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Found 1 result

  1. While upgrading my interplanetary transfer vehicle, which is currently positioned in LKO, I was faced with the task of installing a relay antenna. Now, in order to maintain stability of the vessel during acceleration, the relay antenna shouldn't weigh too much while at the same time looking cool and awesome, which is why I decided to attach the biggest antenna possible. Now the weight reduction is realized by attaching as few parts as possible to the antenna, which is why I opted for a battery and a docking port. Now, docking the antenna to the vessel usually requires some sort of propulsion. You probably could do it with a claw but well, grabbing an antenna with a claw might actually void guarantee... I heard of many ways of docking so far: Standard RCS docking, docking without RCS, docking with Ion engines. Having no means of propulsion whatsoever, these methods are not suitable. Here, we present a new way of docking which is advantageous in a couple of ways: First no fuel is needed which naturally will save the environment, and more importantly your precious funds. Furthermore, this kind of docking is possible without whatsoever skill since pushing a single button on a GUI cannot be called skill in that sense. This method of docking is both: State-of-the-art, economically friendly and easy. So in future, all vessels should be docked like this. Eventually, monopropellant and RCS-equipment will no longer be needed to dock vessels, which - in turn - will further cut down the required budget. In order to dock, attach a winch close to your target docking port. Then use the rope of the winch to connect the winch (in undocked mode) with the vessel you like to dock with. Optimally you will attach the winch close to the vessel's docking port. Then draw in the rope and the two vessels will eventually approach and finally dock due to the magnetic force. Using a set of winches actually gives you control over the angle of the two docking ports. I am seriously convinced, somebody did exactly this before, however, I am not aware of any kind of publication, which I could reference or acknowledge here.... N.B.: Be sure to retract your solar panels in the proximity...I lost two of them in the process and now I need to rendezvous with just another supply vessel...
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