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Found 6 results

  1. It's simple, let's try to make this the megathread! Post whatever you want. Can we achieve 10000 pages before KSP2 releases? Not gonna happen. (Edit): Rules (As stated by moderators):
  2. I have a big problem... I am trying to use Real Solar System in KSP, but if RRS and Kopernicus are both in the Gamedata directory, the starter loading screen with the pictures and everything happens, then it goes to the solar system in the bottom right corner loading screen forever... I have been using RRS without the planet textures but it's really not the same. Please help. Thanks!
  3. Squad Why do you not have any cities or towns and just the KSC? It does not make any sense to only have one structure on the face of the planet and recruit kerbals out of thin air.
  4. This only started happening to me recently, and it involves undocking or going EVA in space. Basically, when I undock a lander from a ship, it will fly away, accelerating, despite the engines being turned off. I can't focus a different vessel either, since you can't switch while under acceleration. Because of this, I now almost always quicksave before undocking. When I forget and this happens, I feel like ripping my hair out. It also happened once when I went EVA. Has this happened to anyone, and how did you fix it?
  5. I have a short and simple question: Why does Squad still insist on using their inferior fairings over the demonstrably superior Procedural Fairings? Stock fairings are arguably hard to use, nearly impossible to make interstage fairings with them, they are impossible to duplicate, do not have clean lines. While Procedural Fairings are easy to use, can range in size from about 0.100 meters to a staggering 50 meters, yes you read that right FIFTY METERS. Can be conical or egg shaped, take SECONDS to put on and are easy to configure to your needs on the run while building. SO, why do they not use the Procedural Fairings already?
  6. Hey y'all. I been trying to get a lot of mods, mostly parts packs-such as SXT, tantares, SSTU, KerbalKonstructs & kerbinside, and it not work. I'm running ksp 1.0.5 for windows on an hp 64-bit When using KerbalKonstructs & kerbinside, the little 'select launchsite' button has not texture and says either launchsite is runway or launchpad, and no bases spawn. SXT parts simply do not download, and when I had the firespitter plugin, nothing happened. with SSTU, i have tried the 7 most recent versions on the GitHub page, and all i get is an empty category in the parts section called SSTU-Engine Clusters. A list of my mods: Antares-Cygnus Master ATK Propulsion Pack 3 Ceteras Suit Mod 0.2 ChopShop Corvus V1.1.1 HGR v1.30 HotContents HyperEdit 1.4.2 (no i have not adjusted planetary orbits) Impossible Innovations Kerbal_NRAP Kerbal STock Part eXpansion Kerbalized Rocket Technology Kidonia 0.1 Pheonix Industries Ascent Vehicle Pheonix Industries Ares Rover Release Tantares Science Mod 0.0.02 TakeCommand 1.3 Tantares_LV (doesn't work) Throttle Controlled Avionics T-MEME and Tweakscale WHY??? Thanks for any help Also, I have BDarmory parts even though I dont have Bdarmory. Why?
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