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  1. Seriously, I thought 1.2 was supposed to make wheels work, but it feels like a big step backwards. I figured out how to overcome the torque and SAS issues in previous releases, but now I am having these darn issues again! And with a very simple 4-wheel rover on the Mun! If I can operate a rover on Minmus without flipping it, why the heck can I not get it to work on the Mun before it just spins out of control and flip. My basic design disables steering and power in the rear wheels, and leaves the front two wheels as the control point for that. I again disabled torque and SAS, but that does
  2. Anyone else have the problem of having a 4x4 rover wheel but it seems that 3 wheels roll faster than that single one and it makes the rover circle until it points at a certain point and drives straight all the way? I seem to have that problem with my rovers. Even in a 6 wheeler.
  3. What's the best way of getting science from celestial body? The answer is DRIVE! What's the best way of delivering ore or supplies from distant location to your base? The answer is make your wheels rolling! But did you try to drive for 110 km for two hours, avoiding obstacles (screw you Mun Highlands) and keeping your speed in sane limits? Well I did! And that was boooooooring! And who wants to be bored by super crazy explosion simulator called KSP? I guess no one! Well, no more boredom! Bon Voyage is here and it will drive your rovers in background! Kerbal stories Cha
  4. Hello guys. So anybody here from you have managed to have working custom wheels on their spaceplanes , shuttles ? Lofi ? Nli2work ? And could you give me some hints ? Or tutorial on youtube or on twitch or something pls? I have read a lot of things like a lot of modders are giving up on new wheels models bcs they can not make them work. Thank you very much in advance.
  5. I built this Van looking thing and I put the Xl3 rover wheels on it because the other wheels would be too small.It was working just fine when I put them on (I was able to turn easily and go to speeds up to 25 m/s using the diff steering to make me go faster),but now I switched some settings to make my game run better and now the Rover can only go 5 m/s and I cant even turn the vehicle.I didn't mess with it to much except add some struts and maybe a few other things but I don't think it would affect the wheels. I understand that these wheels aren't the best for the game, but I cant use any othe
  6. Hello, I am running KSP version with the mods BD armory, Hyperedit, Procedural Parts, North Kerbin Weaponry, Firespitter, and Community Ammunition Library. CAL and Firespitter are "coremods" to have the BDA add-on North Kerbin Weaponry. I am encountering a very game - braking bug that is making it unplayable. Every time any landing gear (fixed, wheels, retractable) touches the terrain at all, the entire craft explodes, even when lightly touching down from a parachute, or dropping a couple of feet from launch clamps. Is there a way to fix this? I am also fairly certa
  7. There have been lots of questions regarding building craft and/or mods to avoid the lovely wheel blocked work around/bug/thing. However, I've been getting situations where a vehicle that doesn't have the wheel block issue later develops it. Usually mixed with the wheel moving to the upper limit of it's suspension. So it's like a suspension collapse. And it usually coincides with something like a heavy landing, so presumably it makes some sort of sense. (although the one that triggers me to ask this is a rover I sent to Duna, that was suspended by a docking port, so no forces would hav
  8. Evening, fellas! This topic has absolutely no contributory value to the community whatsoever (save for the obvious availability of morale support, and older versions of our favourite modifications.) While I applaud Squad's work in (finally) upgrading to Unity 5... Y'know what? They can keep it. I just downgraded to KSP 1.0.5., and brother, let me tell you... BEST. DECISION. EVER. Not only do all of my modifications work again, but I can actually land a plane on a runway without it exploding! Me! An airline pilot! What a true novelty! I can't wait to actually land on
  9. Who agrees that the next upgrade should return rover wheels behaviour to prior to 1.1.x? 1.1.3 is excellent... But for the wheels... The new wheels simply do not work... Maybe keep the new suspension, suspension is fine. But friction and grip... Total disaster...
  10. to keep it short... Why can't I climb a relatively shallow hill on Eve with a rover with ruggedized wheels? The rover weights around 19t (more like a truck) and the engine seems not to have the power to climb a miserably small slope... any ideas to go around this or rovers are simply dead from 1.1.x? Note: in a game version prior to 1.0.2 this rover truck climbs it without a problem
  11. Its insane, the ground has to be made of oiled glass, I can not traverse an 10 degree slope with an 3 ton rover with 6 of the offroad wheels. After exploring the poles I wanted to explore peaks and highland, this however looks hard as my rover slide down to midland and is still sliding. New try, accent stage failed because landing leg overstressed some time after it came to rest after sliding for 10 minutes.
  12. Hi, I have a rover for which I used symmetry for the wheel placement. However, I cannot invert the motors individually and therefore the rover cannot really move. How do I configure the wheels individually and without the symmetry partner being configured too ? PS: Please dont tell me thats not possible because that would be ridiculously unpleasant for gameplay and construction.
  13. I am trying to take off using three point LV-10 Small Landing Gear on a 24t space plane and the take off velocity is over 100 m/s. (64bit version) They look right for this craft, the bigger ones look much too big and gawky plus they weigh 5x more. When I try to lift off with this craft the wheels always explode. I have tried upgrading the runway but it doesnt help. I tried strutting the wheels and while that was no easy matter because the wheel model doesn't accept struts very willingly that also didnt help. So what is going on here, is there a bug related to lift off trigg
  14. Obviously my own "stupidity" rating is on the high side... I've been trying (and failing) to piece together something understandable from all the discussion of landing gear/wheel problems in 1.1.2. Would some kind Kerbingineer please summarize it at a relatively simple (i.e., non-programmer) level? I have searched through a lot of the discussions on the forum, but I haven't found a post that explains it all satisfactorily. Specifically, I hope to find straightforward answers to these sub-questions: 1. I have heard that landing gear/wheel behavior has changed, apparently no
  15. So I just built and shipped a large tanker in my career game. Unfortunately, when I try steering, the wheels will not turn or rotate or anything. It doesn't roll down hills either. This is on windows in 64x KSP.
  16. Read into some 1.1.x wheel problem threads. Sounds like the issue has something to do with colliders and clipping. After reading that, I went back to the rover design I was working on, and offset all my wheels so that they aren't clipping into anything (which is a HUGE pain, since offsetting the wheels in mirror symmetry somehow resets them to radial symmetry, so I had to place the wheels one by one and offset them manually, but that's for another time). Anyway, I do that, and I still get the Wheel Blocked issue on the pad. What gives? The wheels are literally floating in space, not physica
  17. I decided to try building a rover for the first time today, and I noticed that any rover I construct will turn to the right at the moment that I press W (forward). This is no matter what wheels or probe core I use. I downloaded a fresh new copy of 1.1.2 and continued to have this problem, even with some of the stock rovers like Rover + Skycrane and Prospector Rover (I don't see this problem with the Crater Crawler nor with the Bug-E Buggy). Now, this is not a continuous turn to the right - it is only upon pressing forward. For example, from stop, I will press W and the rover will b
  18. Hello Everyone! First time poster, long time lurker! Did something change recently with the newer releases of KSP? For some reason my rover wheels and their steering is totally borked right now. My wheels only ever point inwards or outwards now when they were working perfectly fine before. If I invert the steering on the front axle, It just swaps the direction the wheels point on both sides. They used to both point the same direction prior to one of the updates. In both of these screenshots below, I'm trying to steer to the right hand side of the screen. Sorry for them being super w
  19. Hello everyone. Everyone who as been playing the recent update of KSP probably noticed already: Wheels, particularly landing gears, are completely "weird" for lack of a more specific term: They bounce up and down magically or cause an aircraft to "dance" left and right for no apparent reason. If no breaking is applied, they roll on and on without any friction affecting them. You can even gather magic momentum by simply applying reaction wheel force... Like other mentioned, we are waiting on Squad team to get back from their well deserved vacations an properly fix them. But is there a
  20. So I had a rover out in the paddock for testing. Sent a crew member out for reasons and something curious happened when he let go. Kerbal a few metres in the air, rover 10 of metres in the air. Tried again and same result. De-installed all mods tried again. Sure it seems to be random who will go higher the Kerbal or the rover but it's rare for neither to go flying. Rover is mk2 inline cockpit with some rovermax model 1 wheels. Am I doing something wrong or is this a somewhat humorous bug? Photos or it didn't happen so here is a couple of "Flights".
  21. Hello all, I'm having problems finding an in-depth discussion of the current issues with wheels/landing gear and how to deal with them. Could some kind person please point me to one if it exists or else post some advice here about how to get behavior more similar to 1.0.5 if it does not? Thanks!
  22. Perhaps the game needs some new wheels! Roller wheels! You know! They could help out with tons of stuff! They would look like such: Shorter than the ones on the U2, no need for that extension, but they should serve a similar purpose. More like this, but aircraft quality, not shopping cart quality. Something like this to assist craft as they land, or to help people making turboprops and such!
  23. I've been tearing my hair out trying to sort through the new wheel system and ran into a situation where wheels were not working. @Gristle generously provided me with some screenshots and it's clear that the new wheels are very claustrophobic when it comes to having things around them. If you have parts that are too near the wheel, they'll claim they're blocked. I've found a workaround, however. As you can see from the picture below, the wheels on the right are blocked while the wheels on the left aren't: How did I manage this? I cheated! I rebuilt the inflatable module on the left
  24. Dear Squad, I am having some major problems with the 1.1 update. The rover wheel block check seems too strict for me, as it has stopped most of my rovers from working. This is the Ok2Rov, which would have worked in 1.0.5. I needed to clip the wheels in slightly to make the rover fit in a service bay. However, with the new 1.1 update, the check for whether or not the wheel is blocked makes designs like this solid as stone. Can you please remove this feature, or make it less strict? (For example, only count it as blocked if the wheel itself is clipped into another part, and n
  25. Does anyone know how to mod that the landing stop exploding? I tried this @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleWheelDamage]]:FOR[Squad] { @MODULE[ModuleWheelDamage] { @stressTolerance *= 4 @impactTolerance *= 4 //@explodeMultiplier = 0 } } That was not enough Are there more settings to worth setting.... Or is the bug in the code, and not something we can workaround? Just make the gear indestructable would be better right now....
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