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Found 20 results

  1. Introducing... (Source code is included in the download) License: Code and Configs are licensed under the GPL v3 license. Change Log: v0.7w - Phoenix IVA release: * Added Phoenix IVA (Stock and MOARdV's Avionics System) * The MAS version replaces some of the central props with MAS props, and replaces the Main Display with a functional MFD * MAS version of the IVA will only be available with MAS is installed. v0.6w - Phoenix Initial release: -------------------------------- * Updated Code: * Added nacelle glow animation capability, giving a visual indicato
  2. Interstellar is cool, but pretty complex mod. USI Warp Drive is pretty cool, but does not allow you to time warp. Here's the intermediate solution: ISWD standalone - almost the same mechanics as in Interstellar, but in vanilla KSP. Space Dock Source Code Know how: The idea is that EM decays. So you need "Containment Field" to accumulate and store it. To activate containment field you need current power production 100 EC/s. Once activated containment field consumes 100EC/s and generates 0.01 EM/s. 100EC/s is not big deal if you use something like NFE, but real
  3. WarpEverywhere This is a very simple mod that removes time warp restrictions and adds 2 more levels of time warp, 1,000,000x and 10,000,000x. A Kerbin year is almost 10 million seconds long (9203328), so this new maximum time warp will go forward about a year every second! DOWNLOAD: Spacedock GitHub SOURCE: https://github.com/5thHorseman/WarpEverywhere LICENSE: GNU GPLv3 ATTRIBUTION: This project uses code and ideas from WarpUnlocker and TimeControl. CHANGELOG: 1.0: (Current) Declared Done - NOTE still works in 1.6 No bugs for a year
  4. PRE-RELEASE Beta Testers & Translators Wanted specific question - does it work with 1.7.3? Download on SpaceDock, Github or Curseforge. Available on CKAN. Biomatic This is the new thread. Original thread here. A utility to allow easier science gathering in orbit, by automatically de-warping when entering a biome which hasn't been listed. . Simple biome identification, notification, tracking, and warp stopping. adopted for curation by @zer0Kerbal — originally by @Biff Space The Biomatic sensor identifies the biome that the ship is in / above, an
  5. Should time warp be extended? really not much to say right now so just ______ OMG I'm so sorry, I made a big Boo Boo, just look at the meme
  6. Okay, here's the story. I'm thinking about timing how fast I can send a plane all the way around Laythe, but I don't want to rely on the MET timer because it also adds the amount of time it takes to: Get off Kerbin Fly to Laythe Including making refueling stops Land Get in position I also don't want to rely on my computer's built-in stopwatch flying because it doesn't account for when I use the warp. Is there a "Kerbal Stopwatch" I can use? More specifically, I need to: Start at 00:00:00 when I want it to, which would be the moment of takeof
  7. Video link: (pay attention to the Apoapsis marker position and altitude) I have no idea of what's causing this. It's happening to every craft I have in orbit, although not with the same intensity (smaller crafts seem to be affected less) This issue is really messing up my game though. Not only Rendezvous/SOI Interceptions can be lost because the plotted course simply changes after the time warp; but in this specific example in the video, I need the AP/PE markers to stay in the same place as I'm deploying a satellite every time the main ship passed through it's AP, this way
  8. When I try to use warp in space while my engines are working, the game says that I must use physical warp. But I can't do this. Is it even possible? I found out that I can do it with Alt+</>.
  9. so i'm only really making a return because i have an ion-powered craft with burn times ~1 hour, but i can't enable physics warp for some reason. everyone says to do alt + . but it doesn't work for me for some reason. maybe because i'm on linux? i really don't know. (sorry if this is in the wrong place, only ~85% sure it should go here but i'm kinda desperate so :/)
  10. I want to do a zoom through space. Basically: I want a hyper-drive-type mod for 1.6.1, the latest version. What do you suggest? (P.S. "easy" meaning no dependencies or complicated setup, not meaning just easy to use in-game)
  11. Hi, i have a problem, i tried to install few mods just for better atmospheres (didnt worked for me) and when i started game and i try to warp, it says this. I tried using physwarp, but it isnt working either, so i unnistalled all mods, everything, then reinstalled game, and it still does this. The fun fact is, that when im actually playing some scenarios, i can warp. I cant use warp in every single game i create, doesnt matter if it is sandbox or career. Another fact is i can warp if i click on thst blue orbit line, but i cant use that warp in left upper corner. Help please i just w
  12. i can't find a way to use phiscal warp (1x,2x,3x,4x,) after i escaped the atmosveer. this on the xbox one (X)
  13. The invention of Debug Drive (pioneered by one Cheiter "Alt-F12" Kerman) has rendered the complexities of orbital mechanics virtually obsolete. Now, spaceships can simply turn on their Debug Drive and zip almost instantly from any orbit to any other celestial orbit, without consuming a single drop of propellant. Some have decried the use of this technology as "too easy", but most have embraced it with enthusiasm. The new tech has only one limitation: it can only be used once a stable orbit has been established, as the Tunnelizer Particles used by the drive will rip the ship apart if expos
  14. I need to know how to properly manage timing during physics warp and high-speed warp (the non-physics variety). Timing is required for my animations. I can use Time.time under normal scale and it works ok, but i need a timing variable / method that reads game time and is affected by both warp types. Note that MET is not acceptable since it does not run while vessel is landed.
  15. Yay! the IXS Enterprise is a reality! I made this from scratch. I am pretty sure people have made this already, but I wanted to make my own. mods: Mechjeb 2.0 and KSPI-E. Any questions? Just ask. You may need to add a few fuel canisters. I left them out so you could do a little Work for yourself. You can use my craft however you like, just credit me. Any questions? just ask! https://ibb.co/d7W6pa https://ibb.co/dEgT2v https://ibb.co/cEHe9a Craft File
  16. KSP: (WindowsPlayer x64) Problem: All the problems occurred with engines / RCS disbled. During warp the problems stopped, when warp is leaved, they continue to nag me. Maneuver-drifting: When I setup a maneuver, for example to do a Hohmann transfer to Mun, without touching the maneuver-node, the delta-v for the maneuver begins to increase, the maneuver indicator begins to drift away. After 1 minute over 2000m/s are displayed. Closest approach drifting I`ve setup an intercept with Duna from Kerbol orbit (just leaved Kerbins SOI). After a few second
  17. Playing on: Xbox One Issue: Don't have the full Warp available that exists on PC Details: I am enjoying the my initial forays into the game on Console after having played almost 1000 hours on PC. I am no stranger to glitches and issues with the game. However, as I have been getting further into the game, getting into orbit and the like the lack of being able to go to full Warp to speed up time has become problematic. Apparently there is only the 4X Physic Warp, which is fine in atmo, but when I am trying to get around to the other side of a 300km orbit, that is many real min
  18. Hello, Could someone update the “Time Control” mod, this is by far the best mod I have ever used, could easily be one of the top 5 most downloaded mods of the curse community. There was someone updating it, but he is away for a while, by the way, he did not published the updates, and I think that is the reason this mod have not reach the top list. Updating it should not be that hard, I guess it is just a matter of fixing the interface, so it is not invisible for the 1.1.0 version. But I'm not a modder or anything, maybe it's harder than I think. Here
  19. Hi. Lately I have been playing the game in career mode, in hard difficulty, the true is that I have lots of problem, but are not money or science problems... ...are time problems. The control of rocket, although is in hard difficulty, is moderately relaxing and fast, when you are in orbit, you can add a very big warp time. The problem is the aircraft fly (and the use of other types of non-space vehicles), to explore the biomes of the itself planet. The aircraft fly is very slow compared with the rocket fly, implies lots of time-outs, without have to inter
  20. I've been playing KSP for a number of years and have come across a problem I can't address myself. I'm in version 1.0.2 using windows 8.1, and with lots of memory and graphics muscle. For some reason when Autopilot is engaged or any Maneuver Node is executed, the vehicle will not warp to the node. Even though the aiming 'bar-V-dot' centers on the blue target icon. Also, when it does eventually reach a node, the vehicle simply passes the node without throttling up. And yes, every warp enabling button is lit. Any thoughts? Thank you!
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