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Found 7 results

  1. I am creating 2 spaceflight-related alternate histories which would include missions directly launched to Mercury. However, there has never been a direct mission to Mercury (all of them have used gravity assists), preventing me from using an existing launch and the synodic period to calculate their launch dates (the only method I know how to use). So, does anyone know any optimal launch dates for direct Mercury transfers?
  2. Hello guys! I need some help with the RenderingManager. It is now deprecated, and there are no tutorials that use something different.I tried taking some code from other plugins, but i couldn't make much of it. So i need help with making a window, and adding to it some labels, and textboxes , and buttons. Thanks in advance.
  3. When I got to KSP today, I double-clicked on it, and it launched... and didn't show up on my screen. The icon appeared on the taskbar, and the music kicked in after a minute, signalling that it had finished loading... but it was not showing up on screen. I restarted my PC a few times, I re-launched KSP a few times, I tried clicking on the taskbar icon and moving it, I un-installed and then re-installed KSP, I updated my driver, I tried opening it again, I tried everything I could think of. When I launch the game, the window does not show up, but it does load and then play the main menu mu
  4. Having just reached Year 1 Day 260 in my Career Mode game, I sent off a small flotilla of craft to explore this new (to me) territory. It would be really handy to have a list of the launch windows as they open up, rather than fast forwarding when I want to go somewhere specific. Does such a list exist? Starting at Year 1 Day1 and listing the transfer windows in date order for the first few years? If so, please add a link. Otherwise I may have to start work on one Cheers
  5. Hey, guys, quick one... The User Interface that appears after completing an experiment (Such as a Crew Report, an EVA Report, a Materials Bay, etc.,) can we get the ability to move that window back? As of right now, it can't be moved, and it pops up right in the middle of the screen, which is a horrible place for it, especially if you're having to manually rapid-fire a bunch of experiments. Also, I second the previous motion to get a "Close" [X] on the window.
  6. I've had a couple instances of windows/dialogs that would not go away in 1.1.2: there's this one, and it also happened when I opened a properties window on an engine in the VAB.
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