually fight, and if you're not doing it alone you'll need a multiplayer mod. Most of the time the fighting only happens on Kerbin, and when its in space its usually role play and not strategy based. With the new base system in KSP2 and stock multiplayer, you won't need nearly as much mods, but playing war will (most likely) work much differently. Not only can you fight on other planets without needing to haul weapons and vehicles across space, but you can fight each other's bases and fight for control over parts of a planet/moon, or fight for total control over the whole thing. Imagine scouting a planet for a good spot to place a strategic base! Maybe you've found a good canyon and you can put a fighter base at the base of a cliff, or you have a tall point of land that you place a fort on to protect the nearby area. It'll be fun to play war in KSP2 less as role play but actual strategy in multiplayer. When a weapons mod eventually comes to KSP2, playing war in multiplayer would be very fun IMO CLARIFICATION: I'm not saying stock KSP2 should have weapons and some kind of focus on warfare. That should be delegated solely to mods and how you yourself play KSP.
  4. I want to do an all out, turn based war, anybody can join(PC users ONLY, since mods will be used to add weapons, engines, etc) The Mods BD armory B9 HX KSPIE(for epstien drives, etc.) BurnTogether/Smart Parts(you pick) OPT spaceplane + OPT Legacy A planetmod(to increase the number of people who can participate without crowding occuring) Options for planetmods include GU GPO Light Levels(all) Other mods can be requested, just send me the link and I will check it out Rules No ships over 750 parts(to prevent gamecrasher type crafts) No orbital bombardments No gunspam(ship class defines number of guns allowed, tanks can have 1 main gun, fighters can have up to 2 forward facing guns, bombers may carry 2 small turrets for defense) No missile spam(max of 4 torpedoes/missiles per craft unless it is a bomber(atmo only) or a dedicated missile craft(no armament other than basic point defense weapons) DLC is ALLOWED and REQUIRED Warp Drives may ONLY be used for interstellar travel or travel between owned territories, otherwise, use kerbstien drives for travel Points System Each player will get points at the start of each turn, you get 5 points for every owned planet, and 3 points for every owned moon, you also get these points at the end of each turn(to make sure large systems arent utterly OP, multiple players will be placed in them to make it more fair) Points may be spent on Emplacements Tanks Planes Ships(space) SAM sites The costs are(for each vehicle type) Fighter- 2 points+1 point per gun Bomber- 3 points+0.5 points per missile Transport plane, Used to land tanks on the surface of planets with atmospheres(drop pods may be used instead), may carry up to 2 tanks to the surface, 4 points Light tank 2 points, max 100mm armor Med. Tank 4 points, max 300mm armor Heavy Tank 6 points, max 500mm armor Emplacement, 1 point, max 100mm armor, no wheels or engines SAM site, 3 points, no armor, may carry up to 8 SAMs, if extra SAMs are added(max of 16) it costs 2 points extra Spacecraft costs, only vessels frigate and larger may have a kerbstien drive(interplanetary drive) Vessels destroyer or larger may carry warp drives Skiff, 2 points, 0.5 points per 100mm of armor, may only mount 2 guns Corvette, 4 points, may mount torpedoes and weapons up to 30mm(max of 2 torpedoes, torpedo ship may carry 6, torpedoes cost 0.5 points each) max, 3 guns 1 point per 100 mm of armor Frigate, May mount 4 torpedoes(torpedo ship may carry 8, torpedoes cost 0.5 points each) max, 4 guns, costs 8 points 1.5 points per 100mm of armor Destroyer, may mount ANY weapon, and carry 8 torpedoes, no missile boat variant, may have up to 8 guns, costs 20 points, 0.5 points per torpedo, May have a warp drive 2 points per 100mm of armor Battleship/Dreadnought, May mount ANY weapon, and carry 16 torpedoes, no missile boat variant, max, 24 guns, costs 40 points, 0.5 points per torpedo, can carry 2 corvettes or 4 skiffs into battle, may have a warp drive 3 points per 100mm of armor Carrier, May only mount point defense weapons, no torpedoes, can carry skiffs and corvettes between planets along with any form of planetary craft(bombers, fighters, transports, etc), may have warpdrive, 3 points per 100mm armor, may only deploy 15 points of planetary attack forces, max of 4 guns, costs 20 points Supercarrier, all ships frigate or smaller can dock in it, able to carry warpdrive, may have up to 10 guns but they all must be point defense weapons, biggest ship in any fleet, 6 points per 100mm armor, Costs 20 points
  5. If different Kerbal nations existed, how in general would they engage in warfare against one another given Kerbin's smaller size and their ability to run extremely efficient economies(as evidenced by the ridiculously cheap spacecrafts they can build), but with lower populations and presumably denser urbanization? What would Kerbal body armor look like, and what kinds of martial arts would they develop? How would spaceflight play in to their wars? And what do we know about their preexisting violent tendencies? We know from STEADLER Engineering Corps' agency description that Kerbals have stun guns and know what a military is, and from the description of the science node for nuclear propulsion it says "Let's just hope it doesn't start any conflicts." And lastly, from the part description of the Mainsail engine, it references "entire small nations", meaning that they likely have organized themselves into differing nations, so: tl;dr, Kerbals are not peaceful at all, at least outside spaceflight.
  6. Hi guys, I have a couple questions about stock space missiles. I've built a nice little missile with a probe, battery, reaction wheel and four seperatrons. My first question is, what is the best part to use as a warhead? I guess I mean which part will cause the most damage on collision with another vessel? My second, much more important question is, how do I make it guide properly? The 'hold target' function gets it close, but because everything's moving in orbit of Kerbin, it doesn't fly the exact direction it's pointed. I've had good luck just manually maneuvering it to bring the prograde vector onto the target, and have had some pretty spectactular collisions, but I'd love to find a way, or a mod, that will automatically allign the prograde to target. Does this exist? Can MechJeb2 do this, and if so, what section is it in? Any other mod suggestions?
  7. Alright I am looking for two to three players to go to war with in ksp. Essentially with the mod kerbal side we would divide up the bases and territory of Kerbol, then Using BDArmory we will build defensive or attacking units. There are rules of course. Rules: Your reinforcements are based on the amount of bases you have, divided by five rounded up to the nearest 1. (no more than 10 reinforcements) 1-5=1 reinforcement, 6-10=2 reinforcements, 11-15=3 reinforcements, 16-20=4 reinforcements, 21-25=5 reinforcements, 26-30=6 reinforcements, 31-35=7 reinforcements, 36-40= 8 reinforcements, 41-45=9 reinforcements. You may not attack the first round, the first round everyone places down one unit at each base, there are about 45 bases, so if 4 people join everyone will have 11 bases and 1 person will have 12, so everyone gets 3 reinforcements on there turn unless they loss more territories and fall into another category above. First round you can put down only one defensive unit at a base, and you may launch one of two things into space, a com sat, to communicate with others, or a spy sat, which allows you to look at enemy troops, that it passes over. (note: you can combine both into one unit and launch it.) A com sat will have either a Communotron 88-88 or a coms DTS-MT, a spy sat will have a M700 Survey Scanner and a coms device, a communotron 16 is a spy sat com only, if other comms are used the spy sat is also a com sat. You can shoot day a spy sat, but not a coms sat, if a sat is both it cannot be shot down, a spy sat will be able to be shot down after and on the agreed turn, a coms sat will be able to be shot on the same turn we decide to use nuclear devices. War councils are convened to decide on new rules of war. The first one will take place on after turn five, and can be brought up in case of emergencies, other wise will take place after every other turn. Ex after turn 5, then after turn 7, then after turn 9 and so on. On round two you can attack for the first time, to take a base you must destroy the defensive units, or disable them, you may not take a base if the defensive unit still works. Then you take down the flag and out down your own. Defensive unit cannot be made out of indestructible parts, since I cannot remember them all, any indestructible parts found being used will be deleted, the person who owns it notified, and they will get a chance to put a new one down, and replace any others using that part. This is only replace old ones with new ones, after they do this the attacker will resume at the start of his/her turn, after he/she got his/her reinforcements, so he/she will not get more reinforcements. You can take two bases, one enemy and one base you had at the beginning of the war. You fire upon a total of 4 bases. If you get shot down you cannot retry your attack by reverting the flight, that is used for going back from glitches, or in other special cases to be decide by war council. You can retry with another vehicle. War council will decide the turn when this number can increase. Quick saving and loading is allowed, to get around glitches, any other uses are forbidden, special cases can be taken to the war council. Note you may only take part in the war council if you have a coms sat, you can only make treaties or contact people who have coms sats as well. Spy sat can only see unit that they pass over, so a non polar orbit will not see everything. This is one example where you can quick save, fast forward to see what unit your spy sat passes over, then quick load back. The units your spy sat passes, over are the only ones you can look at besides your own. There is no part limit or cost limit, however nothing to big or extravagant, it must be able to be destroyed, it can be really hard to be destroyed, as long as it can be. Note you may create another world save separate from the war save to test your vehicles and defensives. You have up to one week to make your turn. Additional time may be granted by the war council in special cases. Note that reinforcements are addition units you can launch on your turn, if you still have units out after your previous turn you may restock them with ammo and missiles without using up reinforcements, you may also reuse vehicles you have left by refueling them, without using up your reinforcements, and you can attack with them and keep using your reinforcements for defensive purposes. You can carry up to four probes or turrets with you at one time. The turrents make only have two PAC-3 Intercept missiles, and two Vulcan Turret guns attached to it. All these rules can be subjected to change by the war council, additional rules can be added by the war council. There are only two ways to win, one is to take all the bases and control Kerbin, or all the governments left in the war must have a diplomatic treaty of non-aggression. That last for 10 or more turns. Example being there are four governments blue, red, green and yellow. Yellow is taken out, blue and green sign a non-aggression pact till red is gone, red is defeated. This is not winning cause blue and green's non-aggression no longer stands as valid, they must make a new one. The war council can also change the turn limit on this as well. You can record this series on your channel, as long as your willing to list others that do this as well. One person can be decided on by the war council that can make a playlist of all videos in order of turn order. Turn order and bases and territory will be decided by a pre-war council before the first turn, everyone must have the same mods with some exceptions made by the pre-war council, and the same version of KSP. If anyone want to join and willing to play fair and by the rules can reply, please respond with what your government name is and if you get selected you will asked to provide a unique flag or pick a stock flag from the game to use.
  8. Cruiser Mk I A multi-purpose vessel designed for long range and speed. Has 2 large Mk 2 cargo bays in the bottom half of the nose and a big gap in the center for a module of your choosing. By default it's outfitted with 4 Tire Missiles as well as 6 I-Beam Missiles on the wings. It has well over 5k Δv for all your interplanetary needs. Download here. Enjoy!
  9. Kerbal is developing fast, and people have great ideas. I feel that, once Kerbal has released on all playforms (or maybe before?), Squad should create a DLC or spin-off called 'KSP:GW', meaning Kerbal Space Program: Galactic Warfare. Mods on KSP have already attempted to create things like this, but it never tends to work out so well. I have a vision of a solar system, maybe players sharing planets and meteors, maybe on their own. They start like science mode (or career, never played career), but players must develop and create ships and weapons while researching yet more, while making bases on planets with others playing on, and forming allies and enemies. Could be like 'Civilisation' if anyone is familiar with that game. This would be so fun, firing missiles at opponents and forming armies and strategic attacks and defences. Imagine if it was official. If this way on Xbox One or something (almost like an MMO, but individual game-based, it wouldn't be good with it going forever!), it would be a huge hit, and most people would know about KSP. Worth a shot, right? Who agrees? Post your opinions and suggestions for a mode like this! Would you pay something like £10-20? Would you want it to be free? Share. I know I would pay a little for this. You?
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