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  1. This mod intends to give users a decent alternative to scatterer oceans. If the scatterer ocean performance hit is too much for your system, this mod may provide you some relief and a little bit of eye candy. While this mod does not match scatterer in quality, it does look a lot better than stock oceans, in my opinion. There are 3 different versions: High Resolution: 2048x2048 textures Medium Resolution: 1024x1024 textures Low Resolution: 512x512 textures (this is also the stock resolution) This mod disables Scatterer's ocean shaders so you don
  2. Ahoy Rocketeers, Seadogs and pilots, I'd like to see how you tackle my little challenge The Challenge: Build the fastest paddle wheel boat, powered by electricity, then get in to the shore, and show us how fast will it go. The Rules: No mods or expansions for the spinny part(bearing), has to be electric Rating: Speed category: by sustainable Vmax only 1. Pds314 @ 18,4m/s Efficiency category: Vmax/power drain while at equator (power drain=power needed to move the boat at Vmax, measure without generating power at the same time, ) 1.Pds314 @ 8.97 In this
  3. With the SM Marine mod seemingly defunct, a lack of other civvie ship mods, and a burning desire to bring "Death to the Green Button" (Credit to @RealKerbal3x for the idea), I've decided to start building ships capable of bringing crew capsules back to the KSC. However, I haven't a clue wher to start. I've never built any stock vessels capable of water transportation (not well, anyway), much less pick up a capsule and carry it home. I have an idea of the basic requirements: Bouyant parts (for floating) Non-bouyant parts (far not floating too much) Engines and air intakes (for
  4. Hello! Today I challenge you to see how far you can go into the waters of either kerbin, eve, or laythe (or the real solar system depending on what mod's you got). This is my current lowest depth: If you can go lower, post an image and I will put you on the list of lowest depths: List of Lowest Depths (Kerbin): 1st - @Scarecrow : -1375 m 2nd - @Johnster_Space_Program : -1039 m 3rd - @A Random Kerbonaut: - 758 m 4th - @Rocket In My Pocket : -403 m List of Lowest Depths (Eve): 1st - @The_Arcitect : -1331 m 2nd - 3rd -
  5. Do the mobile science labs float? And if they do, how much of them sticks above the water? I'm not at my home computer and will not be able to test this for some time. If someone could drop a lab in the sea and post a screenshot, that would be great. Also, could you take a similar length of the new structural tubing of the same diameter as the lab, capped by "Rockomax Brand Adapters 02s" at both ends, that would also be great. I strongly considering sending a sea plane base out to Laythe, but I am not sure how to build a craft carrying the required (for me) two science labs. But if I can
  6. I understand waterskiing or hovercraft are not exactly core functionality for KSP but since I have struggled with this I'm going to list it anyway. Problem 1: Waterskiing When landing something on water, it immediately sinks in, which causes a massive drag spike. In reality, if you're going at all fast, water behaves more like a solid surface to start with: you would skip or ski on the surface until you slow down enough to sink. Consequently, things like seaplanes do not behave like in real life. If this was made more realistic, seaplanes, fast boats, and similar craft would bec
  7. Adds the sound of water gently lapping at the sides of your craft when splashed down, as well as underwater sound effects. Downloads CurseForge | SpaceDock | GitHub | Kerbal Stuff | MediaFire Download packages, art and sound assets, binaries and libraries licensed All Rights Reserved. Source included, also available on github, licenced under GPL v2. If you've enjoyed this, consider donating a cup of coffee to help with late night coding: Change log v2.3 (2016-10-24) Rebuilt for KSP 1.2. v2.2 (2016-07-29) Fixed deploy
  8. Okay, I have googled, and I have searched the forum, yet found no answer. Here's what it is: I play only sandbox, and I build funny little ships that I fly to the Mun, mostly. When I set up my return trajectory, I can see where it will hit Kerbin. But Kerbin will, of course, keep rotating. So I often end up burning huge amounts of ∆v in a last-minute course alteration just so that I can hit an ocean. If I don't use such huge amounts to first circularize and then set up a nice reentry. I can build my craft so that I'll be lugging quite enough ∆v for all of that. But I don't wanna. I
  9. One day I decided to build a seaplane. Water Cruiser 52 parts Mass: 15,8 t Dimensions: H: 5,8 m W: 14,3 m L: 17,4 m Action groups: 1 Toggle engines 2 Reverse thrust 3 Deploy/retract flaps Designed for landing at sea (Landing gear for dry land included) Extremely stable (4 SAS modules) Will most likely pitch up slightly without any control input Flying slowly (~60-70 m/s) is enough to land safely, works without the flaps as well To take off fr
  10. So this is my first post (Hi!!) and I decided to make it about (water-based) ships, which have been a slight obsession of mine for the past, well, since I saw one. I finally tried my hand at building a few in KSP, but there are still some things that I need to work on. Basically, I'd like to see some ship designs from you all, and otherwise just exchange ideas for the best hull shapes, engine placement, etc. Here's the best ship I've built so far: The name at the moment is simply 'Corvette.' Her top speed is 67 m/s, and she's also quite stable when making tight turns: Part cou
  11. Tired of not getting a better dip in the waters of Kerbin? Tired of not having the FREEDOM to walk on things that are under the water? Sick and tired of not being able to look at things below the water? Totally fed-up with not having a sub water layer showing where the water ends and the sky begins? Watch the Youtube Video! Look no further... Ker-Plunk your KSP now! - Effects are only shown during EVA. - Not tested on other planets. Left Shift and Left control adjust up/down rate of travel. GET IT HERE Have Fun!
  12. I made this little page on what I found orbiting. Come back later to see more, except with Kerbonuats involved (for doing research on the area I'm showing you guys). https://goo.gl/photos/V5jaYAkN8WCWNv5b6 Sorry about the external link, I couldn't figure out how to get it into the post. It wouldn't let me... Kerbals coming soon!
  13. Laythe is the closest moon to Jool in terms of distance. It is also the most visited one. We know that laythe is an ocean world filled with water. It is spread all over the surface with a little exceptions like islands and small volcanoes. Such surface tells us about laythe internal structure. But how did islands formed on surface of Laythe? (surface of laythe before volcanism stopped, not to scale) For now, sadly volcanism on Laythe stopped, but we still can see the results. And back to oceans! But how did surface ocean appeared on such a distant world?
  14. This is the first real mod I would like to build: something to really take advantage of any and all oceans. I normally spend my KSP time making sci-fi ships and overblown stations or bases and try to harness resources in unconventional ways--and spend more of that time testing things than doing missions with them. I love the concepts of producing fuel from [resources; situations] other than [Landed; Ore] and you'll be seeing the fruits of this knowledge in the mod that I'm helping to develop: Galileo's Planet Pack. But before that mod is finished (at least, it reaches release 1.0), I want to e
  15. Dang it, i've been planning this complex mission for weeks now and the big idea was to land on the water on another world and IRSU my way to full tanks. But a quick test of the vessel on Kerbin seems to indicate that if you're not touching the sea bed, you cannot mine. Is this indeed the case? In which case the whole premise goes back to the drawing board ...
  16. So I have an SSTO plane that I want to be able to land on the ground or the water. I haven't played for a while so the water is new to me. I managed to land in one piece consistently now, but taking off is another thing. Despite 4 RAPIERS, my top speed in the water is 30 m/s. I must be dragging a lot, although my underside is made of nothing but fuselage, wings and landing gear (which of course I have retracted), so there's nothing I can get rid of. And even if I could go faster, there's the problem of pitching up, it just won't. I suspect this is because my "fulcrum" is way behind my COM at t
  17. Hello guys, i dont know how to disable the water effects of the water for example when something splashes into it. Is there anything obvious that i miss or isnt there a setting for it? Thanks for awnsering
  18. So I was sailing a boat in KSP when I went to the KSC. Then I switch back to it, and suddenly the boat is 50 m in the air. Can someone explain to me how to avoid this from happening and if there are any realistic water mods that prevent this?
  19. Any way to change the settings for the water physics? Or even a mod that allows such a thing? Specifically I want things to sink more.
  20. Hey Guys! Whos Bored in the water and wants to explore or you have the submergable parts mod but has nothing to do down there? i want stuff added in to the waters eg sharks fish ship wrecks were you can find money. it would be great! all we has is this pure darkness D:
  21. Parts inside storage bay or cargo bay should have better crash tolerance under water... or even water shouldn't be able to break them at all. I have tested remote tech (before 1.1) and if we are going to have similar stock functions then default range for probe cores should be more than 3 km... near 70-100km seems fine for me. More capsules with many additional functions like in this mod This is really great idea to have empty tanks in capsules, so we can save few parts. I would add some capsules tweak for small solar panes, RCS thrusters, additional life support (for future us
  22. Hi, I'm just wondering if there was/if anyone was working on a SSWS? Thanks
  23. So I was thinking about Ksp water and I want to understand water more than anything. So submit your water designs(including but not limited to boats subs and seaplanes) and I will test them out nothing insane at this point cause my pc can only handle 500- parts(I'll have a new pc right after Christmas cause I'm building one). If water is understood then better craft can be built.
  24. Sea... the Final Frontier... to boldly go to the exact opposite direction sane kerbonauts usually aim for... ...but I don't have a clue how to start. My ship-prototypes tend to sink, while my test-submarines float happily. Both have a tendency to break apart when I get them into water. Ok, I heard that filled ore tanks are good for ballast, but that's the end of my expertise. What to use for propulsion? And for steering? Some smart way to get to water without hyperediting? Is there a way to EVA down there? I'm looking for vague, general advice here. I'm mainly interested in stock-s
  25. So now that we have better water we might as well have better looking water. I'm just saying like that mod that everyone has(except me because #4gb ram) and also water contracts are needed. Maybe like get science data from the surface of the water in area X. Also have things like rescue Butcher Kerman and Al Kerman from a boat on kerbin. And add things like test a part skimming the water. And please make the advanced grabbing units grab the dirt on kerbin. And also make ore be present in oceans.
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