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Found 13 results

  1. At its core, the suggestion to add weather and clouds is simple. Clouds, wind, perhaps even storms. Its easy to imagine how interesting it could be. But before we can really delve into the suggestion, we need to consider different ways weather could be implemented, and figure out what the best way would be for KSP. But first, lets talk about the elephant in the room: The fact that it can adjust difficulty: Weather and Difficulty: The way I see it, there could be a number of basic settings for weather. -Full disable: Weather is disabled. It is always clear.
  2. While KSP simulates atmospheres with variable depths and densities it lacks dynamic weather limiting its utility as tool for exploring concepts in atmospheric science. Kerbal Weather Project was developed to remedy this. In KWP, weather and climate data from a state-of-the-art global circulation model was incorporated into KSP gameplay. This was accomplished through a global hourly climatology, enabling players to experience diurnal and spatial variations in atmospheric conditions. In addition, point weather data is provided for Kerbin launch sites, giving players the option of experiencing
  3. How weird, crazy, or dangerous has your weather gotten? Is there a weather event you would like to share? Have you ever experienced a blizzard, tornado, or hurricane? Here are a few I would like to share: I've been hit by 5 tropical storms/hurricanes (that I am aware of). There was once a winter without any major weather events. There was a lightning strike in the middle of winter. Several thunderstorms have randomly dissipated right before hitting where I live. Strange... I participated in a meteorology program for at least a year.
  4. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of a mod that adds weather to KSP. I am not talking about simple clouds from EVE, but more functional, essentially a continuation of Kerbal Weather Systems. If anyone knows of an up to date mod, please notify me.
  5. This is a topic to discuss things about weather in KSP2. For example, we know there will be clouds but will there be rain, thunderstorms, wind, Hurricanes, etc. Any questions or things you want to mention about weather can go here. Reminder: as always, please be respectful to other members, refrain from badmouthing other people, and spread kindness. That's all.
  6. So I've created a mod or two in my time and after being asked numerous times to fully release my creations, I decided to open up my bag of tricks and start putting something together I have cracked Geo Caching, a rudimentary challenge creator as well as Scuba Diving and Wind (among others ) and now I am in the process of working out some form of a weather simulation to control the wind direction on the fly Looking for input if any care to offer some
  7. I think weather, that effects the rockets would be pretty cool. - thunderstorm: If a lightning hits the active vessel, the SAS turns off for a few minutes. - fog: no effects, but could be visible before sunset. - snow: engines do not gimbal correctly and decouplers have a random delay of a few seconds because they are "frozen" - wind: thw wind shakes the rocket. - rain: water effects on the screen. So what do you think?
  8. A few days ago I built a glider in KSP. Pretty awesome at fist, but it got boring after 3 flights or so because there was no way of staying in the air without descending. So I started thinking: "What if weather, wind, turbulences and thermics was added into the game?" This is basically what this suggestion is. Weather, wind and thermics. This would give gliders a sence and make the game more chalenging, for example when you want to land on Duna or Eve, but there's a storm underneath you or if you want to launch a rocket. Would you like to see a feature like this in the game? (And yes, I know t
  9. What my suggestion is, that there could be stock weather patterns. For example, Clear skies would mean a better launch. Fog in the Morning could mean that your visibility goes down, and if you want to go to the Mun because you have a good window, you could attempt to go. Rain would be really good for aesthetics. Thunderstorms could be something to add a little bit of something that is not good and could possibly damage launched craft. On other planets, weather patterns could be different. Duna could have dust devils and sandstorms. Laythe could have more Rain etc. Eeloo could have blizzards. H
  10. I been wondering how an advanced weather system mod would work in ksp" I know there was a weather mod a while back but i don't think it had the overall scope of my idea, I would like to either be involved or inspire someone (that knows how to) make a weather mod that simulates the weather that would happen based off the landscape of Kerbin and possibly the other atmospheric planets. Even if preset 'conditions' were just baked in to the mod based off location that would cool too but i would rather not have seemingly random rain fall in deserts for instance. So with that said does any
  11. I know clouds have been brought up a lot on this forum, but I think clouds are only half the story. Weather is often a determining factor in the success or failure of space missions or aircraft flights, be it on Earth, or at the destination. 1. Wind - Wind plays a big factor when taking off or landing with aircraft. High wind speeds and storms also cause hazard for re-entering spacecraft, and for spacecraft wishing to launch. 2. Clouds - Clouds add a layer of uncertainty to approaches, as it is more difficult to judge where your spacecraft will touch down, (especially on a plane
  12. http://www.theweathernetwork.com/news/articles/experts-say-climate-change-may-spawn-giant-flying-boulders/60596/ I think some might be interested in this.
  13. If there is a mod that can make the game have weather system it will be very great, It can make the game have rain and snow doesn't matter if the rain or snow is just the effect. If feels good when you driving a car or a plane that you build by yourself in rain or snow
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